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In the vast expanses of the “starfield”, the recruitment of expert crew members is critical to exploration and survival. Among the numerous choices, the famous clone of Amelia Earhart stands out. With his impeccable piloting skill and specialist rifle certification, Amelia ensures both seaworthiness and combat readiness for any interstellar journey.

Key takeaways

  • There is 22 Companions in the Starfield. Which players can also assign as crew members.
  • Players can have 8 active staff members with them at a time Starfield If they have Ship Command Rank 4..
  • Crew members come with lower skill levels and are therefore better suited to the ship than their starfield counterparts.
  • Staff members bring. Special expertise to enhance spaceship operations.
  • Each crew member has unique abilities, offering different gameplay experiences.
  • Collecting the right crew can lead to more successful missions and unlocks.
  • Having the best crew members and choices in Starfield will allow players. Embrace challenges As the narrative progresses.

The best crew members in Starfield

Here is one A quick look at the best crew members for your ship in Starfield with the best features, all skills and how to recruit information in the game.

Serial Number Name Excellent feature talent How to recruit
6 Rafael Aguero 25% increased ship damage reduction Outpost Engineering (Rank 1), Outpost Management (Rank 1), Starship Engineering (Rank 2) Recruit during the “Tangled” quest at the Viewport in New Atlantis.
5 Healer Improved yield from mining common and uncommon inorganic resources Geology (Rank 1), Chowki Engineering (Rank 3) Answer the first distress call in the Vectra during the “Back to Vectra” mission.
4 Andromeda Kepler Increases the ship’s power output and efficient use of the ship’s thrusters Aneutronic Fusion (Rank 1), Outpost Engineering (Rank 2), Piloting (Rank 1) Search on the Broken Spear in Sidonia. Persuade for half price of 15,000 credits.
3 Supervisor Lynn Increases the number of cargo links and robots at a checkpoint. Demolition (Rank 1), Outpost Management (Rank 3) Interact with Lin during the “Back to Vectra” mission.
2 Omri Hasan Increases the shield capacity of the starship by 60% Shield Systems (Rank 3), Starship Engineering (Rank 1) Approach to The Hitching Post in Aquila City, Cheyenne System; Convince for a discounted price of 8,250 credits.
1 Amelia Earhart Useful in unusual piloting and combat scenarios Piloting (Rank 2), Rifle Certification (Rank 2) Complete the “Operation Starseed” quest and talk to Amelia in the Crucible.

6. Rafael Aguero

Rafael Aguero
Rafael Aguero (Image credit: eXputer)
talent Rank
Outpost Engineering Rank 1
Outpost Management Rank 1
Starship Engineering Level 2

Rafael Aguero is a crew member at Starfield known for his Outpost Engineering, Outpost Management, and Starship Engineering (Rank 2) skills.

  • Rafael excels as an early-stage asset in building outposts and establishing cargo connections due to his outpost expertise.
  • Additionally, when assigned to a starship, his Starship Engineering skill significantly increases ship damage reduction by 25%.
  • These combined skills make him indispensable for both outpost construction and starship operations.

How to recruit

Important: Raphael can be recruited during the “Tangled” quest. To recruit him to your crew, either shut down the probe in his universe or complete the experiment to save both him and the research lab. After the mission, Raphael becomes available for recruitment at the viewport of New Atlantis.

5. Healer

Heller (Image credit: eXputer)
talent Rank
Geology Rank 1
Outpost Engineering Level 3

Healer is a miner from Argos Extractors, your first workplace, before joining Constellation. He has special skills, especially useful for extracting outposts and resources.

While Healer may not boast a wide range of abilities, his expertise is invaluable. Its geological expertise ensures better yields from mining common and uncommon inorganic resources. Additionally, his Outpost Engineering (Rank 3) skill is essential for modern outpost construction. With this, players can research and build advanced outpost modules, enhancing the performance and capabilities of their outposts. This combination makes Heller a superior choice for outpost tasks.

How to recruit

Important: To recruit a healer, start the “Back to Vectra” mission. Respond to the first distress call in the Vectra and trace its origin to find the healer.

Once found, he will propose to join your crew, offering his unique set of skills. Recruiting it is free and enriches your team, especially if outpost development is a priority.

4. Andromeda Kepler

Andromeda Kepler
Andromeda Kepler (Image credit: eXputer)
talent Rank
Aneutronic fusion Rank 1
Outpost Engineering Level 2
Piloting Rank 1

Andromeda Kepler is an explorer and aspiring writer available for recruitment as a crew member at Starfield. She can be found in Sidonia, The Broken Sphere in the Soul Star System.

