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  • At this point, no one is unaware of the immense quality and popularity of Alden Ring, as FromSoftware presented a masterpiece that is soon to receive DLC.
  • FromSoftware creates epic games, it’s true, but DLCs are always a step up in both quality and overall difficulty, especially in boss battles.
  • People who enjoy a genre like soul are always looking for a tough challenge. And I believe that the Alden Ring DLC ​​is the perfect opportunity to introduce the awesome brutal boss encounters.

If I speak Challenging gameI’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is a A game of souls. From the softwarehas practically become a genre-defining series. synonymous with difficulty, So much so that it always pops up in a discussion about a challenging game, regardless of the genre of game being discussed. And if you’re a die-hard fan of the series like me, you know that’s something we are. Most enjoyable About these games

Alden Ring took the world by storm and was a stunning display of FromSoftware’s prowess. with gave DLC announcement For this great titleWe couldn’t help but revel in the joy speculation What wonderful adventures the expansion will bring. Plot details aside, the one thing I’m most looking forward to is The brutality of boss encounterswhich is definitely a joy. Past DLCs are any indication..

Alden is color perfection incarnate.

one Open world souls game; An idea that was as appealing as it was. Skeptical. Although the prospect of allowing a Souls game freedom of travel and exploration was a truly remarkable idea, too Some doubts arose In our minds we were Accustomed to non-linearity and interconnected world design, and concerns arose about how gameplay systems would lead to a vast open world, and if Plenty of things to do.

However, it seems there wasn’t A reason to doubt From software, viz Alden Ring surpassed all seemingly impossible expectations.. It gave an unprecedented adventure that I am sure will happen. Remembered for ages. A huge but meaningful open world filled to the brim. Secrets, treasures, and dirty traps. Along with that comes the famous Ghosts-like combat and brutal difficulty to spice things up. Thus, the Alden Ring DLC ​​is one. The most anticipated project.

The game’s greatest achievement is how it actively takes the best features of each past game and Combines them into a complete package.. Dark souls Stunning area design and atmosphereDark Souls 2’s Power staining Not present in any other game, as Dark Souls 3’s base mechanics Template to build onand improved weapon arts in the form of Ashes of warBloodborne’s Aggressive combat options and rally capabilityand Sekiro’s skills as Influence for some movesAlden Ring has it all.

Alden Ring brings back the power staining of Dark Souls 2.
Alden Ring brings back the power staining of Dark Souls 2.

That’s not all, the game brings Lots of new mechanics and QOL improvement. jump This is a concrete example. This is more than just a QOL feature, as it actively adds a lot more depth to the game’s combat. Dodge feature expansion. In addition, the basic mechanics of Alden Ring bring a Natural comfort For all enemies, and when you deal enough damage you can stun them into doing a critical task.

An already impressive combat system Better to perfection. Couple that with an exciting open world that includes famous areas and complex. Connectivity that could also provide a solid challenge to the original Dark Souls.and you have. A near-perfect adventure that’s pretty hard to complain about.. The announcement of Alden Ring’s DLC was a huge deal. I Can’t get enough of the game as it is.and can hardly wait to experience more of this wonderful journey.

1300 hours of the best game ever made.
by theu/OnlyRum0 IElderly

Software DLC has always been a cut above the base game.

FromSoftware has exceptional games, but DLCs ​​are still a step up., and considering the quality of the base game, it’s a truly impressive achievement. Pick up any Souls game and try the DLC, you’ll be done. Wonder how it manages to outplay the game.. This is a big reason behind the anticipation of the Alden Ring DLC, we know FromSoftware never quits with DLCs, and Anything bigger than the Alden ring would be unimaginable joy..

The Souls games’ DLC surpasses the base game in quality, but they Do it even in difficulty, and I love them for it. Consider Dark Souls for example. Oh Milestones in gaming history And the beginning of this golden legend, The original Dark Souls was one too. Champions of global design With its famous and brutal regions; The poisonous swamps of Blighttown, the traps of Sen’s castle, the ghostly enemies of the ruins of New Lindo, the undead of the catacombs and the giants’ tomb are shrouded in darkness..

