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The best skill AC Mirage can make all the difference when playing the game for the first time as you can only get them through the main story missions instead of leveling this time. These unique skills enhance and manage Bassam’s abilities within the game. Three different skill trees: Ghosts, tricksters, and hunters. Additionally, certain skills will require you to invest 2 or 3 skill points.

Important: You can redefine the skills you’ve acquired in the skill tree by holding down the square button on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or R on the keyboard (PC).

Key takeaways

  • Skills in AC Mirage are divided into Phantom, Trickster, and Predator skill trees.
  • Skill points are earned naturally by completing Main story missions.
  • gave Benefits Among the best skills is that you’ll have an easier time adjusting to the new stealth mechanics and playstyle.
  • Like Experienced player After playing the franchise and AC Mirage myself, I recommend getting the Breakfall and Knife Recovery skills.

The best skills in Assassin’s Creed Marriage

Below are the best AC Mirage skills, their respective trees, and skill point costs:

Skill Name The tree Skill point cost
Breakfast The phantom 2
Serial murder The phantom 3
Recovery of the knife. trickster 3
Additional tool capacity trickster 2
Engineer trickster 4
Pocket Master trickster 4
Counter roll The phantom 4
Enkido Equity the hunter 2

1. Breakfast

Breakfall (photo taken by us)
The skill tree The phantom
Description Basim automatically makes a roll when descending from a dangerous height, reducing the amount of damage.
Costs 2 skill points

Spending approx 100+ hours in previous titles As with AC Odyssey, I enjoyed the Demi-God’s sense of not taking fall damage while jumping from great distances using the Leap of Faith ability.

Following this tradition with the AC Mirage, breakfall went smoothly. Excellent early game skills It immediately caught my eye because it helps soften your landing when jumping from great heights across town. Health is very important in AC Mirage, especially in combat, so having access to an early skill that significantly reduces HP damage from parkouring is definitely worth keeping in mind.

2. Serial murder

Murder by Chain (Image taken by us)
The skill tree The phantom
Description After executing the kill, kill another nearby enemy or throw the knife further away if throwing knives are available.
Costs 3 skill points

While I certainly miss the ability to double kill targets in previous Assassin’s Creed titles, Serial Kills fulfills that same desire of mine. Especially helpful during mastering Main story mission Where I had to infiltrate large areas with lots of enemies to reach my kill target or objective.

So, having a useful skill that allows you to hit two enemies at once in close range will help you immensely, especially considering that AC Mirage emphasizes a stealth approach.

3. Knife recovery

Knife recovery (photo taken by us)
The skill tree trickster
Description All throwing knives that kill an enemy can be removed from their corpse.
Costs 3 skill points

Throwing knives are extremely powerful in this game, considering you’ll need to use stealth takedowns throughout the main campaign. In my hands-on experience with the AC Mirage, throwing knives can practically do it. One shot enemy Heads at mid-range can be limited in quantity early on, so the ability to recover them from corpses for unlimited use will benefit you in the long run.

4. Additional tool capability I and II

Additional tool capacity (photo taken by us)
The skill tree trickster
Description Visiting Banu Musa in the Bureau of Hidden People opens a new slot for Toll.
Costs 2 skill points

Once acquired, additional tool capability skills Cannot be reset/respected Back for skill points.

From my favorite Throwing Knives to Smoke Bombs, AC Mirage has a handful of utility tools to help you in gameplay so it goes without saying that this skill will essentially allow you to unlock a new slot. so that you can be equipped with more tools at your disposal. Time

5. Engineer

Engineer (photo taken by us)
The skill tree trickster
Description You may select a second Tier 1 tool upgrade for each available tool.
Costs 4 skill points

Warning: Resetting will remove all Tier 1 privileges from the tool. Visit Banu Musa to reapply.

Your tools can be equipped with different tier upgrades to increase their utility, but you can only choose one upgrade for a tool on each tier. However, with the Engineer skill, you can opt for another Tier 1 upgrade, which I consider one of the best endgame abilities in AC Mirage considering the overall functionality of the tools.

6. Pocketmaster

Pickpocket Master (photo taken by us)
The skill tree trickster
Description Bassam’s skill as a pickpocket increases, helping him retrieve his target’s valuables more efficiently.
Costs 4 skill points

Although the details are a little vague, Pickpocket Master basically lets you skip it Quick Time Event, Where you have to complete it to successfully rob the target of their goods. I personally didn’t find the QTE that difficult, but if you’re someone who struggles with it, feel free to get the Pickpocket Master skill to have an easier time with the mechanic.

7. Counter-roll

Counter Roll (Image taken by us)
The skill tree The phantom
Description towards the enemy’s unblockable attack before it lands in the vault directly behind them. Strong tactics against armored opponents.
Costs 4 skill points

While I’m not a fan of melee in AC Mirage, you’ll often find yourself fighting brute-type enemies, who can’t be attacked directly unless you damage them from behind. Counter Roll will automatically back you up to enemies during their unblockable attacks. (indicated by a red glow). So, this can be extremely useful, especially if you’re someone who is constantly overwhelmed by enemies.

8. Enkidu Acuity 1 and 2

Enkidu Acuity (photo taken by us)
The skill tree the hunter
Description Enkidu’s perception has increased, making it easier to tag enemies.
Costs 2 skill points

If you want another one of AC Merge’s best skills to get going early, boosting the ability to quickly tag enemies while droning with Enkidu can be more useful than you think. By default, it takes a second to hover over a target, but even if you get the first Enkidu Acuity skill, it’s very easy to scan the area from above for nearby enemies. will be done.

What skills do I recommend?

After spending approx 15+ hours So far in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the skills I would recommend. Breakfall and knife recovery. While you can certainly increase your knife’s ability using tool upgrades later on, early on, I found myself using them most often to easily secure my multiple stealth takedowns. what was

It’s also a no-brainer to pick up a breakfall because if the situation calls for avoiding guards or exiting mission areas when the mission is complete, you’ll need to jump from certain heights, so at least not fall. Taking the damage from becomes necessary, at least for me. .

This concludes my excellent AC Marriage Skills Guide. To learn more about this, I highly encourage you to read mine. Assassin’s Creed Mirage Review For my overall thoughts on the game. Let me know if you have any questions or queries about the guide in the comments section below!


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