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Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the numerous Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses that you encounter is paramount to your success as a hero. Each boss embodies a unique challenge designed to test your wits, agility, and mastery of Link’s best weapons and armor. Deep knowledge of these adversaries not only helps you devise effective strategies to counter their powerful attacks but also gives you the upper hand in exploiting their vulnerabilities, turning the tide of these epic battles in your favor.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 11 unique Legend of the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses that players will need to fight & successfully beat the game.
  • Each boss comes with a set of strengths and weaknesses that you can use to your advantage if you know them in the first place.

  • Here are the 11 bosses, along with their weaknesses or easy-to-defeat patterns, that you will encounter during the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom plot
    1. Queen Gibdo: Exploit her weakness to fire and evade her powerful necromantic spells.
    2. Master Kohga: Adapt to his varying attack patterns across multiple encounters, stunning him to create openings for damage.
    3. Sludge Like: Drain the sludge pool surrounding it, and then strike its core when exposed.
    4. Mucktorok: Use bombs to blast off its armor, revealing its weak point to attack.
    5. Moragia: Illuminate the arena with light arrows to disperse its shadowy form, then target its eyes.
    6. Marbled Gohma: Strike its eye to stun it and then attack its legs, causing it to topple over for a major attack.
    7. Colgera: Pull yourself close and strike its vulnerable core when it emerges from the sand.
    8. Phantom Ganon: Reflect his energy balls back at him with your sword, and exploit the openings this creates.
    9. Seized Construct: Destroy the dark crystals controlling it, then strike at its joints to disable it.
    10. Demon King Ganondorf: Use light arrows to disrupt his dark magic, then rush in to attack when he’s vulnerable.
    11. Demon Dragon: Skydive onto his body to strike the glowing scales and finally destroy the Secret Stone on its forehead with the Master Sword.

Queen Gibdo

Queen Gibdo Boss Fight

In the sprawling realm of “The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom”, Queen Gibdo reigns as a formidable adversary. Towering over Link as an enormous, moth-like entity, she is encountered during the Gerudo main quest, ominously lurking within a desert-infested lair. The queen’s power and elusive nature demand strategic planning and skill to overcome her. 

Attack Pattern Description
Sand Blast Fires a beam of sand that tracks your location.
Sandstorm Creates several sand tornadoes in the area.
The Gibdo Mob Summons four Gibdo Bulbs that continuously spawn Gibdo Mummies and Gibdo Moths during phase 2.
Lightning Strike Riju’s lightning-infused shots can be used to defeat the boss quickly.
Dodging Beams Queen Gibdo tries to fire beams at you throughout the battle.
Gibdo Slam A slamming attack that can be blocked with a strong shield.
Charge Attack Queen Gibdo rears up and scuttles in a straight line toward you in her normal form.
Weakened State When Queen Gibdo’s carapace becomes white after being hit by an elemental attack, she is weakened.
Tornado Summon Queen Gibdo summons and throws tornadoes in her weakened form.
Diving Attack Queen Gibdo performs a diving attack in the second phase of the fight.

How To Defeat

Best Strategy to defeat Queen Gibdo Boss

To triumph over Queen Gibdo, one must adopt a methodical, calculated approach. Initially, the queen will demonstrate her powers with a sand beam attack and the creation of sand tornadoes and escape, leaving you to solve the Lightning Temple Puzzle.

  • The battle resumes within the temple arena, where Queen Gibdo introduces her second phase attack, the Gibdo Mob, at 50% HP.
  • Here, she spawns an onslaught of Gibdo Mummies and Moths, courtesy of four Gibdo Bulbs.
  • The key is to destroy these bulbs swiftly.
  • Utilize Riju’s Lightning Strike ability and aim for the bulbs once covered by the golden AoE field, turning Gibdo enemies into ash with the resultant sunlight.
  • However, be wary of the fast Gibdo Mummies and Queen Gibdo’s continuous beam attacks.
  • Prioritize eliminating the summoned foes first, then continue weakening Queen Gibdo with Riju’s Lightning Strike ability.
  • When stunned, unleash a melee onslaught.

