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All Episode II degree challenges for LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga offers gamers loads of story to play by, as the sport options all 9 of the mainline motion pictures. The sport is sectioned into 9 Episodes, every representing a film. Episodes are damaged down into 5 ranges, and each degree has its personal set of three Level Challenges. Here is a listing of all ranges and Level Challenges in Episode II: Attack of the Clones and the best way to full them.

A Wrestle with Wesell Level Challenges

Level Challenge #1 – Jedi Need Insurance

While on the chase with the murderer, gamers might want to destroy as many flying automobiles as potential to accrue 70,000 studs price of damages. Shooting {the electrical} fields discovered all through the extent is one other good option to rack up some studs.

Level Challenge #2 – Best Pilot within the Galaxy

For this Challenge, gamers ought to full the extent with out hitting any buildings alongside the best way. If gamers by chance hit a constructing, they’ll all the time return in Free Play and try the Challenge once more.

Level Challenge #3 – This is a Shortcut

The third Level Challenge might require gamers to make a second try on the degree. After unlocking Free Play, gamers can return to the chase with Zam Wesell and defeat the murderer inside 4 minutes to finish the Challenge.

The Hunt for Jango Level Challenges

Level Challenge #1 – Do an Aileron Roll!

While on the hunt for Jango Fett in house, gamers might want to dodge out of the best way of three incoming missile assaults by having their ship carry out a roll to finish this Challenge.

Level Challenge #2 – Charged Up

This Level Challenge requires gamers to complete the extent with out taking injury from the Seismic Charge assault unleashed by Jango’s ship.

Level Challenge #3 – Flying is for Droids

For the final Level Challenge within the Hunt for Jango, gamers should drive by an enormous asteroid with out crashing. To do that, keep away from accelerating too quick with the enhance and as an alternative take it sluggish by the slim corridors.

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Droid Factory Frenzy Level Challenges

Level Challenge #1 – No Hanging Around

There is some extent on this degree the place Padme wants rescuing. Players might want to make their option to her inside 30 seconds to finish the Challenge. Avoid partaking with enemies Droids alongside the best way, as it will solely take up valuable time. R2-D2 will come to a spot the place he can bounce after which grapple between two platforms. Players will see a console on the suitable that may be hacked to avoid wasting the Princess.

Level Challenge #2 – Mind Control Drone

Right at first of the extent, gamers shall be met with some Geonosian enemies. Use the Mind Control capability to clutch a Geonosian and shoot one of many enemy’s companions to finish this Challenge.

Level Challenge #3 – Zipping Past Danger

To full the Zipping Past Danger Challenge, gamers ought to maintain a watch out for machine presses. They can bounce on high of the final machine press and trip it as much as a platform with a zipline. Take the zipline all the way down to the conveyer belt beneath to finish the Challenge.

Petranaki Panic Level Challenges

Level Challenge #1 – In Their Heads!

In the combating area with three giant enemy creatures, gamers can use the Jedi Mind Control capability to take over one of many beasts and assault one other one to finish this Challenge.

Level Challenge #2 – Rumble within the Arena

After all three of the creatures have been defeated, gamers might want to trip Reek, the one that appears like a rhinoceros, and trample 20 enemy Droids to complete this Challenge.

Level Challenge #3 – Re-gifted

For this Level Challenge, gamers must benefit from Jango’s assaults through the use of the Force to redirect a rocket in direction of an enemy.

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The Battle of the Jedi Level Challenges

Level Challenge #1 – The Dark Side

This is one more timed Level Challenge. It requires that gamers attain the realm the place they struggle Count Dooku in below 5 minutes. After reaching Dooku’s hangar, gamers will discover a stack of crates that may be stacked on high of each other to kind a staircase as much as a degree. Pull the lever, which opens a door.

Follow this path up a staircase and thru a dimly lit hall. This will result in some destructible crates, which gamers can destroy and use the legos to construct both a Light Trap or an LR1K Sonic Cannon. Either can be utilized to destroy a wall and attain Dooku, although gamers might want to construct the Light Trap to get the subsequent Challenge.

Level Challenge #2 – Bug Zapper

Players can full this Level Challenge whereas on their option to reaching Count Dooku. After passing by the darkish tunnel to a room with some enemy Geonosians and a few crates inside, gamers ought to keep away from killing the creatures at first.

Use the Force to throw a crate at one of many Geonosians, however don’t kill all of those creatures. Doing that is related for the ultimate Level Challenge. Destroy the remainder of the crates within the room and construct the Light Trap talked about above. Once constructed, the Light Trap will entice the remaining Geonosians to it. Upon contact with the Trap, the bug-like enemies will die.

Level Challenge #3 – Forcing Them Out

The final Level Challenge of Episode II requires gamers to backtrack a bit. Before dropping down into the room to struggle Count Dooku, gamers ought to navigate again by the darkish tunnel and down the steps. Take an instantaneous proper to a big cylindrical construction with three pipes protruding. Players can destroy these pipes and use their lightsaber to connect to the cylinder and trip it as much as a lever. Hang onto the lever, which can start the manufacturing of some Battle Droids.

Use the Force to select up one of many close by crates and chuck it at a Droid. If gamers already threw a crate at a Geonosian within the prior Level Challenge, killing the Droid will full the Level Challenge. If not, proceed again by the darkish hall to Count Dooku. In the boss struggle with Dooku, gamers will encounter some Geonosians that they’ll use to meet this Challenge.

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