Alan Wake 2 Is Remedy’s Biggest Title Yet, Notes Creative Director



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  • Alan Wake 2 is Remedy Entertainment’s “Biggest Project” to date, as noted by the creative director Sam Lake. The director also called it a “complex undertaking.
  • The title has allegedly evolved many a time over the last decade, transitioning at various junctures during the development of Remedy’s other projects. The game seemingly clicked after the release of Control.
  • The developer also noted that he never left Alan Wake behind, and there were always intentions to return to the franchise. The characters and settings are seemingly too precious to be forgotten.
  • Alan Wake 2’s will release later this year for multiple platforms. The title will release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC (through the Epic Games Store). 

The creative director Sam Lake appeared in an interview with GamesRadar+ to shed light on Remedy Entertainment’s ambitions regarding the upcoming project. For instance, it is reportedly Remedy’s “biggest project” to date, and the director also referred to it as a “complex undertaking.” 

 A game project like this is a very complex undertaking – it’s our biggest project yet – and a lot of different things need to come together. Not only the concept itself but the timing and the right partners as well,” said Sam Lake.

Remedy Entertainment has seemingly tried to keep the game “fresh and exciting” as it grew further in scope over the last decade while “actively dreaming it.” The constant effort to expand the project caused it to grow “more ambitious and more unique” through the last decade.

Sam Lake also said that he never left Alan Wake behind after all these years, stressing the character and setting to be precious. “I feel like I never left Alan Wake behind. There was always the full intention to return to him; there was always more story to tell, and the characters and the setting were too precious to be forgotten.”

The developer also discussed the evolution of Alan Wake 2, noting its growth over the years. “(It) kept growing and evolving through the years.” The concept reportedly transitioned between every title, and it was seemingly finalized after the release of Control, “everything finally clicked into place.

The words of the creative director explain why Alan Wake 2 has taken such a long time to develop. Seemingly growing ambitions and changing concepts caused it to remain on the back burner at Remedy Entertainment. 

Alan Wake 2 is an upcoming rendition is a horror survival set in the shared Remedy universe. It seeks to blend a slew of elements like an “intense atmosphere and a twisted, layered, psychological story” to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Alan Wake 2 has been developing for over a decade, leading to fans highly anticipating the final release. Remedy Entertainment has also shown great enthusiasm regarding the forthcoming project. It reportedly moved into full production of development two years ago, as revealed in an official Remedy Entertainment financial report.

However, Remedy Entertainment is reportedly brewing an assortment of other projects, including multiple Control sequels. Max Payne 1 and 2 Remake is also brewing in a collab with Rockstar Games.

All the other entries were in a skeletal state when they leaked a few months ago. We suspect they will not arrive before a few years elapse, at least.

Alan Wake 2’s release is slated to arrive later this year for multiple platforms, as confirmed in the past. The title will release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC (through the Epic Games Store). 

What are your thoughts about the new statement by the creative director Sam Lake regarding the size of Alan Wake 2? Do you think the new installment by Remedy Entertainment will garner enough sales and a fan base to succeed over its predecessor? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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