Remember, managing the chaos is critical. Use Riju’s abilities effectively, balance dodging and aiming arrows, and maintain a good supply of arrows. With patience, perseverance, and the right strategy, Queen Gibdo will be defeated, completing the Gerudo quest chain and earning Riju’s vow, a precious asset for your future adventures.

Master Kohga

Master Kohga Boss Fight

Master Kohga, one of the elusive Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses & leader of the Yiga Clan, serves as a recurring boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, presenting a unique challenge with each encounter. Kohga’s battles are a test of wit and skill, taking place in the enigmatic Depths region of the Zonai facilities, where he employs a variety of mechanical contraptions to confound Link.

How To Defeat

how to beat Master Kohga Boss
  • In the Great Abandoned Central Mine, Kohga rides a monstrous truck-battering ram hybrid. Link must dodge the vehicle, avoid dropped boulders, and then jump onto the truck to strike Kohga.
  • The second encounter in the Abandoned Gerudo Mine sees Kohga in a plane launching flame jets and missiles.
  • Link must avoid these attacks, use the environment to his advantage, and utilize the Wind Burst ability to float upwards, slowing time to deliver precise arrow shots to stun Kohga.
  • In the Abandoned Lanayru Mine, Kohga is aided by Yiga Ninjas.
  • The strategy here is to employ Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball ability to defeat the ninjas swiftly and stun Kohga.
  • The final encounter in the Abandoned Hebra Mine pits Link against a colossal Zonai Construct controlled by Kohga.

Here, Link must manage multiple threats: Homing Bombs, Laser Beams, and a Defense Matrix. The strategy is to neutralize these threats by shooting the bombs, interrupting the lasers by hitting the robot, and landing clean arrow shots when the Defense Matrix is down. Striking Kohga until he is pushed into the spiked barricades will cause significant damage, bringing victory closer.

Sludge Like

boss fight Sludge Like

In the captivating universe of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, players encounter the Sludge Like boss, a grotesque worm-like creature enveloped in repugnant sludge. This unique adversary necessitates a particular strategy involving Sidon’s water bubble, challenging players to adapt to the Tears of the Kingdom’s dynamic landscape. Sludge Like’s environmental manipulation and formidable defense mechanisms, such as raining sludge and immobilizing puddles, add a layer of complexity and urgency to the battle.

Attack Pattern Description
Sludge Armor Sludge Like uses a protective sludge layer to shield itself from regular attacks.
Sludge Rain The boss spits sludge into the air, which then rains down upon the battlefield, potentially harming the player.
Sludge Puddles Sludge Like creates puddles of sludge on the ground, which can slow down the player when stepped on.
Sludge Ball Once its sludge armor is removed, Sludge Like reveals a strange ball which, when attacked, stuns the boss, allowing the player to deal damage.
Sludge Regeneration If not defeated quickly after being stunned, Sludge Like can regenerate its sludge armor, forcing the player to repeat the process of removing it.

How To Defeat

How to beat the Sludge Like

Facing Sludge Like requires tactical prowess and the clever utilization of Sidon’s water-based powers.

  • Initially, employ Sidon’s water bubble to launch a water attack against Sludge Like.
  • This is crucial to dissolve its protective sludge layer and expose its vulnerability – a strange ball.
  • Striking this ball will stun the boss, offering a window of opportunity to unleash a flurry of attacks.
  • However, caution is essential as Sludge Like employs various methods of a hindrance.
  • Its sludge rain attack and the strategic placement of sludge puddles make for a challenging, terrain-focused fight.
  • These puddles act as obstacles, hindering your speed and movement.
  • Therefore, maintain a keen eye on your surroundings and avoid these puddles to maintain your mobility.

Moreover, remain vigilant of the sludge rain; a spit attack from Sludge Like that can catch you off-guard. Timing and precision in dodging these attacks are essential to minimize damage and maintain combat efficiency. In essence, defeating Sludge Like revolves around the strategic use of Sidon’s abilities, keen situational awareness, and precise, timely attacks.


how to defeat Mucktorok Boss

The Mucktorok, encountered in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, is a peculiar boss that personifies the grimy menace besetting the Zora Domain. Resembling a small, otherworldly Octorok, Mucktorok possesses the unique ability to shape-shift into a sludge shark, a form it utilizes for mobility and attack on the battlefield. Despite its intimidating guise, the key to conquering Mucktorok, who easily qualifies as a hard one in the long list of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses, lies in exploiting its vulnerability outside the sludge shark form. 