Who can disagree that the DS1 DLC is perfect?
by theu/AssignmentLivid713 IDark souls

My point here is the game. The difficulty came from his creatively designed areasbut for the most part it was enough. Easy boss fight. Most battles had a unique trick that could be exploited with the right knowledge. But then the DLC came, and we were greeted with boss battles Artorias, Calamit, and Manus. it was Amazing change in boss brutalityBut certainly a welcome one. We’ll see how Elden Ring’s DLC compares to FromSoftware’s first ever Souls expansion.

I have also seen a similar case. Dark Souls 2. Although considered by many to be the weakest entry, three The game’s DLC It has excellent content. And a ton of fun. moving towards Dark Souls 3a nostalgic nod to the original adventure, for me, was the game The reverse of the original; Fairly easy areas and enemies, but very brutal boss fights. And once again the DLCs arrived to surpass the base game.

Dark Souls 3's DLC brings some of the franchise's best boss battles
Dark Souls 3’s DLC brings some of the franchise’s best boss battles

gave The Ash Frozen Forests of Arendelle Below was a charming area to explore with a secret, and Sister Fred’s three stage boss fight There was a strong step in difficulty. was next. Colorful city, Which was an absolute marvel of boss fights., design, and enemy type. Not to mention an impossible to tackle hidden boss and a Straight up awesome duel with Ghulam Knight Gale at the end of the road.

Perhaps the best example of DLC surpassing the base game is found in this. bloody, Although. From the software A most unique and unique work which one Even considered the best by many. Also brings the developers best DLC yet. The Old Hunters DLC is a very meaningful addition to the game. Both in gameplay and lore. It explores the past of this decadent world in many areas. Move into reverse narrative and features three unique and charming locations.

Finally playing Old Hunters, it’s the most beautiful DLC I’ve ever played.
by thein/Ivaylo_87 Ibloody

Of course it is above all else. Face the boss. Bloodborne is full of fantastic boss fights, but these DLC encounters take the cake. Ludwig’s two-stage duel filled with easter eggs, Life’s failures‘One versus many,’ Punishment for desecration of Lady Maria, Orphaned by the swift beating of KosAnd Lawrence’s ridiculous health pool; Bloodborne’s DLC was particularly high-quality due to its insane difficulty increase, and Alden Ring’s DLC could learn something.

Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC FromSoftware is at its peak.
Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC FromSoftware is at its peak.

The Elden Ring DLC ​​shouldn’t shy away from a brutal challenge.

My point in discussing past DLCs is that FromSoftware’s tradition of increasing difficulty in DLCs The main reason behind this insane quality. This is a difficult spike. I’d like to see Alden Ring in the DLC. Also Alden Ring is really hard as it is, but then again the number one attraction of this series for diehard fans and Now we just want a new, harder challenge..

I am complete Disagree with Easy Mode demand For these games. The Soul games aren’t unfairly difficult. They have a learning curve, yes, but so be it. A very rewarding and satisfying one. Executing 100 boss moves and absolutely avoiding them is the killing blow. A sense of relief that I cannot describe. And people who like these games do so precisely because they give them a good challenge.

The Alden Ring DLC ​​needs a frustrating but immensely satisfying boss like Malinia.
The Alden Ring DLC ​​needs a frustrating but immensely satisfying boss like Malinia.

In the case of Alden Ring, I would even go out of my way to say that it is. Not as difficult as its predecessor. Why? Because here we have it. Equivalent strengthening options as difficult of enemies. You have a lot of buffs here that can improve and improve the tide of battle. Less tedious farming Opportunities due to the open world, Broken ashes of warAnd Spirit Summons Also does not damage the boss’s health if used.

It also gives a ton more if the game is challenging. Options to plan your playstyle. As such, I’m sure a more challenging DLC ​​is sure to please fans who want nothing more than to test their skills. I know there is a strong counter argument, but a large majority of fans It is difficultI include myself. If people didn’t want a hard game, they would It won’t happen Attempting strange challenges Which makes an already difficult game that much more brutal.

In an era when Due to poaching tactics, the quality of sports has dropped considerably., FromSoftware continues to deliver exceptional masterpieces. What’s more, finished with extensions Even more love and care than the base gameAnd according to tradition Brutal and merciless boss fight. With the Elden Ring DLC, I fully expect it to surpass the game in both quality and insane difficulty of the boss encounters.

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