A new Halo game may already be in development, suggests a job listing from 343 Industries



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  • It looks like 343 Industries is already starting work on the next big Halo project. The studio recently started publishing new job listings looking for devs for the next title in the series.
  • The studio is seeking an Art Director to oversee a high-performing art organization and define the creative and artistic vision for Halo’s future game experiences.
  • Other ads from the devs also refer to the unannounced Halo project but keep the details well under wraps for the time being. Seeking support for positions as well. Hello Unlimited To add more content to it.
  • It’s best to take rumors of the next game with a grain of salt. Devs can only be sought to replace devs who were let go or want to continue working on Halo Infinite for years to come.

343 Industries has apparently started hiring for the next Hello entry. It is publishing some job listings related to an unannounced game in the series. Advertisements for new open positions are posted. Microsoft Careers Official Page. The studio is currently looking for a few personalities for its secret project and “The next generation of games and experiences in the Hello universe“With new devs.

The team is looking for one. Studio Art Director Who will be responsible for overseeing a high performing arts organization that delivers Indelible experiences are associated with the vision of each project.. In other words, the tenant has to turn the artistic concepts behind the title into reality in the game with their team. This role will be under the Halo team — as clearly stated in the job description — and will work with the devs for the next game.

Collaborate with 343’s Studio Design Director, Executive Producers, and other key stakeholders to define the creative and artistic vision for Halo’s future game experiences.

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The second open position is for a Scrum Master for the Hello team. It’s a method some development teams follow to deliver software quickly and consistently by breaking large problems into smaller parts. 343 Industries seeks to secure a dev to drive strategic changes in the overall development process. This listing is more related to Halo Infinite but also talks about it. Building the gaming experiences of the future.

You will work directly with producers, engineers, designers and artists to drive strategic change in our processing framework. You will drive an efficient, fast, empowered game development process to the Halo Infinite team.

Another to-do list for Principal Software Engineering Manager too Refers to the next generation of games. and experiences in the award-winning sci-fi universe.

The community has noticed the new ads, and Expectations surrounding new enrollment have already been created. However, the team Only devs can be hired to change. It is lost through termination. And at the current juncture, details regarding the next generation of Halo titles are pretty vague. We recommend taking Rumors with a big pinch of salt Since it may be almost half a decade before we see Master Chief in another installment.

Halo Infinite lacks other content as well as having an engaging campaign.
Hello unlimited features a hearty campaign along with the lack of other content.

Halo Infinite has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and so has the studio behind it. There were many layoffs and disruptions On the way. So, hiring new talent devs. Nothing less than good news For loyal fans of Hello. Whether new devs result in the next big Halo title—as the rumors and evidence in the listing suggest—or a recent title gets more support, we can. Hope for a bright future for the franchise.

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