Attack Pattern Description
Jawsy Chomp Mucktorok, in shark form, charges at Link in a straight line.
Slimer Beam Unleashes a beam of sludge that tracks Link’s movements.
Fishy Flop Leaps high into the air, crashes back down, scattering sludge in all directions.
Globules of Gunk In its second phase, Mucktorok rains blobs of sludge onto the arena, hindering player mobility.
Muckto-Mastery Mucktorok becomes more agile and evasive in the second phase, making it harder to land hits.

How To Defeat

Mucktorok Boss Fight

Using Sidon’s Water Bubble ability is crucial during Mucktorok boss fight, as it not only shields Link from one instance of damage but also offers an effective projectile attack to clear the sludge. A spear weapon, combined with the Water Bubble, provides an enhanced range for your attacks, allowing you to stay focused on Mucktorok’s movements and strike when it’s about to unleash an ability.

  • When Mucktorok is stunned, it’s time to switch to offensive mode.
  • Quickly shoot an arrow to stun it further, enabling you to inflict substantial melee damage.
  • Keep in mind to conserve your spears for the essential shark stuns.
  • The second phase commences once Mucktorok’s HP falls below 50%.
  • It retains its previous attack patterns, but with added challenges – it starts dropping sludge all over the arena and becomes more evasive.
  • Employing the Hydrant Zonai Device can be a game-changer in this phase, as it helps clear the arena of sludge.
  • Additionally, attaching Bomb Flowers to your arrows can ensure area damage if a direct hit isn’t feasible.

Finally, if you’ve defeated Colgera and obtained Tulin’s Wind Burst, you can employ a unique strategy. Use a Zonai Fan or a shield surf with a Spring fuse to launch into the air, slow down time with your bow, and aim for a clear shot. Utilize the Wind Burst just before you land to bypass the sludge and reach Mucktorok faster.


Moragia Boss Fight

Moragia, the fiery menace of Death Mountain, is an intimidating boss in “The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.” Composed of scorching lava and rock, it manifests as a tri-headed creature, each head spewing fireballs at will. This boss is integral to the storyline and is encountered during the Yunobo of Goron City quest.

Attack Pattern Description
Fireballs Moragia’s heads unleash multiple fireballs simultaneously aimed at your position.

How To Defeat

how to beat Moragia Boss

To defeat Moragia, strategic use of the Ultrahand skill and the Zonai Wing is key. Start by employing Ultrahand to flip the Zonai Wing into an upright position, then climb aboard. Yunobo, ever the faithful ally, will join you and act as your primary weapon in this fight.

  • With the three-headed Moragia fixed in place, your main concern becomes dodging the volley of fireballs it spews.
  • Use the Zonai Wing’s mobility to evade these attacks, moving diagonally to confuse the aim of the fire-breathing heads.
  • When the time is right, launch Yunobo at each head.
  • Despite the intimidating sight of Moragia, each head can be taken down with a single direct hit.
  • No need to aim for a specific spot; just make sure you strike the target.

The battle against Moragia is essentially a game of precision and agility. The key is to keep moving to avoid the fireballs, and when the moment presents itself, strike with accuracy. With each successful hit, you’re one step closer to defeating this fiery boss and advancing your quest. With this strategy, Moragia’s reign on Death Mountain will soon be quelled.

Marbled Gohma

best strategy to defeat Marbled Gohma Boss Fight

In the heart of the Fire Temple within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, players encounter the formidable Marbled Gohma, a boss that brings terror with its towering, arachnid-like form encrusted in rocks. Its intimidating presence marks a crucial juncture in Tears of the Kingdom’s narrative, demanding victory to progress further.

