Alden Ring Best Parry Shields: Locations and Stats


Perry the shield Alden is the ideal pairing for aggressive players with quick reflexes in the ring who want to take on enemies at any opening. Unlike most other in-game shields, parry shields offer a much stronger chance. Perry And Reply Enemies, but at the cost of the weak Protector protection. However, since Alden Ring allows you to apply Ashes of war On a different weaponyou can mix and match lights or create your own Parry Shield. Middle shield With a Perry based Ash of War.

Key takeaways

  • Perry shields inside Alden Ring Focus primarily on allowing a successful parry and subsequent counter attack.
  • Although there is no specific “Perry Shield” type, players usually choose this one. 16 Small shields in the game become their parry shields.
  • Fortunately, since the Alden Ring allows players to equip Perifocused. Ashes of war On most shields, there are virtually endless possibilities for a parry shield.
  • The benefit of parry shields is that they make it easier to land critical attacks with a counter attack, knocking off a significant portion of the enemy’s HP.
  • However, the biggest drawback is its limited use as you can only use parry shields. weak enemy, NPC bosses and other players during PvP.

Best Parry Shields and Ashes of War in Alden Ring

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best parry shields and their respective Ashes of War you can get in the Alden ring:

1. Golden Perry + Ultihawk Hatter Shield

While Ash of War can turn regular short and medium shields into parry shields, Golden Parry is easily the top choice for blocking all types of attacks. It’s too little to not Start time And a generous amount periframe, Making it for veterans and newcomers alike.

Ultihawk Heater Shield + Golden Perry (Image source: eXputer)

Here’s how to get a Golden Perry in Alts Plateau:

  1. Follow the road directly northeast. Outer wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace.
The Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace (Image Source: Xporter)
  1. Once you reach the second phantom tree, turn east again and continue straight ahead.
Second Phantom Tree (Image Credit Copyright: Exporter)
  1. On a terrace on the left side of the road, there will be The white scarab You can either hunt or shoot down to get the Golden Perry Ash of War.
White scarab location near outer wall (screenshot grab: eXputer)


  • Best active, recovery, and startup periframes from any perishield or peribased Ash of War attack.
  • Unbelievable Range Intentionally and indirectly giving you enough range to dodge certain enemies’ attacks.
  • Perry is evident in the animation. Golden Visual cues make it easy to memorize.
  • less FP Consumption for each periswipe.

Cons of

  • Based on faith Ashes of war and mostly appropriate Faith is created..
  • Reduces physical damage negation.

Important: I recommend using the inverted hawk heater shield due to its light weight and high resistance. However, you can use any shield with 100.0 Physical Guarded Damage Negation with Golden Perry.

2. Carian Retaliation + Carian Knight’s Magic Shield

Although Carrion Knight Shield iNot a parry shield by itself, it undoubtedly has the potential to be a great parry shield thanks to its excellent pairing. Carrion retaliation Ashes of war. It’s got the best parrying frame data in the Alden Ring, and with Magic Shield, it can become even more deadly.

Carian Knight’s Magic Shield + Carian Retaliation (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

You can find Carrion Retaliation Ashes of War from Livornia using the following steps.

  1. Starting from Royal Mongazing Grounds Grace’s site is located in northwestern Livornia, using the door to exit Kyriah Manor Three sisters
The Three Sisters near the Royal Mongazing Grounds (Screenshot by eXputer)
  1. Follow the road to your left and stay close to the manor wall to avoid the dragons in the area.
  2. Eventually, you’ll see a crest to your left, from where you can drop down onto one of the Manor’s rooftops.
The roof of Kariya Manor (Image source: Xporter)
  1. From the ceiling, drop down to the lower level using the Wooden planks Unless you see an opening on one of the platforms.
Opening on the roof of the manor (screenshot taken by eXputer)
  1. Drop down through this opening and talk to him. Pedia on your left to access his shop, after which you can purchase Carrion Retaliation. 3000 Runs
Pedia, Merchant (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)


  • After parrying magic spells, Carrion Retaliation can replace them. shiny blade, Which you can use aggressively.
  • Tied for first place for best Start And Active periframe Alden in the ring.

Cons of

  • Reduces damage negation from your physical shield. 100.0 To 95.0
  • Only usable on small and medium shields.
  • high FP cost Compared to Golden Perry.

3. Buckler

For parrying enthusiasts, Buckler is undoubtedly the strongest choice for Parrying Small Shield in the Alden ring. Thanks to its unique Ash of War, Buckler Perry is the largest in this shield. Perry window Out of the small shield in any game. Thus, it is the ideal addition for him. light weight makes.

The Buckler Shield (Image credit: Exporter)

Important: For heavier builds, I would suggest just using Buckler as a starting point for learning how to parry.

