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Choices matter a lot in Assassin’s Creed Vahalla, so much so that they can completely change the game’s ending for you. With so many different outcomes, players who can’t really sit right with the bad ending should know some key choices in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Hence, let’s review all the important choices you need to make to get AC Valhalla best ending!

NOTE: Before continuing to read the best AC Valhalla ending guide, please be aware that there will be SPOILERS Ahead. If you prefer a clean playthrough, I advise you not to continue reading.

Key Takeaways

  • AC Valhalla has multiple endings, however, in order to achieve the best outcome in the game, players need to make some specific choices.
  • Most of these choices revolve around Sigurd since his relationship with Eivor can greatly affect the ending.
  • To get the Best Ending in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, players should make the following decisions:
    1. Leave the Resources for Styrbjorn during “The Seas of Fate” quest.
    2. Do not get into a romantic relationship with Randvi during the “Taken for Granted” quest.
    3. Do not punch Sigurd or Basim during the “Blood from a Stone” quest.
    4. Hand over the Axe to Dag in “A Brewing Storm” quest”
    5. Agree with Sigurd’s decision during the “Blame and Sail” quest.

How To Get The Good Ending In AC Valhalla?

Achieving a good ending in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be a little tricky if you do not know the key choices. However, if you prepare beforehand and keep in mind the crucial bits of the Viking storyline, you just might be able to achieve the best ending. 

AC Valhalla’s good ending is linked to how good your friendship with Sigurd is by the end. Sigurd is one of the main characters in AC Valhalla. He is the best friend, and also a step-brother, of Eivor (Protagonist). Hence, the good ending is where Sigurd sticks by your side and stays in Ravensthorpe. In addition to that, he also backs Eivor up as the new Jarl of the Raven Clan.

So to get the Best Ending, there are 5 choices that you need to keep in mind while playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here are all the chapters you can expect to encounter these choices:

  • The Seas of Fate.
  • Taken for Granted.
  • Blood from a Stone.
  • A Brewing Storm.
  • Blame and Sail.

Fret not if you’ve already completed a few of these chapters because only making a favorable choice in three of these situations would be good enough to maintain your friendship with Sigurd for a good ending. Hence, you don’t need to be on the mark in all five situations.

Resources Choice In The Seas Of Fate

ac valhalla sigurd choices
Leaving the Resources (Screenshot by eXputer)

The first key decision comes during Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Chapter 5 which is titled “The Seas of Fate” The mission is a part of “Battle for the Northern Way“. During the quest, Eivor will have multiple dialogues with Sigurd regarding the trip to England. Sigurd plans to move the Raven Clan to England to wriggle free from Herald’s control.

During the cutscene many of the Vikings will agree with the idea, one of them will suggest that they’ll also take Styrbjorn’s (Sigurd’s father) resources with them to set up quicker in England. However, Sigurd will quickly turn over the proposal by claiming that they must start from scratch in England. Ultimately, Eivor will have to make a crucial choice between two options:

  • Take the Resource to England.
  • Leave the Resources for Styrbjorn.

Clear by Sigurd’s stance, the player should choose to agree with him and leave the resources in Norway with his father. Doing so will enhance Eivor’s friendship with Sigurd and will take you a step closer to the best ending.

Reject Randvi In Taken For Granted

ac valhalla good ending randvi choice
Randvi confessing her feelings (Screenshot by eXputer)

Once players reach the “Taken for Granted” quest, they will take Randvi, Sigurd’s wife, for a little detour to let her relax from all the strategy planning she has been conducting. At the beginning of the mission, Randvi talks about her frustration with work, to which Eivir proposes to take her to Grantebridge to let her ease up a little.

However, this little trip does hold a crucial choice, which players need to be aware of as it could affect the ending of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The trip will see both Eivor and Randvi bond a little more and the romantic tension is quite obvious from the early stages of the quest.

Eventually, after meeting with Magni, taking down some bandits which can easily be taken care of by a bow, and partaking in a drinking session, Eivor and Randvi will head toward the Sunken Tower. Here Randvi will confess her feelings and make advances toward Eivor. Out of the three choices, it is important that you do not choose anything that accepts her proposal for a romantic relationship.