Attack Pattern Description
Legdrop The boss raises one of its legs and crashes it down on the ground, targeting Link’s location.
Rock Bombs Several large rocks are thrown, exploding after a few seconds.
Angry Roar The boss roars, giving a few seconds to deal damage while it’s stunned.
From the Air The boss plants itself on the ceiling, requiring Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball to hit its leg.
Rock Bomb Cage Large rocks surround Link, exploding after a few seconds.
Explosive Rocks (Ceiling) The boss throws giant rocks from the ceiling, which may cage Link.

How To Defeat

Marbled Gohma Boss Fight

Defeating Marbled Gohma requires strategic use of your resources and a keen understanding of its attack patterns, as most of the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses require.

  • Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball skill, primarily used for clearing obstacles, serves as a pivotal weapon in this battle.
  • You’ll have to use this ability frequently to stun Marbled Gohma, targeting the creature’s rocky legs to dismantle its defenses.
  • After a few successful strikes, Marbled Gohma gets stunned, providing an opportunity to climb onto its body and unleash a flurry of attacks on its vulnerable eye.
  • However, caution is essential, as overzealous attacks can backfire, with the boss retaliating fiercely.
  • Marbled Gohma’s attacks include a powerful Legdrop, Rock Bombs, and an Angry Roar.
  • When Gohma lifts one leg higher, anticipate a ground strike.
  • When it drops rocks, evade them before they explode. During its roar, you have a brief window for damage.

The boss fight escalates to a new level when Marbled Gohma’s health drops to half. It then attaches itself to the ceiling, requiring players to aim Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball upwards. At the same time, it casts a Rock Bomb Cage, which can be countered with a strong, blunt weapon or Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball.

The key to this battle is a delicate balance of offense and defense, timing your attacks while avoiding Gohma’s. This strategy, coupled with a bit of luck, will lead to the defeat of Marbled Gohma, marking the completion of the Eldin/Goron City quest chain and earning you the Rolling Fireball ability for future travels.


Colgera Boss Fight

Colgera, the majestic and towering Ice Serpent of the Wind Temple, is a formidable boss in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. With its ability to generate blizzards, it challenges players with a unique airborne battle, requiring both skill and strategy to overcome. Colgera is an essential part of the storyline, as its defeat is necessary to progress further into Tears of the Kingdom.

Attack Patterns Description
Ice Portal Colgera vanishes into a glowing orb-like portal, then suddenly reappears from another to strike with incredible speed.
Skyward Spikes Colgera launches ice spikes from its back toward the player, creating an aerial obstacle course.
The Serpent Below After a carapace break, Colgera vanishes only to surge upwards from below, targeting Link directly.
Terrible Tornadoes When below half health, Colgera summons tornadoes, creating additional hazards in the sky.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Colgera Boss Fight

Strategizing against Colgera is a thrilling exercise in aerial combat. Players can prepare for this boss fight by donning the Snowquill Set for cold resistance and stocking up on arrows and useful items like Aerocuda Wing, Fire Fruit, and Bomb Fruit.

  • The fight commences amidst the clouds, with Colgera employing its Ice Portal attack.
  • Dodge the incoming serpent by staying clear of the orb-like portal.
  • Stamina management isn’t crucial here, as paragliding replenishes it.
  • Colgera’s three ice plates, located on its underside, are its weak points.
  • Target them with your arrows, enhanced with Fire Fruit for extra damage.
  • After destroying all three plates, Colgera enters phase two, marked by its casting of powerful tornadoes.
  • In this phase, the Ice Spikes and Terrible Tornadoes attacks are introduced.
  • Use Tulin’s Wind Burst to dodge the spikes and navigate through the tornadoes. 
  • Continue to aim for the weak points, but watch out for the spikes protecting them from above.

When all three weak points are shattered once more, Colgera is defeated. But victory isn’t complete without collecting the Heart Container left behind, as it isn’t added automatically to your heart pool. This strategic battle, testing your combat and navigational skills in the sky, provides a thrilling and memorable experience in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Phantom Ganon

how to defeat Phantom Ganon Boss

Phantom Ganon, the spectral nemesis of Link, takes center stage as a formidable adversary in the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This spectral entity, a reincarnation of Ganondorf’s malicious spirit, is a menacing figure drenched in shadows and shrouded in an aura of malevolence. His form is a twisted reflection of Ganondorf, adorned with eerie ghostly armor and equipped with a spectral blade.

