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7 Marvel Heroes The Batman Who Laughs Can Beat (& 8 Who Beat Him)

The Batman Who Laughs quickly established himself among DC’s most deadly villains. This Dark Multiverse Batman killed the Joker, unleashing a specially made virus that transformed him into a monster. After working with Barbatos, the Justice League took him prisoner. Escaping and wreaking havoc, The Batman Who Laughs eventually teamed up with Perpetua.

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To make things worse, in Dark Nights: Death Metal, the Batman Who Laughs concocted a plan that granted him the powers of the nigh-omnipotent Doctor Manhattan. This elevated him to godlike power. While he was defeated, it was a terribly close thing, proving just how dangerous he could be. The Batman Who Laughs remains a threat to anyone, including Marvel’s greatest heroes. However, some would be able to beat him.

The Batman Who Laughs proved to be a formidable foe, almost recasting the DC Multiverse in his terrible image. He proved to be a threat like no other during his time terrorizing DC’s heroes and villains. Marvel’s heroes provide a unique challenge to him. There are plenty more that he would defeat, and others still who could take him down.

Marvel Heroes The Batman Who Laughs Could Beat

Daredevil’s Skills Are Eclipsed By The Batman Who Laughs

Daredevil can be rather brutal when he needs to be. He punches way above his weight class, owning victories over many who should have taken him down. His ninja skills play a role in this, but it’s his agility and radar sense that really make it possible. Daredevil can anticipate his opponents’ moves, allowing him to get out of their way or get into position to land a brutal counter.

The Batman Who Laughs will realize that Dare Devil is blind in seconds and exploit the hero’s radar sense. He’ll overload it with supersonics, paralyzing the vigilante, before beating him to death. It would be an ugly fight, one that Daredevil has no hope of winning.

Captain America’s Morals Would Hold Him Back When Facing The Batman Who Laughs

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty - Cap Throwing His Shield

Captain America is Marvel’s best role model. Since being rescued from his frozen slumber, Cap’s become the leader of the superhero community, the one that everyone looks up to. His super-soldier serum grants him peak human physical condition, but even superhumans know better than to trifle with him. Underestimating Cap is the last mistake many villains make before getting knocked out by a shield to the head.

Captain America would have a hard time beating the regular Batman, so the Batman Who Laughs would give him a run for his money. While Cap has faced down brutal enemies before, he’s rarely faced anyone as devious as the BWL. This sadistic Bruce Wayne can figure out how to beat gods; Captain America wouldn’t be much trouble for him at all.

Spider-Man Has Weaknesses The Batman Who Laughs Would Exploit

Marvel Comics' Spider-Man swinging over a background of Spider-Men

Spider-Man is a smart cookie. His spider powers give him a range of offensive options and there are few heroes out there who are better defensively. Spider-Man may not be the strongest hero, but his spider-sense, agility, and sheer pig-headedness help him take down most foes.

Spider-Man’s keen spider-sense and superior physical attributes may give him a temporary advantage over The Batman Who Laughs, but the latter’s unpredictability and adaptability in single combat would allow him to bide his time and come up with a plan. Moreover, the BWL doesn’t hesitate to kill and will use extreme measures, like siccing cannibalistic Robins at his foes, in order to win.

Iron Man’s Armor Is No Match For The Batman Who Laughs’ Brain

Marvel Comics' Iron Man flying in whle charging his repulsors

Iron Man is a founding Avenger and a highly skilled hero, his armor having saved his life many times over. He’s always tinkering with it, making it more formidable, allowing him to take on even more powerful enemies. It gives Iron Man a variety of abilities that can make him nearly unstoppable to many enemies.

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Tony Stark’s technology is bleeding edge, but it’s nothing the BWL can’t handle. The Batman Who Laughs doesn’t rely solely on his own fighting skills anymore to win a battle. He does whatever is necessary, and would figure out a way to hack the armor or nullify it in another way, giving him the win.

Deadpool’s Healing Factor Won’t Save Him From The Batman Who Laughs

Marvel Comics' Deadpool getting ran through with a chainsaw

Deadpool may not seem like it, but he’s among Marvel’s smartest fighters. The Merc With A Mouth may seem like an idiot, constantly making dumb jokes, but he’s a shrewd combatant with a mastery of multiple weapons and fighting styles. Deadpool’s healing factor brings it all together, allowing him to survive anything his enemies throw at him.

The Batman Who Laughs will take Deadpool’s healing factor as a challenge. He’s smarter and more skilled than Deadpool, and he’ll set a series of traps for DP, each one more brutal than the last. The Batman Who Laughs can easily keep him trapped long enough to figure out a way to kill him.

Namor’s Power Would Fall To The Batman Who Laughs’ Intellect

An image of Namor swimming through the ocean in Marvel Comics

Namor the Sub-Mariner is the King of Atlantis. His unique physiology allows him to be a formidable fighter both underwater and on the surface world. Namor’s greatest foes are formidable, but he’s managed to beat them all. Plus, Namor has the might of the Atlantean army to command at his side, even though he prefers to do the dirty work himself.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it against The Batman Who Laughs, who’s conquered countless universes in the Dark Multiverse including (presumably) multiple versions of Aquaman and his kingdom. The BWL would have a weapon or plan that would work against Namor as well, making this an easy fight.

The Batman Who Laughs Would Figure Out A Way To Beat The Hulk

The Hulk roars with fury as gamma radiation flares up around him in Marvel Comics

The Hulk is the strongest one there is. The Green Goliath has defeated entire teams of heroes and villains with little fuss, including the Avengers. The Hulk’s strength is only limited by his rage, and most heroes and villains would rather fight anyone except the Hulk.

