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All Espers in Dislyte, ranked – Character Tier List

There are many Espers, or heroes, to select from in Dislyte. Making this selection may be exhausting, so we’ve got compiled a listing of the very best Espers in Dislyte in addition to the general score for all characters in Dislyte under in line with the official Dislyte web site.

Keep in thoughts that you’ll want to create synergy between your workforce and can’t merely depend on SS or S Espers to hold you. Build a balanced that works properly collectively, and you’ll succeed.

Best Espers/Heros in Dislyte





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All Espers/Heros in Dislyte

Name Role Rating Faction
Alexa (Aphrodite) Support C Inferno
Anesidora (Pandora) Support B Shimmer
Arcana (Hermes) Support C Inferno
Asenath (Nefertem) Support S Shimmer
Bai Luili (White Snake) Support B Shimmer
Bardon (Baldr) Tank B Inferno
Berenice (Bastet) Support C Wind
Biondina (Poseidon) DPS A Flow
Bonnie (Eris) Support A Shimmer
Brynn (Valkyrie) Support B Wind
Catherine (Hela) Support A Inferno
Cecilia (Isis) Support S Shimmer
Celine (Siren) Support A Flow
Chalmers (Idun) DPS S Shimmer
Chang Pu (Yao Ji) Support A Flow
Chloe (Medea) DPS A Inferno
Clara (Hera) Support S Inferno
David (Jason) DPS B Wind
Dhalia (Calypso) Support B Flow
Djoser (Atum) Tank B Inferno
Donar (Thor) Tank A Flow
Drew (Anubis) DPS A Inferno
Eira (Freya) Support A Flow
Fabrice (Freyr) Support A Wind
Falken (Horus) Tank C Inferno
Freddy (Fenrir) DPS A Inferno
Gabrielle (Njord) DPS SS Wind
Hall (Hodur) DPS B Wind
Helena (Helen) Support C Inferno
Heng Yue (Chang’e) Support B Flow
Hyde (Hades) DPS A Inferno
Jacob (Jormungand) Support B Wind
Jeanne (Gerd) Disabler B Inferno
Jiang Man (Meng Po) DPS C Inferno
Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother) Support A Inferno
Kara (Serket) DPS D Flow
Kaylee (Anuket) DPS C Shimmer
Lauren Heket) Support S Inferno
Layla (Medjed) Support D Inferno
Leon (Vali) DPS C Flow
Lewis (Ares) DPS A Inferno
Li Ao (Tao Tie) Disabler B Inferno
Li Ling (Nezha) DPS S Inferno
Lin Xiao (White Tiger) DPS SS Shimmer
Long Mian (Ao Bing) Support A Wind
Lu Yi (Dayi) DPS A Wind
Lucas (Apollo) Disabler S Inferno
Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang) Support A Wind
Lynn (Hathor) DPS B Wind
Melanie (Medusa) Disabler S Shimmer
Mona (Artemis) DPS S Flow
Narmer (Ra) DPS S Inferno
Pritzker (Mimir) Disabler B Inferno
Q (Eros) Support A Shimmer
Raven (Odin) DPS S Shimmer
Ren Si (Black Tortoise) Tank A Inferno
Sally (Sif) Support SS Flow
Sander (Set) DPS S Inferno
Sienna (Gaia) Support S Wind
Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong) DPS A Wind
Tang Yun (Six-Eared Macaque) DPS B Inferno
Taylor (Hercules) DPS B Shimmer
Tevor (Sphinx) DPS B Shimmer
Tiye (Nut) Disabler A Inferno
Triki (Loki) DPS A Wind
Unas (Shu) Support S Shimmer
Unky Chai (Yue Lao) Support A Inferno
Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei) DPS B Flow
Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai) Disabler B Wind
Ye Suhua (Shao Siming) Support S Shimmer
Zelmer (Sekhmet) DPS C Wind

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