Phantom Ganon’s presence in the royal Hyrule Castle adds an additional layer of tension and dread to the Tears of the Kingdom’s narrative, making him a significant player in Link’s quest to restore peace in the kingdom.

Attack Pattern Description
Right Slash A swift sword attack, slashing from right to left at medium height.
Downward Slash A powerful overhead attack that brings down the spectral blade with great force.
Spinning Attack A circular, sweeping attack where Phantom Ganon spins with his sword outstretched, dealing damage in a wide radius.
Spread Gloom (Phase 2) One of the clones remains stationary, spreading a dark, gloomy substance across the ground, hindering movement and reducing visibility.

How To Defeat

Phantom Ganon Boss

The key to defeating Phantom Ganon lies in strategic maneuvering, precise timing, and leveraging the strength of your Champion avatars. While most Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses would be relaxing, this one hits like a truck & is very punishing. 

  • Start by focusing on one clone at a time, utilizing the dodge-and-flurry technique to counter their attacks.
  • Concentrate on dodging their right and downward slashes and exploit the momentary stun after their spinning attack to land your hits.
  • As you transition to the second phase of the fight, pay close attention to the clone spreading gloom.
  • Aim to land a critical headshot with your arrows to halt the gloom’s expansion, buying you time to regroup and strategize.
  • Your champions play a crucial role here, as they can keep the other clones engaged while you handle the gloom caster.
  • However, keep them clear of the spreading gloom as it incapacitates them.
  • The challenge escalates when the clones switch their weapons, introducing new attack patterns and timings.
  • Stay vigilant, adapt to their new styles, and continue focusing on one clone at a time to whittle down their shared health pool.

Victory requires persistence, adaptability, and a keen understanding of Phantom Ganon’s attack patterns. With these strategies, you can triumph over this spectral foe and bring peace back to the kingdom.

Seized Construct


Emerging from the depths of the Spirit Temple, the Seized Construct, a formidable automaton powered by the Demon King’s magic, presents an unconventional boss battle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This gargantuan mechanical beast, with its immense power and unique attack patterns, provides an electrifying test of the player’s strategic prowess and combat skills. Notably, the Seized Construct is not an optional encounter, unlike the Tears of the Kingdom boss Bokoblin, and this one must be defeated for the narrative to progress.

Attack Description
Laser Beams The boss charges its laser cannons and fires in sequence, first from the right, then from the left.
Electric Punch Displaying a vibrant yellow glow, the Construct advances with an unusual dance-like motion before swinging.
Electric Lunge In its second phase, the Construct takes flight, lunging at its opponent. It’s briefly stunned post-attack.

How To Defeat


The strategy for defeating the Seized Construct requires a combination of quick reflexes, spatial awareness, and strategic use of your mech’s weapons. Prior to the fight, ensure your mech is equipped with a hand cannon and any available melee weapon.

  • Your main goal throughout this encounter is to slam the Construct into the electrified arena walls, dealing substantial damage.
  • At the start, use the cannon to stagger the Construct, then swiftly close the gap and strike it into a wall.
  • Despite its intimidating size, the Construct is surprisingly susceptible to this strategy, allowing you to control the flow of the first phase of the battle.
  • Once the Construct’s health is halved, the battle enters its second phase.
  • Now, the Construct becomes more aggressive and may block your melee attacks.
  • Patience is key here: if the Construct raises its shield, refrain from melee attacks as it’s preparing to counter.
  • Wait for it to lower its guard, then unleash your strikes, knocking it backward.
  • The Construct also gains a new attack in this phase, an Electric Lunge.
  • Avoid this attack and take advantage of the brief stun window to land a few more hits.

If you manage to maintain this rhythm and continually slam the Construct into the walls, you will ultimately emerge victorious, earning yourself a Heart Container and further advancing the story.

