A new Tekken 8 stage was accidentally revealed in a gameplay trailer.


From Tekken 8 fans r/Tekken An unannounced stage name is seen in the gameplay trailer video. The new unannounced stage has been named “Celebration on the Scene” and is expected to be the home stage of another character, “Victor”, revealed Earlier roster leaked. Note that the new phase is not part of the future. Closed beta test which will start on October 20 and end on October 23.

The image of the new stage shows the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. No further information has been revealed yet, viz Bandai Namco has not officially announced the stage nor shown any part of it in a character reveal trailer. In the past, Bandai Namco has teased quite a few new stages in various character reveal trailers, most notably Raven’s trailer, which showed several new stages, but no further information regarding these new stages has been revealed.

In July, a leaked image revealed 38 playable characters expected to be available at launch. The integrity of the leak was further reinforced when two character reveal trailers introduced characters that were in the leaked roster. One of them was Azucena, a new Tekken 8 original character, while the other was Raven, a legacy character.

Tekken 8 is scheduled to launch on January 24, 2025. The fighting game is the latest addition to the long-running Tekken franchise and is the successor to Tekken 7, which came out in 2015. Tekken 8 will be available to play. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X And PC.


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