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Synchronized approaches are essential for players looking to explore every corner in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. You won’t face a locked-in approach from the start, so you can synchronize everything 21 AC Mirage Viewpoints In and around Baghdad.

Key takeaways

  • In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, there are. 21 viewpoints scattered across five regions.
  • All viewpoints are accessible from the start of the game and are later key to the quest for Baghdad in AC Mirage.
  • These points of view, once synchronized, act as fast travel points for players to quickly move around Baghdad.

Abbasid region

The region consists of Abbasiya. Three point of view

1. Dome of the mace

To access this viewpoint, you must head to the Dome of the Ace. South of Abbasid.

2. Abbasid Mosque

For this perspective, visit this mosque located in The center of the Abbasids And go to the top of it. Tower.

3. Observatory

Coordinate this approach, for quick access to Harbiyah and west of Baghdad In the northwest of Abbasi.

War zone

Harbiya is with the region. Four Approaches to player access.

1. Great Mosque

This approach can lead to quick access to the sites of Abbasiya, Round City, and Harbiya itself. Climbing the Great Mosque requires some effort, but it’s one you should acclimate to.

2. Nestorian Monastery

This approach can be complemented by travel. Far east of Harbiya And climbing up The highest cross of the monastery.

3. Port

Close Upper Harbour East of Harbiya, approach it. The mosque Climb near and above the Prince’s palace. The constellation To reconcile this approach.

4. Factories

In the center of Harbiya, near the metal and diving factories, you can find this viewpoint Harbiya Office.

Karkh region

There is Three A view of the AC Mirage in Karkh, south of Baghdad.

1. Monastery of Virgins

I South of KarkhHead to the Monastery of the Virgins. go to The highest point of the church To access this view.

2. Qadi Office

For this approach, you should go. Qadi District Office Close Basra GateWhere Karakh meets Round City.

3. Al-Madana al-Atiqah

move on to East of Karkh In the office of al-Madana al-Atiqah. Here, climb the tower to sync this view.

Goal City

The walled central area of ​​Baghdad, the Gol City, consists of Four approach however, since most of this region. Limited and well guardedit is best to refer to these approaches after upgrading Bassem.

1. Palace of Green Dome

It remains within the most secure approach. palace walls, And it’s almost impossible to get to without engaging a lot of guards. First, you must enter the castle through a. The crack Head to the east side of the castle to climb into the south wall of the castle and to its top.


East of Round City, you can access this viewpoint by climbing it. Tower north of Shurta HQ.

3. Miscellaneous Courts

To find the viewpoint, head west from Muslim Courts North of Round City. You have to climb a tower located. East of the Damascus Gate.

4. Haram

You can adapt this approach within RoundCity. Southeast of the Haram building near Basra Gate.

Forest area

Wilderness AC Mirage is the largest area in Baghdad, and for that reason. Seven Across it are views of AC Mirage.

1. Piles

To access this view, go to Anbar village in the northwest of the map. Here, climb the tower at the marked location and level the area.

2. Aqarqif Mound

In the forest area, it is Nearest approach to Baghdad. To access it, I reach the highest point. Aqarqaf dunes area.

3. Dur-Kurigalzu

To find this AC marriage view point, sir Southeast of Anbar and go over a. Large rock formations to synchronize.

4. Northern oasis

For this approach you should go to Northern Oasis. East of Anbar village.

5. To bite

Head south to the Wilderness. Then, you need to go A populated village of Jarjaraya Near the agricultural fields of Baghdad.

6. Jungle Mosque

In the southern woods, you will find it. A lonely mosque. Go to the top of it. Tower To reconcile this approach.

7. Southern Oasis

To adapt this approach, go to Edge of the board At the marked location, just like the northern oasis.

This is about AC Mirage View Point Locations. To know more about the game, you can read on. eXputer’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage review.


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