A comparison of the PS5 Slim vs the older model shows a significant difference in size.


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  • In recent days, Sony has launched a new version of the PlayStation 5, calling it the PlayStation 5 Slim and “the new look of the PS5 console this holiday season.”
  • In addition to its sleek design that makes the unit appear sleeker, the console comes with a 1 TB SSD upgrade, along with a detachable disc drive option for the digital edition of the PS5.
  • Fans criticized the fact that the video of the new PS5 Slim showed no comparison to the previous model, but one Redditor took it into his own hands to show the significant size difference between the two console versions.

Out with the old, in with the new. About 4 days ago, PlayStation unveiled a new model of the PS5. Which is going to eventually replace the currently existing version. This is an exercise Sony It’s been around since the days of the original PlayStation console, so the PS5 getting the same treatment is hardly a surprise right now. That said, there is one thing Sony could have done better in revealing the PS5 Slim.

The announcement video for the upgraded model was criticized for not comparing the new and old versions of the console side-by-side, and thus presented a very bare-bones presentation of the two new units with only the title of the video.The same profound power. New slim size” Coming to the rescue, one Redditor has done exactly what Sony was asked to do — compare the two models head-to-head.

PS5 Slim 3D Model and PS5 Fat 3D Model Size Comparison
by theu/NatureCertain IPlayStation

Thanks to the redditor u/NatureCertain, gamers can now have a clearer idea of ​​how the new PS5 Slim model will compare to the OG for scale. The size difference is quite substantial, as the following image suggests, but is it still something that will compel you to upgrade to the latest version of the console when it lands in November? ? Many people are not willing to say yes to this.

After all, it’s worth noting that the comparator compares the PS5 Slim Digital Edition to the current-gen physical edition. This leaves the comparison somewhat out of place, but it is still fairly accurate to a certain extent, and certainly “The volume of the new PS5 has been reduced by more than 30% and weight by 18% and 24% compared to previous models.“The statement is accurate.

PlayStation 5 Slim and older PlayStation 5 models side by side

For those who don’t know, PlayStation 5 Slim pricing has also been announced.. First, Sony has implemented a new design feature in the digital variant of the console, where the unit has the flexibility to attach itself to a detachable disc drive that the manufacturer sells separately for $79.99. However, the company has increased the price of the digital edition to $449 compared to the $399 price of the OG digital edition.

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And it’s created an outcry from fans, who will now have to pay around $50 extra for the discless variant of the PS5 Slim. Additionally, there’s that $29.99 vertical stand that the upgraded model of the PlayStation 5 won’t be able to stand without. The only consensus here is that if you’re thinking of buying a digital PS5 Slim, make sure you stick with that decision.

Later regret will lead you to the Ultra-HD Blu-ray Disc drive that Sony just launched, but by then, you’ll have paid about $530 for those two items. In contrast, the physical variant of the PS5 Slim is still priced at $499, the same as its older counterpart. Feel free to do the math yourself here.

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