A Skate 4 map from the closed beta test has reportedly leaked online.



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  • The Skate franchise was once considered one of the most entertaining sets of extreme sports video games, but they are no longer in vogue with the current generation. The last skate game, Skate 3, traces its release in 2010, which received all-around positive reviews.
  • It’s been 13 years now and no new Skate game has been launched. However, EA has made it official that a new skate game is currently in development, but no firm release date has been given for the title.
  • According to a new leak, though, an in-game map of Skate 4 has been leaked online, showing off parts of the environment. No other information is available for the fourth title in the franchise.

The skate series has long been dormant, and Disappointment of fans, it’s been 13 years since a new game in the franchise dropped. A wave of hope emerged in 2020, though, when EA officially announced that a new skate gameBasically the fourth offering of IP, under Brewer. Since then, word has been pretty quiet. Skate 4till today.

Thanks to u/No_Kaleidoscope_9471uploaded anonymously. Streamable link was seen online, including a portion of Skate 4’s game map. According to reports, it is claimed that this leak is from the game’s closed beta test (CBT), which is currently ongoing. In fact, playtesting for the title has been going on for quite some time at this point, with EA looking to polish its otherwise stellar IP.

gathering Everything we know about Skate 4 so far., EA, the publisher behind the upcoming Skate, is trying to put the fans first for it. As per Benetton Playa Feedback Form A play test must be filled out by players after completing it. This helps the developer — Full Circle — understand what fans are looking for in a new Skate game, so they can try to meet expectations.

For those who don’t know, Skate 4, or just Skate, as EA currently likes to refer to it, is Going to be a free-to-play game.. However, as you may know, they all come with a certain quality. Microtransactionsaccording to et al Not so original TV.new skate seasons and more The season passes. To offer players attractive rewards and other in-game items while pushing more content.

Moreover, the title still uses “Sweep it upThe controls style, which is the same trick system that was included in the previous skate games. However, according to reports the entire mechanic has seen a massive upgrade, and EA is trying to improve the title as much as possible before setting it up for release. Let’s just hope for it from here. Pay-to-win systems Not featured in upcoming skits.

If you’re passionate about the game, consider becoming one. Skate interior And Signing up for a playtest as well as. Visit the official Skate website and follow the on-screen instructions from there to complete the registration process. From what we’ve seen on the various forums so far, it looks like EA is getting as many players in the playtests as it can get feedback on an equal level, so chances are you’ll be joining. There are no less.

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