A fan has been developing his own Halo Battle Royale game mod for 11 months.



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  • A fan has been working on his Battle Royale game mode using Halo Infinite’s Forge for 11 months.
  • The Battle Royale game mode is being playtested today. Fans are welcome to join in.
  • Hello Battle royale game The mod is set to feature massive maps, loot locations and more.

Twitter/X user, disagreehas decided to create an in-house Hello Battle Royale game. Hello Unlimited. The game mod has been in development for over 11 months using Forge. The fan-made Halo Infinite Battle Royale has a playtest today, and fans can participate by joining the developers. Disagreement Contacting the server or developer.

The developer also held a playtest of Halo Battle Royale last week on September 23. The game mode is set to feature many elements found in other Battle Royale games, such as dropships, loot locations, massive maps, and more. Twitter/X user Jack Lucky uploaded a video highlighting the gameplay and other details of the fan-made Halo Battle Royale.

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Note that the game mode is currently a work in progress, so there may be some bugs and glitches here and there. The developers have also posted a 10-minute gameplay demo video that reveals a lot of details about what the game is expected to deliver once it’s complete and gives a look at the large-scale maps. .

Halo Infinite, developed and published by 343 Industries Xbox Game Studios, was launched on November 15, 2021. The latest installment in the Halo franchise comes with Halo Forge. Halo Forge is a game mod that gives players a lot of freedom to create and customize things, including maps and custom games, according to their preferences. Battle Royale mode is also developed using Halo Forge.

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