AC Mirage: How to Find the Confiscated Warehouse


In Assassin’s Creed Marriage, during Coins, corruption and tea Search, you find a case related to this. Seized warehouse. For that matter, you need to find a warehouse and gather information about the harbor master, which can be a bit tricky. However, the AC Mirage confiscates the warehouse without bribing Kong’s accomplice Luca.

Key takeaways

  • To find the AC Mirage Confiscation Warehouse, head east of Karkh near the Tabuk Gate.
  • Look for a creek north of the warehouse to enter the Confiscation Warehouse.
  • Find three letters scattered throughout the warehouse.

Where to find impound warehouse in AC Mirage?

Location of impounded warehouse (screenshot via Exporter)

At Kong’s shop, Luca gives you the location of the warehouse for some bribes, but you can find it without his help. AC Mirage is located in a confiscated warehouse. Near the Tabuk gate east of Karkh. cross the Bridge near Cookman’s Quarter, And going left along the road takes you to the warehouse.

How to enter impounded warehouse

There is a confiscation warehouse. Well preserved And Limited, So going straight in is not an option. Rather, go to Northeast Gate of the warehouse, and you will find one Crack left it at that. This crack is your entrance to the confiscation warehouse.

How to get information about Harbormaster

In this case, you need to get information about the harbor master. For this you should check. Three Letters in impounded warehouse.

Follow these steps to find all three letters.

  1. Upon entering the warehouse, you will see that a Tent on your left. On your way to this tent, you’ll find yours. First letter on the table.
    First letter (screenshot by Exporter)
  1. for the Second letteryou should carefully go into a. The building to the left of this tent Without the threat of any guards.
  2. Here, you must Kill two guards And by entering the building next to it, they are doing it again quietly.
  3. You will find a single guard in this building. Kill him, and you’ll find yourself in front of another letter.
    Second letter (screenshot by Exporter)
  1. Now leave this building and go right.
  2. Here, eliminate this guard using a throwing knives, And you can do it quietly Walk to the opposite building..
    Guard (screenshot by Exporter)
  3. Using the elevator, climb up the building and drop down on the other side.
  4. Here, you’ll kill another guard.
  5. Just enter the building and you will find yours. The third letter.
    Third letter (screenshot by Exporter)

The exact locations of the three letters are marked on the map provided.

Letter Locations (Image via Exputer)

It’s about you AC Mirage Seized Godown Case. After examining all three notes, leave the confiscation warehouse. This action will mark the end of the confiscation warehouse case, and Bassam will now be ready to kill the next Order member, Alcolo.

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