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5 DC Heroes Namor Can Beat (& 5 He’d Lose To)

Debuting in 1939, Namor has had a long and winding history in the marvel universe fighting heroes as many times as you have fought alongside them. Hailing from human and Atlantean descent, the warrior possesses mutant abilities, including immense strength, speed, durability, and flight. Whether fighting against the forces of evil or against the surface world, Namor has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

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Namor never backs down from a fight, and if he finds himself transported to the DC Universe, it is likely to cause as much of a stir there as at home. Before long, epic matchups with popular DC heroes would ensue, and Namor would take down some of his best combatants with ease. For those masterful heroes who manage to defeat Namor, they will have the eternal respect of the Atlantean.

Updated November 18, 2022 by Casey Coates: Namor the Submariner made his official MCU debut in the hit sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. As he demonstrated on the big screen, Namor is a competent warrior and can hold his own in battle. While some DC heroes might force Namor to accept defeat, he would cause others to beg for mercy. As such, this list has been updated to reflect CBR’s current style and highlight Namor’s odds against popular DC heroes.

DC Heroes Namor Could Defeat

Beast Boy

Beast Boy he’s a much more experienced hero than you realize, something his immature and playful attitude rarely conveys. His ability to transform into a variety of animals gives him several combat options, but Beast Boy isn’t ready for someone with Namor’s ability.

Beast Boy would probably jump headlong into the situation and challenge Namor underwater, and a decision he’ll soon regret. Even if Beast Boy stayed in the game long enough to bring the fight to the surface, he is vastly outclassed by Namor. Between Namor’s raw power and his decades of experience, Beast Boy won’t stand a chance.


DC Comics' Tempest using her magical abilities

Tempest was the first Aqualad, and was seen by some as a watered-down Aquaman. Over the years, he would change, gaining powerful magical abilities and assuming the name Tempest. While Tempest’s magic makes him a very powerful opponent, Namor is no stranger to fighting formidable adversaries.

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Namor doesn’t like to let his opponents dictate the tenor of the fight. After observing Tempest’s abilities and tactics, Namor will switch gears and take control of the fight. Using his superior mobility to get ahead of Tempest’s attacks, the Submariner will wait for the perfect opportunity to attack and then end the battle.

At night

Nightwing looks ahead, preparing for the next conflict in DC Comics.

At night He is one of the most skilled and beloved heroes in the DC Universe. Beginning his crime-fighting career as Robin before he was even a teenager, Nightwing has fought a number of enemies over the years. While Nightwing has plenty of experience taking down opponents much stronger than himself, Namor has additional advantages.

Namor’s durability would protect him from most things Nightwing could throw at him. In close combat, Nightwing knows a few tricks, but Namor has superior strength and speed. Even if Nightwing tried to strategize his way out, there is little he could do to turn the tide in his favor.

red tornado

Red Tornado flies with a legion of similar characters behind him in DC Comics

Red Tornado is an android that was created to destroy the Justice League. Against his programming, he joined the team and eventually became an air elemental and one of the best tanks the team has ever had. While Red Tornado has proven to be as tough as he comes, Namor has the android’s number.

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Red Tornado’s tornado-firing ability will make it difficult for Namor to close the gap, but Justice Leaguer isn’t the only one who can fly. Using his quick thinking, Namor will approach Red Tornado, signaling the end of the battle. With nothing to protect him from Namor’s enhanced strength, Tornado will go down in defeat.

Fire star

Starfire uses her powers, creating green energy around her hands in DC Comics

Fire star He is one of the most powerful members of the teen titans. A Tamaranean princess, she is super strong and durable, can fire powerful energy blasts, and can fly. Starfire is also an extremely skilled fighter on top of all that. While he would give Namor a chance for his money, this is not a fight Starfire can win.

Similarly, a class between Namor and Starfire would be quite the matchup to behold. They would both give everything they have, asking for no quarter. Starfire’s Stellar Beams would offer him an advantage early on, but the chance of defeat will send Namor deepening and going into overdrive. Drawing on his decades of experience, Namor will determine Starfire’s weaknesses and turn the tide in his favor.

DC Heroes Namor would lose

plastic man

Plastic Man casually smiles despite the explosion behind him in DC Comics

Namor has a rivalry with stretchy heroes, so he would probably challenge plastic man simply because he reminds the Submariner of Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. A nearly invulnerable shapeshifter, Plastic Man has all the resources he needs to take down the Atlantean warrior.

While Namor is equipped with impressive durability, Plastic Man has similar protection. A quick thinker, once Plastic Man deduces Namor’s weakness, he will use his powers to keep Namor out of the water, by any means necessary. He will wait for Namor and end the conflict once Namor is dehydrated and weakened.


Mera summons and controls a wave of water in DC Comics

The Queen of Atlantis, it is debatable that mere she is more powerful than her beloved husband, Aquaman. Fantastically strong and durable, she is skilled in battle and her aquakinesis allows her to control water. That Mera ability will win the day in a battle against Namor.

Mera’s temper is as legendary as Namor’s and a battle between the two would be unforgettable. Namor has the physical advantage, and Mera soon realizes that it is unwise to fight him with his fists. Switching to her aquakinesis, she can dry Namor by purging the water she relies on, weakening him immensely.

animal man

Animal-Man flies in the sky, surrounded by birds in DC Comics

Animal Man’s connection to nature gives him the ability to emulate the abilities of any animal…including those from other planets. This makes Animal Man one of the most formidable heroes out there and will allow him to defeat Namor. If Namor fights underwater, he’ll soon discover that he doesn’t have the advantage he thinks he does.

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Animal Man can regenerate and heal himself from injuries by taking advantage of insect and reptile abilities. Similarly, he can become fantastically strong, summoning the power of a blue whale. Thanks to Animal Man’s unpredictable powers, such as harnessing an alien animal that shoots lightning from his face, Namor will be unable to predict his opponent’s moves, slowly losing ground until he is defeated.

bat Man

Batman gestures for his opponent to come to him, confident that he will win in DC Comics.

bat Man, with preparation time, you can beat almost anyone. Regardless of the actual likelihood of the threat, the Dark Knight prepares for all manner of enemies. This includes his own friends in the Justice League, especially the one who is also half-human, half-Atlantean.

This means that Batman is already prepared to defeat Namor even though his opponent is from another universe. Since Namor shares Aquaman’s weaknesses, Batman has the upper hand. It won’t take long for Batman to figure out that Namor is Atlantean. Once the Dark Knight puts his anti-Aquaman plan into action, the battle is almost over.


Aquaman poses in front of a background with other DC Comics Atlanteans

aquaman and Namor are similar in many ways. Both are half-human, half-Atlantean underwater monarchs with a bad temper. Both are super strong and durable, but Aquaman gets the upper hand, as evidenced by the fact that he once lifted a continental plate.

Namor can fly, but Aquaman can communicate with sea life, a power Submariner can’t match. Even if Namor took the fight to the surface to get away from Aquaman’s aquatic army, Aquaman is still stronger than him. Namor would refuse to give up until Aquaman knocked him out, but his challenge wouldn’t change the outcome of the battle.

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