Despite the Hulk’s overwhelming and seemingly unlimited strength, The Batman Who Laughs has fought against far more powerful beings. He may not slay the Hulk, but The Batman Who Laughs can execute elaborate plans that puts him in an advantageous position. The BWL will figure out a way to take advantage of the Hulk’s unique gamma powered physiology and use it against him.

Marvel Heroes The Batman Who Laughs Would Lose To

Wolverine’s Ferocity Would Be Too Much For The Batman Who Laughs

Marvel Comics' Wolverine's rides his motorcycle standing up, claws popped out and ready to slash, in Marvel Comics

Wolverine is a fierce fighter and has taken down plenty of enemies that thought they had him. Wolverine is the ultimate tank; he can take anything his opponents dish out and hit them back with a ferocity they never expect. He’s forgotten more about fighting than most heroes and villains know. Wolverine can take it to the best out there and walk away with a win.

If the Batman Who Laughs had prep time, he’d have a chance against Wolverine, but in a straight-up fight, he’s losing. Wolverine is stronger, faster, more skilled, and more savage. He’ll go right for the kill, and with skills like his, he won’t need more than one shot against the BWL.

Jean Grey’s Powers Would Crush The Batman Who Laughs

Marvel Comics' jean grey summons her power in axe judgement day

Jean Grey has always been a powerhouse for the X-Men. Her mental powers give her defensive and offensive powers that can take down even the most powerful foes. Jean’s telepathy gives her the ability to shut down a foe before they even know what hit them. If they have psi-shielding of some sort, her TK can pulverize mountains and put up near impenetrable shields.

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Jean Grey is smart enough not to go into the Batman Who Laughs’ mind, but that’s not really going to be a problem. She can protect herself from his attacks with her TK and use it to batter him unconscious. Jean holds all the cards in this fight and would defeat the Batman Who Laughs easily.

Invisible Woman Would Take Down The Batman Who Laughs With Little Trouble

Marvel Comics' Invisible Woman deflecting attacks

The Invisible Woman is the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four and it’s not even close. Turning invisible is just the beginning of her powers. The Invisible Woman’s control over her invisible energy gives her amazing offensive and defensive capabilities. She can put up force fields that are pretty much unbreakable and smash her enemies with blasts of concussive invisible energy.

The Batman Who Laughs might overcome the Invisible Woman’s signature ability, but he’s not going to beat her energy powers. She’s basically a Green Lantern, except the energy is invisible and there’s no ring. Invisible Woman is too smart to fall for his tricks and would put the Batman Who Laughs down quickly.

Thor’s Power Would Smight The Batman Who Laughs

Marvel Comics' Thor about to summon lightning with his hammer

Thor is a warrior born. The God of Thunder has fought the enemies of Asgard for millennia, and brought all of that expertise to Earth. Since coming to Midgard, Thor has proven himself to be a clutch Avenger, facing off against the most powerful enemies and never flinching.

Thor’s godly abilities would be more than a match for The Batman Who Laughs. While the latter has the likely advantage in terms of intellect and strategizing, he just can’t match Thor’s sheer power. There is no substitute for Thor’s extensive combat experience, which spans eons, as well as his combined physical and magical might.

The Ghost Rider’s Powers Would Too Much For The Batman Who Laughs To Overcome

Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider sitting on a hellish throne

Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance, a hero who lives to bring punishment to the wicked. Many have been acted as the Ghost Rider over the years, but the best of the modern era is Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who took to the real with malicious glee.

Ghost Rider’s powers — super strength, durability, a mystical chain that grows as long as it needs to be, hellfire blasts, and the Penance Stare — make him the bane of evildoers everywhere. For most, the Penance Stare would be enough to do the job, but the Batman Who Laughs would just enjoy it. That makes this a straight-up fight, which means that Ghost Rider will wipe the floor with him.

Professor X Would Fry The Batman Who Laughs’ Mind

Marvel Comics' Professor X walking with Apocalypse and Magneto

Professor X has one of the most formidable minds in the Marvel universe. The founder of the X-Men, his telepathic might is unmatched. If Professor X wants to know something someone else knows, nothing can stop him from learning it. He wields amazing amounts of psionic energy and is an expert in psychic combat.

Xavier’s encountered beings that are far more dangerous than The Batman Who Laughs, and if he wanted to, he could easily attack his mind with his unparalleled telepathic abilities. The BWL might have a few tricks up his sleeve, but they wouldn’t be enough against Professor X’s mental mastery.

Dr. Strange’s Varied Powers Would Overwhelm The Batman Who Laughs

Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange ready to cast a spell

Dr. Strange’s vast knowledge of all things mystical and cosmic is unmatched in the Marvel Universe. He’s dealt with universe-level threats countless times, and always seems to come out on top. Strange is used to facing enemies that outclass him completely, yet he always wins, using everything at his disposal. God and monster fear him like few others.

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Even if The Batman Who Laughs has prep time against him, the Sorcerer Supreme has enough tricks in his bag to deal with whatever is thrown at him. The BWL would be wise not to take Strange on in a straight fight. The good doctor’s magic would quickly overwhelm the Batman Who Laughs.

The Silver Surfer’s Power Is Far Too Great For The Batman Who Laughs

Silver Surfer flies his board through the stars in Marvel Comics

Norrin Radd is the strongest Herald of Galactus in the Marvel universe. He’s cosmic Marvel’s greatest hero, defying his old master to save the Earth. Since then, he’s traveled the spaceways, protecting the innocent and fighting the most dangerous threats. Armed with the Power Cosmic, unfathomable strength, and a purity of heart and purpose, he’s nearly unbeatable.

The Batman Who Laughs is great at doing the impossible, but beating the Silver Surfer is beyond impossible. Intelligence only goes so far against someone with the Power Cosmic who can move at many times the speed of light. The Batman Who Laughs doesn’t stand a chance against Silver Surfer.

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