Aliens of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins Final DLC Reveals a different future

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Square Enix recently revealed details about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s last DLC, called Different Futures.

The next and final DLC for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins has been revealed and is titled Different Futures. The release date was also announced, which is January 27, 2023. Jack and his party members will meet a mogul, one of the many mascots of the Final Fantasy franchise.

The next part will be spoilers. You are warned.

Following the events of the Wanderer of the Rift DLC, Jack Garland and the rest of the crew encounter a strange entity that claims to be from the future. It calls itself a Moogle and explains that it has returned to the past to stop a certain individual from his wrongdoings. This person is trying to delete this particular timeline for his “justice” which will result in the deletion of the future that the Moogle came from. It seems that this villain is Lufenin.

According to one Wikipedia, the Lufnian were an ancient race that went to war with the humans of Cornelia before suddenly disappearing. They went to another dimension where they created an ideal world. Jack was the one who defeated them to stop the time warp and finally left their world alone.

It seems that a Lufian is back and using time to try to upset the balance once again.

The trailer also seems to reveal new material like what Jack Garland wears, which is the Garland suit. Guns are also introduced here, which means there may be new weapons. Finally, the character that was finally teased looked very familiar. He appears to be the Great Emperor Metis from Final Fantasy II, which means there is going to be a crossover event.

Alien in Paradise Final Fantasy Origins is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Different Futures DLC is launching on January 27, 2023 on all platforms.

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