A remake of Silent Hill 2 to be faithful to the original story

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The Blubber team has confirmed that the upcoming video game Silent Hill 2 remake will stay faithful to the original story.

Blubber team marketing chief Anna Jessica said in an interview with the media outlet Dread XP That the upcoming remake will faithfully follow the original story. He was asked if Konami had given the team free rein to change their vision. Here is the answer:

“We’re focused on bringing back a distinct, visual environment in the modernized Silent Hill 2. Long-time fans shouldn’t worry about us reviving the title.” And we faithfully stick to the traditional story canon while updating the graphics from the ground up.”

One of the changes seen in the remake is the over-the-shoulder camera. This changed the perspective of some of the now famous set pieces, but it also meant that the combat system was greatly improved.

Jasińska assured that they are not going to stray from the original concept. He has his own ideas on how to make some of the horror factors more appealing to today’s audiences because the old scenes weren’t. It appealed more to older audiences who grew up with the original game.

When it comes to transitions, Jessica says the team will take a very safe approach. The changes they are going to make are in areas that really need modernization because of the passage of time.

In a previous article, it was revealed that the remake will not be a copycat of the original game. This new snippet confirms this as it says that the story will be followed to a tee while the game mechanics and some areas will be tweaked and improved just for modernity.

Silent Hill 2 Remake doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will still be on PC and PS5.


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