AC Mirage: Aqarquf Dunes (Location and Rewards)


gave Aqarqaf Mound AC Mirage has an area on the north side of the map. As part of the main search, “The Calling” You are told to go to the Aqarqif Dunes and find a hidden area. However, searching and finding the right area can be difficult if you don’t know where to look, but the rewards beyond the search are worth it.

Key takeaways

  • AC Mirage The Calling Quest instructs players to find a hidden location in Aqarqaf Mound.
  • They should step towards it. Northern oasis And dive in to enter the cave.
  • Following the cave path will lead them to a chamber hall with several prizes.
  • Players must open each chamber using a Fixed amount of mysterious shards to access rewards.
  • Mysterious Shards can be found in every area in AC Mirage. 10 Mysterious Shards throughout the game.

What are the AC Mirage Aqarqif mounds?

AC Mirage Aqarquf Dunes Location (Image taken by eXputer)

Aqarquf Dunes is an area on the north side of the AC Mirage map where you find a secret cave that is the key to advancing the quest “The Calling”.

After the first major murder of a member of the Order, Bassem finds out Stopped. among the crowd. When you visit her, you discover that she is trying to uncover a secret and is looking for different symbols.

  • To help him, you need to find a hidden place, and you are only given one clue to find it. “The Dunes”
  • Since the Aqarqif mound is a vast area, it is important to know where to look in order to complete the quest.

Location of Aqarqaf dunes

Oasis location (screenshot by us)

While the directions inside the AC Mirage suggest looking north. Aqarqaf Moundit’s actually easier for players to set their sights on something more recognizable. Northern oasis.

  1. This oasis is located directly north and east of the Aqarqaf dunes. Anbar.
  2. Upon arrival, you can see guards patrolling its waters.
  3. Handle them as you see fit.

Near the lake, there is a small shelter with a table.

  1. A note on the following table may direct you to a specific spot within the lake for diving.
  2. However, if you use your eagle to look around, you can spot it. Secret entry sign.
  3. Dive into the heart of the lake, traverse rock formations, and climb into secret chambers.

Unlocking the Chambers

AC Mirage Aqarquf Dunes Unlocking Using Shards (Photo by eXputer)

Inside the hidden chamber lies a challenge: to reveal the secrets it holds. are required for this process Mysterious ShardsEnthusiastic collection associated with members of a special order.

  1. Once you start looking for a calling, finding these members of the order is relatively straightforward.
  2. They appear on the map and navigation bar when close.

For each area in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, two Mysterious Shards can be collected, Knock.

  1. inside the chamber, Three closed rooms wait
  2. By placing shards on the corresponding pedestals, you unlock these chambers.
  3. Accomplishing this task of consuming all Ten pieces And retrieving items within these chambers leads to successfully completing the Calling quest.


Aqarquf Dunes Rewards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage (Image courtesy of us)

What can excite players the most are the coveted treasures within these chambers, which have been identified. Wilderness Gear Chest.

  • These chests shelter legendary. Samsama Dagger, Sword of Zomorudnigar SwordAnd Birthday dress.
  • By completing The Calling, you uncover and are very close to obtaining these valuable items. Explorer Success In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which includes collecting all the unique items Five areas.

My experience

As I was going through the quest, I found it very convenient to use Eagle Vision to reveal everything along the way. And when trying to find the mysterious shards, I suggest you just zoom in on the map and just search the area because the location of the shards is not fixed.

By following this path, you gain a deeper appreciation for the valuable items in the game and the intricate stories woven into the fabric of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

I recommend reading Osama’s opinion if you want to know more. Assassins Creed Mirage. Arham Abaro has also written deeply. All ends at AC MirageSo if you want to know how it all ends, consider reading this.


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