AC Mirage: The Hidden One (Location, Upgrades, Stats)


There are many Costumes are available at AC Mirage., but out of all of them, an invisibility garment stands out in terms of its aesthetics and the benefits it provides. In fact, a cloak of invisibility is great for those who like to take advantage of the focus stealth ability. But, getting the dress is not as straightforward as you might think.

Key takeaways

  • The Hidden One Outfit in AC Mirage adds to this. Focus assignment Ability
  • Located in Round Cityachieved by stealthy navigation and controlled guards.
  • Outfit upgrades are found in various locations, requiring both strategic and environmental issues to be resolved.
  • Enhances better wear. Regeneration of focus Notably, aiding stealth methods and assassinations in AC Mirage.

A wardrobe hidden in the AC Mirage

Hidden One Dress Location (Photo courtesy of us)

To find a hidden outfit, you must begin your journey in the hinterlands of Round City.

  1. As shown on the map above, there is a gear chest on it. East side of Round City.
  2. Especially, above the chest SHORTA HEADQUARTERS, Behind an armored animal, under a shed.
  3. I found it difficult to reach the chest due to Fenced terrace.

Starting on the north side of the Shorta headquarters, you’ll find a small unfenced area to the left of the building.

  1. Climb up from there and sneak up behind the guard to kill him for easy access to the costume.
  2. Alternatively, I’d suggest going up high and killing your guard directly. Focus assignment Ability to avoid wandering.
  3. As you will be directly in front of the chest after killing the animal, you can easily access it and move on.

Also, check Market chest Nearby is a powerful weapon that you can learn more about in mine. The best weapon leader.

Upgrade the schematic 1 location.

AC Mirage Hidden One Outfit Die Upgrade (acquired by us)

After obtaining an invisibility outfit, the next step is to obtain its upgrade schematics. The first schematic can be found for the inner frame on the right side of the southwest boundary. Round CityAs shown in the image above. The building has no special name, only that it is next to one. Historical site.

Break through the floor and enter the building (screenshot via eXputer)

To get the chest, you need to do the following:

  1. Use yours when you get to the location. Eagle Vision to find the chest.
  2. It will be inside the building.
  3. To get inside the building, you need to climb onto the roof.
  4. You will notice that there is a breakable floor on the roof.
  5. Use Eagle Vision to find nearby. Fire pot It will be on an adjacent terrace, slightly below the main terrace.
  6. Climb back up to the roof and throw the pot on the breakable floor to gain access. Al-Jahiz’s house.
  7. Go down the stairs to find a chest with Upgrade the schematic..

Upgrade the schematic 2 location.

AC Mirage Hidden One Dress Die Upgrade 2 location (acquired by us)

Another upgrade for a cloak of invisibility can be found in the schematic Muslim CourtsNorth of the inner boundary of Round CityAs shown in the image above. The area has also been cordoned off, with guards patrolling the area.

Break a window and get in (Photo by eXputer)

To access the Gear Chest, you need to do the following:

  1. Start from the west side of Muslim Courts for direct and easy access. Gear chest.
  2. The chest can be found inside the bell tower-like structure on the west side of the Muslim Courts.
  3. Climb all the way up and eliminate any enemies along the way.
  4. Use your stuff Eagle Vision Marking a A broken window is highlighted in red.
  5. Use the throwing knife to break the window.
  6. Enter to access the gear chest with Upgrade the schematic..

AC Mirage Invisibility One outfit stats



A cloak of invisibility Tier 1

Focus chunks fill an additional 5% when performing stealth kills.

A cloak of invisibility Tier 2

Focus Chunks recharge 10% extra when performing stealth kills.

A cloak of invisibility Tier 3

Focus Chunks recharge 15% extra when performing stealth kills.

The Hidden One Outfit is great for those who like to use the Focus Ascension ability, as it helps regenerate bars much faster. Advantage of fatal moment. Regularly, the focus bar fills up when you perform stealth kills. With organization, you’ll be able to fill it much more with each kill. I would also recommend checking us out Best clothes Mina Anwar’s guide to discovering more similar dresses.

What do I think of the dress?

Finding the hidden one outfit die wasn’t as hard as I thought. If you check out my guide. Armor problem, you’ll notice that this outfit was relatively hard to get because you had to collect a lot of mysterious shards. But with an invisibility dress, all I had to do was sneak around a bit. I definitely recommend using the fully upgraded version of the outfit due to the increase in focus regeneration.

With this, you know all about the AC Mirage Hidden One Outfit and its Dialocation. You can also check out my guide on how to get a Milad dress. Calling mission walkthrough in AC Mirage. Additionally, if you’re worried about the ending of AC Mirage, check out Arhams. AC marriage termination explained. leader.


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