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All contracts available in DMZ

In Call of Duty: DMZ, you can complete tasks like Faction Missions and Contracts while exploring Al Mazrah. Successfully extracting is the key, however, returning from the DMZ without collecting some valuables is not worth it. You can complete various contracts available on the map to receive rewards such as cash, XP, and other high-tier loot items.

All contracts you can complete in DMZ

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Contracts in the DMZ are marked with a green cell/radio icon. The game currently features eight different contract types that can be completed by performing the assigned task.

Delete HVT

This contract can be identified by the point of view Mark on the radio. Accepting this contract marks a high-value target near you that you must kill to receive rewards. This HVT is guarded by several AQ soldiers, so approach carefully. Also be sure to check the items you drop.

Operator search

In this contract, you are required to hunt down and eliminate an enemy team of real players instead of bots. The symbol of this contract is a skull on the cell phone.

destroy supplies

Designated with a bomb icon, this contract requires you to plant explosives at two marked sites, which will be heavily guarded.

deliver cargo

After accepting this contract, you will need to deliver the cargo to a specific location. This contract is identified by a duffel bag icon on the green radio. Upon activation, a ground vehicle will be marked to drive to the designated extraction point. Be careful as an enemy attack helicopter will follow you and shoot missiles at you. You can take it out or dodge the missiles to reach the drop zone.

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cargo ship

As in the previous contract, you must deliver the goods to the designated delivery zone via boat during the Ship Cargo contract. The icon for this contract is a canvas bag floating on the water.

intel secure

This contract is marked with a file with a question mark and requires you to climb a nearby communications tower and upload information through it.

safe nuclear material

Safe nuclear material is indicated by a danger icon. Here, you’ll first need to collect a Geiger counter from a marked cache, and then locate a stash of radioactive waste at two marked locations.

rescue hostage

In this contract, you will need to rescue a hostage from the designated location and then take them to the exfiltration point marked on your map. These contracts can be found as those with handcuff symbols

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