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All Destiny 2 A Rising Tide quest steps, and where to visit improvements

fate 2 a rising tide quest provides a community-focused add-on for Season of Plunder.

In this quest, the Destiny 2 Guardians collective is asked to contribute treasure to rebuild and improve Eliksni Ward, home to pro-humanitarian refugees among the Eliksni people.

Initially, progressing through the quest required waiting for the Destiny 2 community to donate enough materials to unlock the next quest steps, but now all required donations have been made and the entire A Rising Tide quest can be completed.

This page explains how to complete A Rising Tidesuch as details of where to go to find each visit upgrade location.

In this page:

All upgrade dialogues in the mission A Rising Tide in Destiny 2

How to complete A Rising Tide in Destiny 2

A rising tide begins as soon as you visit the Donation Chest in the Tower. The overall goal is for Guardians to donate treasure, primarily in the form of Captain’s Coins, into the Donation Chest to fund improvements to Eliksni Ward.

While the event itself is based on the full Destiny 2 community, you’ll need to complete individual quest steps to progress. Initially, each step was limited by worldwide donation milestones, but all of those milestones have now been reached and the full mission is now available.

The steps for the quest for A Rising Tide are:

  1. Collect the captain’s coins
  2. Donate Captain’s Coins
  3. Visit Improvement I: Cleaning
  4. Visit Upgrade II: The Aether Tank
  5. Visit Mejora III: Amenities
  6. Visit Upgrade IV: Recruits
  7. Visit Improvement V: Housing
  8. Visit Improvement VI: Garden
  9. Visit Mejora VII: Town Square

Once you have visited the final site, the quest will complete and you will be given a gift box from Eliksni Quarter for your efforts This will contain either a Deep Sight Resonance Weapon, an Eververse Engram, Bright Dust, or Dim Light.

Where to go to visit improvements in the Eliksi Ward in Destiny 2

As you complete the A Rising Tide quest, a large number of steps will ask you to visit the various upgrades in Eliknsi Quarter. Each time you visit one, a button will appear that will complete the step and launch a small Mithrax dialog, describing the upgrades.

Here are all the places to visit:

For Season of Plunder, we have the Sails of the Shipstealer quest, Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments, Cryptic Quatrains, and weapons like the Quicksilver Storm and Taipan 4FR. Meanwhile, there’s the arrival of the King’s Fall and King’s Fall challenges, plus weapons including the Doom of Chelchis and Touch of Malice. For The Witch Queen, learn how to get exotics including Dead Messenger and Parasite.

While the Destiny 2 community may have completed their goal by donating enough treasure, there’s still an incentive for you to keep donating thanks to some nice individual rewards.

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