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Core points of Gamers

8 Best Gifts for BitLife Players & Fans

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, why not consider their gaming habits? For lovers of the BitLife mobile game, it may not initially seem obvious what they would like to get as a gift. Fortunately, we have a lot of information on the subject and we are happy to share our best ideas.

What to give someone who loves to play BitLife

When you are considering a gift for someone who loves to play any type of video game, you really want to consider what the game is and how it is played. Think about what platform they use (cell phone, PC, Xbox, etc.), whether or not the game has purchasable upgrades, and what limitations the game may have (ie hands clenched by phone or controller). With these factors in mind, we recommend the most useful gifts for a BitLife mobile gamer.

Guide to the best gifts for BitLife fans

Image via Apple

There are several reasons that make a gift card an ideal gifting option, depending on your situation. This could be that you don’t feel close enough to the recipient, that you’re not sure what current game supplies you own, or a host of other scenarios. No matter what situation you’re in, gift cards are still solid gifts.

For BitLife players who use an Apple device to play, they can use a gift card like this to buy additional in-game content. A gift card can be an optimal option if you’re working on a flexible budget because you can put any amount you want on a given card.

Image via Google

Like the gift suggestion above, its Google Play counterpart can be a stable gift, especially if you’re not sure what the gift recipient really wants. You can customize the amount of money you choose to give to your friend or loved one.

On top of this, you can even decide whether to give a physical or digital gift card. Online gift cards make great gifts for long-distance friendships and relationships. Whatever the specific reason, a gift card allows BitLife players to purchase in-game items.

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Image via BitLifeApp on Redbubble

There are few more iconic fan gifts than a logo-adorned shirt. if you hope to find a classic and simple gift For the BitLife gamer in your life, look no further than this official merchandise t-shirt that the BitLife developers are selling on the Redbubble website. Choose from a wide variety of styles (including tank tops and baseball jerseys) and nineteen different colors to further personalize your gift.

Image via BitLifeApp on Redbubble

Similar to the previously mentioned BitLife Tadpole Logo T-shirt, this hoodie provides a simple way for fans to show your love for the mobile game. Choosing the hoodie over the shirt might be ideal if you’re shopping for someone who lives in a colder climate or just wants to be comfortable most of the time. You can choose from six different colors and multiple different styles of sweatshirts and hoodies. It’s also a bit more expensive if you buy with a plan to spend just over $25.

Image via BitLifeApp on Redbubble

A simple sticker has a surprising amount of versatility, mainly in what it can be placed on. The BitLife Tag Gift works for any gamer who carries a laptop, metal water bottle, or just has extra space in a journal. The smallest label size available is 3×3 inches and the largest is 14×14 inches. You can also choose between a Matte, Glossy, or Transparent appearance. This gift is especially ideal if you are working on a budget or you need a unique stocking filler, due to its very low price (between 2 and 10 dollars, depending on the size of the sticker).

Image via Popsockets

Popsockets are sticky tools that can be attached to the back of a cell phone or other mobile device for added comfort. They do this by relieving the pressure that is normally exerted when gripping a device. Mobile gamers like BitLife players need a way to rest your hands and fingers when they have been holding their phones for an endless amount of time while gaming.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s aesthetically pleasing, thoughtful, and one that the recipient uses regularly, a Popsocket is ideal. You can find endless functionally different designs, colors, and styles for Popsockets. Whether your loved one is into celestial patterns or sleek minimalism, there are plenty of options.

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Image via Anker

If your friend or loved one often plays BtiLife while on the go at school, work, or anywhere outside the home, they may have battery problems on their device. Gifting them a portable charger can help ease the stress they may have from the death of their phone. This charger can keep them afloat while you try to enjoy a BitLife session. All they have to do is charge the power bank at home in advance and then take it with them wherever they go.

Image via Lamicall

An adjustable phone/tablet holder will be of great help to any BitLife gamer who is tired of holding their device for long periods of time. Instead of holding their phone or tablet, they can simply place it on the stand for a secure hold. This is the perfect gift for gamers who want a elegant and useful accessory for your BitLife sessions.

While this gift is useful for any BitLife player, this gift would be especially useful for anyone who has deficiencies that limit muscle mobility in the hands, wrists, or fingers. Considering multifaceted aspects like personal needs and hobbies can lead you to find the best gift for your loved ones.

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