AI will change the nature of learning for developers, says Shuhei Yoshida



Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Shuhei Yoshida says AI will change the way developers learn.

Shuhei Yoshida recently spoke with The Guardian in an interview where he was asked what he thought about developers’ concerns that AI could replace humans and their work. AI like ChatGPT has progressed so much recently that it could do coding, music, and art.

The PlayStation Executive stated that developers will still need to learn new skills to be able to use AI effectively, so they will not be replaced at all. He thinks it will ultimately have a positive impact on the development of the game.

“It is a tool. Someone has to use the tool,” Yoshida explained. “AI can produce very strange things, as you must have seen. You really have to be able to use the tool well. AI will change the nature of learning for game developers, but in the end development will be more efficient and people will make more beautiful things.

“People may no longer need to learn programming if they have learned to use these tools of the future. Creativity is more important, direction, how you envision what you want.”

Yoshida also shared an example with the news outlet about using AI as a tool. He said that he was recently going through 15 pitches at an indie competition in Japan. There was a small team of students who submitted a project with amazing beautiful graphics.

“They said they used Midjourney, the AI ​​art generator, to create the art,” he said. “That’s powerful, that a small number of young people can create an amazing looking game. In the future, the AI ​​could develop interesting animations and behaviors, and even debug its program.”



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