A New Star Wars RTS Game Is In Development



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  • A new Star Wars RTS real-time strategy game is in development at an unknown studio.
  • This is a separate title from Respawn and Bit Reactors’ in-development strategy game.
  • Petroglyph released Star Wars: Empire at War in 2006, a popular RTS game. 

The floodgates are soon to open for new Star Wars games as EA’s exclusivity license expires this year. Multiple studios, from Ubisoft to Quantic Dream are developing new Star Wars games. Reportedly, one of these new titles is a Star Wars real-time strategy game. This is according to VGC journalist Andy Robinson, who spoke about the existence of the game on Twitter. 

Andy’s response was to a discussion about the future of Star Wars RTS titles, noting that this new title is not the upcoming Star Wars strategy game in development from Respawn Entertainment and Bit Reactor. This RTS is a new title, from an unannounced developer, and Andy says we could see it soon. 

One game, and studio come to mind. Petroglyph Studios, an indie studio from Las Vegas, released Star Wars: Empire at War in 2006, a popular real-time strategy game, and one of the only ones with a Star Wars setting. The company has been vocal about wanting to do a new EAW game for years. Could this be the mystery studio? 

Petroglyph is a small studio, however, and makes smaller games compared to big AAA publishers. We do not think that Petroglpyh would fit the mantle of “big-name developer”, however with their experience with Empire at War and their keenness to make a sequel, it could be possible that Petroglpyh is teaming up with a bigger studio, similar to how Respawn and Bit Reactor are working on their strategy Star Wars game.

Nothing is confirmed, and there is no indication that Petroglyph is or isn’t developing this RTS title. Regardless, the company is experienced in the genre, and it would be a mistake to develop a new Star Wars RTS without involvement from Petroglyph. It would seem like a scummy move to build a new EaW game without Petroglpyh knowing.

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