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Voice acting is one of the most prominent art forms in modern times. AAA release, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage is no different in this regard. Featuring the voice actors of Middle Eastern originUbisoft has done what it can to make Baghdad feel as authentic as possible in AC Mirage.

Key takeaways

  • AC Mirage features many prominent voice actors from the Middle East.
  • The main character, Basimvoiced by Lee MajzoobBut known for his work. of sound The Hedgehog and Dirk Gently’s Hostile Detective Agency.
  • Patronus of Basim, Brightbrought to life by the Oscar nominee. The city of Agadeshuwho previously worked on Destiny 2 and Mass Effect.
  • Other voice actors Among those bringing their talents to AC Mirage are John Kumar, Mamita Ali, Aladdin Tawfiq, Angela Christoflou, Alex Spencer, and Sofia Illini.

Basim Ibn Ishaq – Li Majzoob

Lee Majdoub as Bassem (Image credit: Exporter)

Basim is the protagonist of AC Mirage, whose journey takes him from a street thief to become a master assassin and gradually uncovers the hidden mystery, Loki. He appears briefly in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with a different voice actor.

Basim has voiced. Lee Majzoob In AC Mirage, who is famous for his role. Agent Stone from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Previous work

  • Star beam
  • you me every
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Absolute carnage

is known

  • Silas Dengdamor in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
  • Bassam in Assassin’s Creed Marriage
  • Agent Stone in Sonic the Hedgehog

Roshan – Shahra Aadhaashlu

Shohra Aghashadlu as Roshan (Photo by eXputer}

Roshan is also one of the most prominent characters in the game, having previously appeared in one of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLCs. I was born a slave. EgyptHe was assisted by invisible For his escape. She then later rose through the ranks and became a Master Assassin And Guidance Basim throughout his journey. He is also the ancestor of the series’ first main character, Altair.

Roshan is voiced by an industry veteran, Shura Agadishlo, who has worked on many popular video game franchises and is also an Academy Award nominee.

Previous work

  • Mass Effect 2 and 3
  • Fate 2
  • Arcane
  • Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight
  • Mrs. Davis

is known

  • Nadi in the house of sand and mist
  • In Dina Araz 84
  • Krisjan Avasarala in The Expanse
  • Commodore Paris in Star Trek

Nihal – John Kumar

John Kumar as Nihal (Image credit: Exporter)

Nihal is an orphan born on the streets of Baghdad and a close friend of the main character Basim. She may not be connected to any of the killers, but her role in the story, specifically finished, is the largest of the rest. Nihal called out. Red Kumar Which is also a well-known Model and martial artist.

Previous work

  • orange
  • Into the Jungle: Paulie and Bass

is known

  • Natalia in nature
  • Leah in A Happy Christmas
  • Nihal in the marriage of the faith of the murderers

Dervis – Maimat Ali Alabora

Maimat Ali Alabura as Dervis (Image copyright: eXputer}

Darvis, an old friend of Roshan’s, is an Abbasid collector in Baghdad who had previously led him. Secret network of thieves Of which Basim was a part. Turkish actor Memet Ali Alabora Darvish is the voice actor in AC Mirage.

Previous work

  • The snake queen
  • Light in the hall
  • Four lives
  • Have faith

is known

  • Yalan story of Mehmet Ali
  • Hakan in Involuntary Worker
  • Boatman at Kayikci

Ali Ibn Muhammad – Aladdin Tawfiq

Aladdin Tawfiq as Ali Ibn Muhammad (Image credit: Xporter)

Ali ibn Muhammad was the condition of the hidden people and led it. The Zanzi Rebellion Ali Ibn Muhammad is the voice against the oppressors of Baghdad. Aladdin Tawfiq.

Previous work

  • Transplant
  • Sumo
  • The best moments
  • Counter offer
  • Tourtes less deus

is known

  • Clan Akaba in X-Men: Apocalypsepse
  • Tall Short Bharat
  • I like the so-called D in Fire.

Qabiha – Angela Christoflou

Angela Christofilo as Qabiha (Image copyright: eXputer}

Concubine of Al-Mutawakkil and mother of Abu Abdullah, Qabiha was the head of the ancient order. Greek actress Angela Christoflou Provides voice acting for Qabiha in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Previous work

is known

  • Narrator in Panorama
  • Sophie’s Mia Stigami
  • Attendance at Sky Palaces 2

Hadiya – Sophia Eleni

Sofia Aly as Hadiya (Image credit: Xporter)

Hadiya is a minor character in AC Mirage who often crosses paths with Basam during her travels mischievous activity. Hadiya’s character has been revived. Sophia Eleniwho has previously worked with many major production companies such as Paramount and FOX21.

Previous work

  • Walking against the rain
  • upside down
  • Spring in autumn

is known

  • Maria Kafopoulos in Call the Midwife
  • Death in Eleanor Vasus
  • Tabaxi Mother in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves)

Beshy – Alex Spencer

Alex Spencer as Banshee (Photo by eXputer)

Bishi officiated. Second for Zanzi Rebels and faithfully assisted Ali Ibn Muhammad and the Hidden People in the war against the order of the ancients and the independence of Baghdad. Alex Spencer AC provides voiceover work for Beshi in Mirage.

Previous work

  • MythForce
  • Holy Hobby
  • boy city
  • 8-bit Christmas

is known

  • Barts in Letterkenny
  • Greynax in Star Trek: Strange New World
  • Jim in How to Buy a Baby

Additional voice actors in AC Mirage

AC Mirage has a plethora of different abilities that provide voices for many of her background NPCs and minor characters. Their exact roles are unknown, as they voice several minor characters.

This concludes my guide on the list of voice actors in AC Mirage. To know more about it, see Osama’s review AC Mirage, Where they call it. A half-hearted attempt to invoke nostalgia. I recommend checking out Atiq’s guide for this as well. The best weapon in AC Mirage And where to find them. Finally, I also recommend checking AC Mirage Map Comparison For an in-depth analysis of its map size and how it compares to previous entries.


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