While not suited for combat, Andromeda’s versatility makes her a valuable asset for both starship operations and outpost management. His aneutronic fusion ability augments the ship. Power in the Starfield Output via an additional unit, and his piloting skills allow him to effectively use the ship’s thrusters. However, its standout ability is the Outpost Engineering (Rank 2) skill, which enables the research and construction of advanced outpost modules, ensuring your outposts are state-of-the-art.

How to recruit

Important: Andromeda can be located and recruited at The Broken Spear in Sidonia. While his recruitment fee varies across Starfield, players can halve it by successfully persuading him.

for a higher convinced Chances are, using food or drink items with a persuasive buff can help. If you identify as an explorer in the game, unique dialogue can be unlocked with it. Normally, his fee is 15,000 credits, but with a successful persuasion, it drops to 7,500 credits.

3. Supervisor Lynn

Supervisor Lynn
Supervisor Lynn (Photo Credit: eXputer)
talent Rank
Demolitions Rank 1
Outpost Management Level 3

Supervisor Lin, formerly your commanding officer at Argos Extractors, is a key crew member who specializes in Outpost Management (Rank 3) and demolitions, which increase explosive radius by 25%.

  • Lin is indispensable for outposts.
  • Not only can she increase the number of cargo links and robots at a checkpoint, but she also enables the assignment of more crew members to it.
  • This makes checkpoints more efficient and spacious. Additionally, its demolition skills provide a trajectory arc for grenades and increase the blast range, proving its versatility.
  • Combining these skills, Lynn stands out as a key staff member for comprehensive outpost management at Starfield.

How to recruit

Meeting Lin during the “Back to Vectra” mission is inevitable. Upon conversing with her, she offers to join your crew. By agreeing to his terms, you secure his unparalleled expertise in outpost expansion. Notably, recruitment is free, which adds to its allure for space explorers.

2. Umari Hasan

Omri Hasan
Omri Hasan (Photo credit: eXputer)
Faction Freestar Collective
Shield systems Level 3
Starship Engineering Rank 1

Omri Hassan, affiliated with the Free Star Collective, is a skilled crew member available for recruitment in the Starfield, specializing in shield systems and starship engineering.

  • Omri is a must for those who value strong starship defenses.
  • His Shield Systems skill significantly increases your starship’s shield capacity by 60%, while his Starship Engineering perk facilitates a 10% faster repair rate for all ship systems.
  • Together, these skills make your spaceship nearly invulnerable, allowing players to navigate the dangerous universe of Starfield with added confidence.

How to recruit

Important: Omari can be contacted at The Hitching Post in Aquila City, Cheyenne System. While his skill comes at a price, his defensive prowess is worth every credit. The initial recruitment fee is 16,500 credits.

However, if players use a persuasion boost – perhaps using the relevant food or drink – they can persuade Omari to drop his price down to 8,250 credits, making this defensive master a more affordable asset. can go.

1. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart (Photo Credit: eXputer)
talent Rank
Piloting Level 2
Rifle Certification Level 2

In Starfield, Amelia Earhart is a clone found on the planet Charybdis. With 400 years since her historic disappearance, this iteration of the Amelia boasts expertise in piloting and rifle certification.

Amelia’s unique background, being a clone of a legendary aviator, makes her an exceptional choice for pilot assignments aboard your ship. His level-two piloting skills ensure expert navigation and his rifle certification makes him useful in combat situations. Additionally, her celebrity status lends a touch of celebrity novelty to the staff.

How to recruit

To add Amelia to your crew, you must complete the “Operation Starseed” quest. After completing this mission, head back to the Crucible and engage with Amelia.

Important: Make sure you stay clean by selecting “Initiate Full Project Cleanse” during the end of the quest, or you’ll lose your chance to recruit Amelia Earhart. Additional benefit? Amelia offers her services without demanding compensation, making her a valuable and inexpensive member of staff.

What are the crew members in Starfield?

Exploring different planets is one of the main elements of Starfield.
Starfield exploration becomes easier if you have more crew members (Image credit: Xporter)

Starfield crew members are unique characters, including clones of historical figures, that players can recruit to their ship.

Found on Charybdis planets, each crew member offers specific skills, such as piloting or combat. Amelia Earhart, for example, is a notable crew member known for her piloting skills. These crew members assist with various tasks and missions, adding to the overall Starfield experience.

Why do you have staff members with you?

Having crew members on a starfield enhances your space journey by providing special skills.

Amelia Earhart’s piloting skills could prove vital to ship operations, while her rifle certification made her valuable in combat situations. Such recruiting Skilled staff Members diversify the gameplay, equipping players with a range of challenges in the vast universe of Starfield.

Finally, stepping into Starfield becomes a wonderful experience with the right crew. Companions like Omri Hasan boost your ship’s defenses, while Amelia Earhart, a clone with a rich legacy, adds to both piloting skills and combat abilities. Choosing such strong allies ensures a wonderful and memorable journey through the universe.

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