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If you haven’t heard of A Space for the Unbound, then you’re missing out. This life pixel art adventure game is a highly anticipated game in the South East Asia region. The game itself is set in 1990s rural Indonesia and tells the story of high school sweethearts Atma and Raya. Life was good until a mysterious supernatural power was suddenly unleashed, threatening the end of the world.

In this trophy guide, we’ll give you some tips on your platinum run for A Space for the Unbound. The game may be an unassuming adventure game set in a rural town, but it does have some interesting things about it.

A Space for the Unbound Trophy Guide


  • Thanks!: Complete all trophies


  • Now I am fine. I am progressing: visit atma
  • All the animals in the city talk about you!: Pet the fluffiest animal known to man
  • All colorful and bright!: Collect twenty bottle caps.
  • The excitement is in collecting the cards, right?: Collect all five different YOMAN letters
  • Thank you musicians! listen to music and cry my eyes
  • You are the number 1 fighter in town!: Beat the highest score of Future Fighter


  • Look, Atma. Are you!: full prologue
  • So how about the movie Atma?: Complete Chapter 1
  • At least take a little. It’s a delicious cake!: Complete 2
  • Fireworks shining beautifully, us together on a bridge, isn’t that perfect?: Complete Chapter 3
  • This festival is indeed a big party. But why do you look upset, Atma?: Complete Chapter 4
  • The precious treasure‚Ķ are my memories of you: Complete Chapter 5
  • Atma, are you seeing this? The sky looks so beautiful right now: Complete Chapter 6
  • He he: Play the Kentongan
  • You did it on purpose, right? Accidentally takes Raya’s hand
  • That’s a lot of juggling: Juggle the ball 70 times
  • Playing everything and without studying? ck, ck, ck: Reach the score of 1700 in Future Fighter
  • Beware Atma, it is useless to spend all day watching TV: Watch TV


  • Are you hiding some cheat sheet in your pocket, Atma?: Answer Quiz Trio quizzes
  • We will try stamp collecting next, right Atma?: A stamp for an O
  • Looks like you made friends with the ball!: Juggle the ball 50 times
  • Did you get prize tickets without playing any games? What a trick!: Collect 14 arcade tickets for an A
  • You have found the time that was lost: pat the lost duck
  • Even you tame the most hostile of all, that is Atma for you!: Stroke the nasty cat
  • Feels like opening a gift box, doesn’t it? Find what is inside the box that the dog barks at.

An Unbound slot has a total of 26 trophies to collect:

  • 1 platinum trophy
  • 6 gold trophies
  • 12 silver trophies
  • 7 bronze trophies

hidden trophies:

  • Look, Atma. Are you!
  • So how is the movie Atma?
  • At least take a little. It is a delicious cake!
  • Fireworks shining beautifully, us together on a bridge, isn’t that perfect?
  • This festival is indeed a big party. But why do you look upset, Atma?
  • The precious treasure… are my memories of you
  • Atma, are you seeing this? The sky looks so beautiful right now.
  • Now I am fine. I’m moving forward

The likeable indie darling only has 26 trophies to collect. Although, for us, it’s a matter of quality over quantity. If you notice that there are more gold and silver trophies than bronze trophies in A Space for the Unbound. Aside from the lengthy titles, they prove to be quite manageable.

There are a couple of titles related to the future fighter arcade game. It practically requires the player to beat the high score to unlock. Personally, it felt like a throwback to how arcades worked. The last time this was this prominent, Starcraft: Wings of Liberty was still a thing. Just like old times, keep going back until you get the pattern right and eventually you’ll beat that high score.

Similarly, there is a juggling minigame where you can unlock a bronze and silver trophy if you can juggle a ball 70 times. Note that the trophy description does not say that you “need” to juggle in one go.

The only challenge we can see in this run is the possibility of some trophies being lost after reaching a certain part of the story. This can apply to those related to animals and pets. They can be found in places that some might miss. It shouldn’t happen in a 2D sidescroller, but you never know. Most of the trophies just require you to interact with them. Your curiosity can still get the best of you.

(Hint, the fluffiest animal known to man has horns.)

Overall, looking at the trophy list and the players who earned the platinum trophy for A Space for the Unbound, it seems like this race is mostly on the chill side. Most of the trophies you can get by playing the game naturally and the rest can be obtained by going off the beaten path.

Check out this intro trailer for A Space for the Unbound courtesy of Nintendo of America.



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