Demon King Ganondorf

how to beat Demon King Ganondorf

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Demon King Ganondorf emerges as the final boss in a grand showdown taking place in the ominous Gloom’s Origin of the Central Hyrule Depths. This daunting adversary, a familiar figure in the Zelda franchise, is not just the mummified phantom encountered earlier in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Attack Description
Sword Lunge The standard attack often alternates with other abilities.
Ground Blades Sends three red-bladed projectiles along the ground.
Gloom Arrows Fires a quick succession of three arrows.
Spear Thrust Charges at you across the room after a brief wind-up, repeated three times.
Super Slam Leaps into the air and crashes down onto the ground.
Seeker Arrows Fires three tracking projectiles in Phase 2B.
Crimson Eruption Unleashes cascade crimson flames covering a wide area in Phase 2B.
Crimson Closure Flames move inward towards Ganondorf in Phase 2B.

How To Defeat

Demon King Ganondorf Boss Fight

To conquer Ganondorf, you need to navigate through three-and-a-half phases of the boss battle, each demanding different strategies. This is why I believe that all Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses are on one side & this is just on another level of difficulty.  

  • In the first phase, Ganondorf can dodge all normal melee attacks, requiring perfect dodges followed by Flurry Rushes for effective damage.
  • After depleting his health, you enter Phase 2A, where Ganondorf summons Phantom versions of himself.
  • Thankfully, your Sage allies will handle most of them, allowing you to focus on one at a time. Use similar tactics from the first phase.
  • In Phase 2B, your Sages will be stunned, leaving you alone to face Ganondorf.
  • He retains his previous abilities and introduces more dangerous attacks. Importantly, he can now counter your Flurry Rushes, forcing you to block his attacks instead.
  • His attacks in this phase also reduce your max hearts, making healing ineffective.

Your main offensive opportunity is during the casting animations for his Crimson Eruption and Seeker Arrow attacks, during which you can land arrow hits on his head. You could also use a shield and Spring/Time Bomb combo to launch into the air, slowing down time to aim your shots more effectively. Upon Ganondorf’s defeat, he transforms into the Demon Dragon, marking the beginning of yet another epic confrontation.

Demon Dragon

Demon Dragon Final Boss Fight

In the epic finale of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the defeated Ganondorf consumes his Secret Stone, transforming into the mighty Demon Dragon. This aerial leviathan is more intimidating than it is dangerous, marking the easiest phase of the final boss encounter. The battle against the Demon Dragon transcends to the skies of Hyrule, with Link riding atop the benevolent Light Dragon, also known as Dragon Zelda, setting the stage for an aerial duel of the ages.

Attack Description
Crimson Rain of Fire Unleashes a downpour of fireballs from the sky.
Crimson Fireballs Shoots fiery projectiles directly at Link.
Gloom Affliction Impacts Link with Gloom when close to the Demon Dragon.

How To Defeat

How to defeat Demon Dragon Final

The aerial battle against the Demon Dragon demands precision and courage. Dragon Zelda swoops in to carry Link into the air, setting the stage for an epic clash in the sky. The primary target on the Demon Dragon is its glowing scales or spikes. Skydiving from Dragon Zelda towards these targets, and striking them, will throw Link back to Dragon Zelda, from where the process repeats.

While the Demon Dragon does possess some offensive capabilities, like the Crimson Rain of Fire and Crimson Fireballs, these are relatively easy to avoid, especially as the battle occurs in an expansive open area. The Demon Dragon’s proximity inflicts Gloom on Link, but this effect can be easily cleansed by moving away or reaching Dragon Zelda.

Dragon Zelda also assists Link by catching him when he falls, ensuring his safety during the sky-borne battle. The grand finale comes when the Demon Dragon’s Secret Stone on its forehead begins to glow. At this point, a daring dive towards it, followed by a strike with Master Sword, spells the end for the Demon Dragon, culminating in the victorious conclusion of the campaign.


This brings me to the end of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom bosses guide, where I have listed all 11 bosses, their attack patterns & the best strategies to defeat each one of them. Now, before you leave the page, you must read Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Redead Guide, All 152 Shrine Locations, and Paya Guide.


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