  • Now is not the right time.
  • I care for you as a friend.

Of course, since we’re trying to maintain a good relationship with Sigurd, the best option here is to turn her down. Although, later on, Sigurd and Randvi get separated and players can then proceed with Randvi as a romantic interest.

Don’t Punch Basim Or Sigurd In Blood From A Stone

ac valhalla good ending choices
Sigurd in Blood from a Stone (Screenshot by eXputer)

The third important decision for the AC Valhalla best ending comes during Chapter 2: Blood from a Stone, part of The Paladin’s Stone questline. In the quest you will aid Sigurd and Basim to get a look at the Mysterious stone Fulke mentioned. 

During the quest, Eivor and company will reach a tower where they will need to search for the Sage Stone. However, the party gets ambushed by Eadwyn and her men which kicks off a fight scene. Use some of the Best Skills alongside a strong Shield since the enemies can really put up a fight. Nonetheless, after defeating the enemies Eivor, Basim, and Sigurd will get into a heated conversation which will present another crucial choice of options. 

All you need to do is refrain Eivor from punching Eivor or Basim. If you punch either one of them, it could ultimately mess with the perfect ending. Hence, just ignore any prompts which read “Punch Basim” or “Punch Sigurd”.

Give The Axe To Dag In A Brewing Storm

dag in Ac valhalla
Dag with his Axe (Image Credit: eXputer)

During the “A Brewing Storm” quest, tensions are high in the Raven Clan because of Sigurd’s absence. In the quest, Dag challenges Eivor’s leadership by demanding a fight to the death. Regardless of the choice you make the fight is unavoidable. 

The fight against Dag is fierce and tiring, hence, keep your build in top condition and use some of the Best Weapons during combat. Once you do manage to take down his health bar, a cutscene will play out which obviously will hold another key choice. During the scene, Eivor will first have a brief conversation with Odin. After that, Dag will be down on the ground beaten and reaching for his Axe. Eivor will get the following choices:

Even though it may seem more appropriate to deny him the axe because he attempted to kill you, giving the axe to Dag will help you get a better ending in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Therefore, simply pick the first choice.

Support Sigurd During Blame And Sail

ac valhalla sigurd choices in blame and sail
Support Sigurd (Image Credit: eXputer)

The final decision that you need to keep an eye on comes during the Blame and Sail quest. The choice may seem a little harsh and unfair but if you’re aiming for the AC Valhalla best ending, then you need to go with the suitable choice. This decision is the final AC Valhalla Sigurd choice you will need to make for the optimal conclusion.

During the quest, two members of the Raven Claw, Gudrun, and Holger, come into a dispute. Randvi asks Eivor to solve the case since Sigurd is not fit enough to sit in court. However, once you take in the accounts from both Gudrun and Holger and make a decision, Sigurd will step out and take matters into his own hands.

Sigurd decides to punish Holger by demanding he pay Gudrun the value of 30 Sailclothes in Silver. After trying his luck to no avail, Holger will turn to Eivor for support. You can either support Holger or Sigurd here.

  • I support Sigurd’s judgment.

As hard as it may seem, it’s best to side with Sigurd here since it will greatly enhance your friendship with him and further increase your chances of getting a good ending in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

List Of All Endings In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

By now you’re ready to make all the right choices to get the best ending in AC Valhalla. However, one question might still intrigue you. Which is, how many endings does AC Valhalla have? Well, with so many different choices throughout the playthrough, you can end up with 6 different ending outcomes of AC Valhalla. These are:

  • Good Ending (mentioned above)
  • Bad Ending
  • Modern Day Ending
  • Asgard Ending
  • Secret Isu Ending
  • Order Ending

So that’s the complete list of every ending in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which can be achieved depending on the choices Eivor makes.

That’s about it from the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla good ending guide. Paying close attention and siding with Sigurd at some crucial points can swiftly lead you to a good ending. Hence, AC Valhalla Sigurd’s choices can have a huge effect on the outcome of your playthrough.

The combat in AC Valhalla gradually increases as you progress through the storyline. So it’s immense that you use the Best Armor set and some high-tier weapons such as the Fenrir’s Incisor, Aesir Eye Bow, and Fiery Warsong Atgeir.

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