AC Mirage: How To Solve ‘Find What I Stole!’ puzzle


In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you will encounter puzzles, which are basically Puzzles And Puzzles They are scattered all over Baghdad. Solving these puzzles will earn you valuable rewards such as clothing colors and talismans. gave Find the AC Mirage I stole Enigma. is one of the first puzzles you’ll encounter in Baghdad.

Key takeaways

  • Find out what I stole! Can be found near the Enigma Scroll. Damascus Gate Jail In the Assassin’s Creed Marriage.
  • To solve this enigma, you have to head. Soap boiler area In Harbiya
  • find. Large, colorful fabric triangles From an aerial view in the southwest of this region.
  • Underneath these clothes, you’ll find a black zing dress dye in a gazebo.

Find out what I stole! puzzle

‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Scroll (Image via Exputer)

AC Mirage Find what I stole! Enigma refers to investigating soap boilers and then scanning colorful clothes from high places.

If you follow these instructions, you will find a valuable treasure waiting to be claimed. However, pinpointing the place referred to in this riddle can be quite difficult.

‘Find what I stole!’ Scroll location

‘Find what I stole’ scroll location (screenshot by Exporter)

“Find what I stole!” Follow these steps to get it! Enigma Scroll:

  1. Once you return to Baghdad, head to North of Damascus Gate Prison In Harbiya area
  2. Make your way through Qatrbal Gate.
  3. After passing through the gate, turn right and proceed through the archway.
  4. Soon, you’ll reach a small path that leads to water.
  5. Continue along this path, and then turn right.
  6. Continue along this path until you reach the puzzle area.
  7. Once you arrive at the location, activate yours. Eagle vision to highlight the scroll lay on the ground.

‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Scroll (Image via Exputer)

To access a puzzle you’ve collected, enter your inventory and go to ‘The bag.’ On the right side of your screen, scroll down until you find the section labeled ‘Angmas.’ This section shows a list of all the puzzles you have collected and which are waiting to be solved. Click on a puzzle to read it and review the clues provided to solve it.

‘Find what I stole!’ Prize location

AC Mirage ‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Reward Location (Screenshot via Exporter)

“Find what I stole!” Follow these steps to get it! Enigma Prize:

  1. To solve “Find what I stole”, go to Soap Boiler Districtwhich is located in the south-eastern corner of Harbiya.
  2. Upon reaching this area, players must use Enkidu, The Eagle to get an aerial view of the Soap Boiler’s District.
  3. Focus your attention on South-west corner of the districtwhere you will see a Large Fabric Triangle Series Spread over the corridor they are indeed Colorful clothes Cited in the Enigma note.
  4. These large cloth triangles can also be seen on the map if you zoom in on the southwest corner of the district (marked on the map above).
  5. Now, players must move to the previously mentioned colored cloths and locate a. Gazebo, a wooden structure below them.

The treasure associated with “Find What I Stole” can be found on the ground inside this gazebo. To claim it, enter the structure and interact with the glowing spot on the ground.

AC Mirage ‘Find What I Stole’ Enigma Gazebo (Photo by Exputer)

‘Find what I stole!’ The Enigma Prize

Find the reward for solving the AC Mirage What I Stole Enigma is the ‘Black Rebellion’ dress color. You can equip this cosmetic item via the inventory menu, but please note that it can only be applied if the player is currently Rebel outfit for him. You can get it by completing the Zanj Rebellion organization. Tactical Upper Harbor Gear Chest puzzle

AC Mirage ‘Find what I stole!’ Enigma Prize (Image via Exputer)

It’s about the AC marriage I stole! To know more about the puzzle Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you can read on. Of Osama His thoughts AC Marriage Review.


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