Here’s how to get a buckler during the early game phase in Alden Ring:

  1. Starting from Stormveil Main Gate Go through the door next to the gate to meet Grace’s site, Gostoc.
Meeting Gostoc in Stormveil (image credit copyright: eXputer)
  1. End his dialogue, then select “No, I’ll use the main gate.” Dialog option to access Stormveil Castle.
  2. After gaining access to the Castle, proceed through it and defeat. Godric Finally grafted.
  3. But relax. Godric the Grafted Site of Grace, and Gostock will spawn near you, after which you can talk to him to gain access to his shop and buy a buckler. 1500 Runs
Gostok in Godric’s Field (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)


  • Buckler Perry’s Ashes of War cannot be applied to others weapon Or shields, Alden makes the buckler a unique item in the ring.
  • Faster startup animation, active periframes, and Post-operative recovery Outside of any small shield.
  • It’s the lightest shield on this list and tied for it. 2nd The lightest shield in the Alden ring.

Cons of

  • With only 61.0 Buckler is ridiculously weak when blocking in the Alden ring, negating the loss of a physical guard.
  • Relatively weak frame recovery after using an object or left hand attack.

4. Storm wall + heater shield

Wall of Storms is probably one of the first Perry-based Ashes of War you’ll find in the Alden Ring. Fortunately, his stats make him a notable addition, and since it is. Early Ashes of War You get, you can upgrade it to its maximum capacity as well as fastest.

Heater Shield + Storm Wall (Image via eXputer)

Here’s how you can get a storm wall in Limgrau:

  1. Start with Stormhill shack Progress northwest following the road to the place of grace in Stormhill and the start of the broken bridge.
Broken Bridge near Stormhill Shack (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. At the far end of the bridge, continue following the section until you find a. The white scarab.
  2. You will receive. Stormwall Ashes of War On killing the scarab.
White scarab near the bridge (screenshot taken by eXputer)


  • One of the best Early game Ashes of War Attacks.
  • Extremely low FP cost, making it a viable option for most early game builds.
  • Great Peri-recovery frame Overall

Cons of

  • Weak initiation and active peripheries.
  • Not many distinguishing features from other perifocused small shields.

5. Thops’ Barrier + Albinauric Shield

Like Storm Wall, Thops’ Barrier is another great perifocused Ash of War that you can find in the early game of Elden Ring. However, the major difference of this particular skill is its incredible. magic And Holy Resistance, which comes in handy against tough faith and intelligence bosses and hostile NPCs.

Albinauric Shield + Thops’ Barrier (Image via eXputer)

While you can use any reliable medium shield with thops barrier, I usually use and prefer Albinoric shield As it gives me significantly more magic resistance in magic based areas like underground cities. Nokron and Noxtella.

Here’s the best way to get the thops barrier in Livonia of the Lakes:

  1. Starting from Revenger’s Shack In Grace’s place, head east towards the lake and reach the small island just before the wreckage.
Island near Revenger’s Shack Site of Grace (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. Here, you need to kill The white scarab Sit on top of the island, after which you’ll find Thaps’ Barrier Ash of War.
White scarab on the island (screenshot via eXputer)


  • Significantly increases Magic and Holy Guarded damage negation.
  • No FP cost. whatever
  • Golden Perry and Carrion Retaliation are good in terms of Ashes of War. Maintenance frames After doing rolls, dodges, blocks, instant item use, and peri-animations.

Cons of

  • Unreliable Visual cues When parrying, that can often confuse players.
  • Significantly weaker startup and active peripherals compared to previous entries.
  • Reduces physical damage negation.

My experience with Perry Shields

On my Alden ring hours steam

While parry shields encourage an aggressive play style and are considered lethal during PvP, I’d recommend sticking with a medium or heavy shield with Parry Ash of War applied to them in the Elden ring. Personally, I used all the small shields. Middle game My first playthrough stage to learn to parry. Once I mastered fighting opponents. At least Perry Windows, I put Parry Ash of War on my medium shield and started using it for the rest of my playthrough.

My Alden Ring saves a slot on Steam.

That initial 75 hours of experience Was very useful as I could block opponents effectively so I could learn their attack style and then start parrying after understanding their move. Thus, I would consider this as the best approach as you will get the perfect balance between offensive and defensive playstyles. You can use Buckler for your learning phase and then move to a decent one. Middle shield Like Twin Bird Kite or Brass shield.

That wraps up my guide to the best Perry Shield and Ash of War options in Elden Ring, covering their pros and cons, strategies, and locations. As seen, each peri-shield has its own priority. built up And playstyle, and their battle ash usually determines how good they are. For more insight, Here’s a spreadsheet you can use to extract significant frame data on these items.

Pair your favorite shield with something. The best souvenir weapon in Alden ring Building a truly awesome building courtesy of Huzaifa Durrani. If you prefer to use tricks, the talented eXputer writer Irfan Ansari has a detailed guide on this. A burst of frenzy. And if you’re seriously looking to dominate the online arena, be sure to check it out The best PvP weapon in Alden Ring.


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