AC Mirage: Reap From The Ruins Enigma (Solution)


In the expansive realm of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, players will find intriguing two-part puzzles called Enigmas scattered around 9th-century Baghdad. One such enigma, titled the AC Mirage Rip from the Rains enigma, can be found in the Wilderness area.

Key takeaways

  • From AC Mirage Reap Ruins Enigma 9th century Baghdad is a two-part puzzle.
  • Start in the town of Cutting South of Baghdad in AC Mirage.
  • An Enigma clue has been found inside a building in Jarjaraya.
  • Cleo has a drawing that is inspired by HP Lovecraft.
  • Follow the signs to the southeast. Seleucia on the Tigris Ruins in the forest
  • reward: Eldritch Talisman With a Cthulhu charm.

AC Mirage Reap from The Ruins Enigma

To complete the enigma, you must visit two different locations. The first location will be where you start the puzzle. The second will be where the clue leads you and, ultimately, the location of your reward.

Enigma starting point

AC Mirage Reap from The Enigma Starting Location (Photo by eXputer)

To start your search for Get the ruins from have to head to the first small town. CuttingLocated in the south of Baghdad. The clue itself is located in a building in the southern part of the village.

  1. In particular, from the viewpoint at Jarjaraya, venture west.
  2. You should see a large building with wooden roofs.
  3. An open door on the second floor of this building reveals a beam of light.
  4. As you approach this entrance, inside, you’ll find a man, and right next to him, the desired Enigma token resting on a rug.

In your inventory, you can open Bassam’s bagscroll down to the section labeled “Enigmas” and select the Reap from the Ruins enigma to uncover its mysterious details.

Understanding Enigma Solutions

Understanding Clue (screenshot by us)

The clue you just found provides a cryptic drawing, apparently inspired by HP Lovecraft’s horror lore. The outline features ruins, prominently marked trees, and a picturesque landscape. The form of Cthulhu.

2nd place (screenshot by us)

After this hint, you’ll need to start traveling southeast of Jarjaraya. Deep in the jungle surrounded by swamps, is your destination.

  1. Here is the remains of a point of interest Seleucia on the Tigris.
  2. This area offers no viewpoints, so be prepared for your mountain adventure.
  3. Be careful of the snakes that live in the area.
Enigma’s in-game location (screenshot via Exporter)

Past these ancient ruins, continue east until you see the very drawing tree.

  1. Near the base of this tree, a treasure awaits you. Eldritch Talisman.
  2. This decorative item boasts. Cthulhu charm and can be equipped through your inventory.

Additionally, Lovecraft fans will be fascinated to find notes around the ruins that resonate with the famous horror writer’s universe. A special note near the entrance exudes a Lovecraftian vibe and mentions the Necronomicon, a legendary grimoire.

Is the enigma easy to solve?

When I was trying to solve the enigma, I didn’t find it as difficult as some of the other Enigmas in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, mainly because of the number of locations you have to visit for this enigma. Relatively less than others.

Finally, Reap from the Ruins Enigma in AC Mirage offers a unique blend of historical exploration combined with Lovecraftian mystery. By following the solution, you’ll not only uncover a precious amulet, but immerse yourself in a piece of the rich tapestry that makes up the world of Assassin’s Creed Marriage. While you’re putting together all the puzzles, I’d recommend checking out. All clothes as well as. While you’re at it, check out our guide The best skill in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Empowering Basim.


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