AC Mirage: All Wilderness Tales of Baghdad (Location and Completion)


There is 2 Forest Tales of Baghdad in AC Mirage. The Wilderness is a huge area, and all of it is only possible to explore if the player has completed these 2 sets of stories. However, due to its large size, some players may find it difficult to complete these stories as you will have no idea where to go until you know the area inside the forest. be

Key takeaways

  • The story is a side The quest Or activity is available in AC Mirage.
  • There is 2 Tales of Baghdad I The wilderness AC Mirage area.
  • The first story is called Sylla’s Curse while the other is called treasure hunt.
  • Players can complete the story of Curse of the Silla by finding 7 Items directed by the temple.
  • For the treasure hunt story, players must search. Blue vessel of Tiphret In Ukbara
  • Both stories are fair. easy To complete And reward Well done to the players for their efforts.

Tales of the Jungle of Baghdad in AC Mirage

Now, as mentioned earlier, the AC Mirage has 2 stories in the desert area. The first story is called “Sylla’s Curse“While is another story” is called.treasure hunt“The stories themselves are easy to complete and don’t take much time. However, finding them alone in the wilderness is a daunting task.

Curse of gave Sylla

Location of Curse of Silla (Image credit: eXputer)

The story takes place in a Abandoned village It is located on the west side right next to the river. The wilderness. Players can easily reach here by traveling. West of observational approach.

Items You Need to Test (Photo by eXputer)
  1. Once you enter it. Villageyou need to talk to the temple.
  2. In the conversation, the temple will tell you about 7 different things scattered around the village.
  3. You can use your own. Eagle’s eye To find these items.
  4. The Eagle’s Vision will make these items glow and thus make them easier for you to spot, so once they’ve all been collected, head back to the temple.
Reward: Skill Point (Image taken by EXputer)

The story will then be completed, and you will be awarded a reward. talent point In AC Mirage

treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt Location (Screenshot Credit: eXputer)
  1. You need to go to To the north If you want to start a treasure hunt story, of the jungle.
  2. There is a village known as Akbara; Go to the village and try to talk to a woman with a name Tiphret.
The Blue Pottery Vase (Screenshot by: eXputer)
  1. She will tell you that she is looking for a fragment. Blue pottery Inside the house she is standing in front.
  2. Now, she will notify you to get the vase for a small fee. To get the vase, you have to dive deep into the water.
  3. Once you find the area where the rocks meet the roof, enter the door, and into the house you go.
A reward of Dh50 (Screenshot taken by: eXputer)

After finding the blue vessel, return it to Tiferet to complete the following task. You will be rewarded with it. 100 Dirhams if they do not break the vases. However, if curiosity gets to you and you break the vase, all you get is 50 Dirham

And with that my AC Mirage Wilderness Tales Of Baghdad guide ends. Here, you learned about the location and completion of all the stories set in the desert region of AC Mirage. To learn more about the AC Mirage, you can check out Osama’s thoughts on it via AC Mirage Review.


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