5 BEST Remnant 2 Class Archetypes (Skills, Perks & More)



In Remnant 2, each class as you opt for it has some default perks and skills. While you get the basic one unlocked in the beginning, you can unlock the remaining for the best build of your class. Thus, the influence of equipping the best Weapons, Armor, Amulets, and Rings will always make a difference in how you play Remnant 2. That is why out of 11 classes in the game, I have listed the top 5 that you should try and run and gun with first. 

Key Takeaways

  • Classes in Remnant 2 deeply influence gameplay and strategy & how you experience the game’s worlds.
  • Each class offers its own set of default perks and skills that are only unique to it.
  • Players can always use dual archetypes in Remnant 2  & benefit from the multiclass experience such as class combos
  • Players in Remnant 2 can unlock and upgrade Perks and Skills to make the characters stronger & create customized class-based builds.
  • Equipping different weapons, armor, amulets, and rings affects heavily the gameplay mechanics in Remnant 2.
  • Gameplay can be tailored based on class choice in Remnant 2, catering to different combat styles and support roles.

All The Best Classes In Remnant 2

Here is an overview of the five best classes in Remnant 2 showcased with the best feature and playstyle of each one of these:

Serial Number Class Name Best Feature Best Playstyle
1 Handler Dog companion that provides damage & buffs Supports in multiplayer games; prefers teamwork in solo & coop
2 Hunter Long-ranged damage ability and marking enemies Precise attacks from a distance; focuses on enemies’ weak spots
3 Challenger Excellent survivability; uses melee weapons Tanks enemies, best for close combat
4 Alchemist Provides buffs and increases consumable duration Surviving longer in combat & supporting teammates with buffs
5 Explorer Helps in finding items & improves loot drops Ideal for farming items and enhancing team’s movement speed

1. Handler

best solo class remnant 2
The best starting class in Remnant 2 – The Handler (Image Captured by eXputer)

The handler is easily one of the first and the best class in Remnant 2 that is best known because of a dog companion who helps to attack enemies in a fight providing damages and buffs to the team. Dog’s howl will increase the damage output.

Handler class acts as support in a multiplayer game and Teamwork is preferable by Handler in both solo and cooperative mode. You can unlock Handler Archetype in Remnant 2 by crafting the Silent Whistle.  To do so, buy an old whistle by paying 1500 sparks to Mudtooth.

Handler Trait

Handler Archetype will have Kinship Trait in Remnant 2. The level of Kinship Trait will upgrade automatically as the archetype upgrades.

Handler Archetype Perks

Handler Archetype has one prime perk and four unlocked perks. These perks will assist you with many benefits and effects in games.

  • Pack Hunter: With this perk, you can get a 3% increase in damages provided that you are not so far from the dog. You can also unlock its upgrade once at Level 6.
  • Spirit of the Wolf: With this perk, you can get a 10% increase in Movement speed. This is also helpful for allies near you, as you can give them an increased speed too. This can be upgraded once you’re at Level 7. 
  • Team Work: This is a valuable perk that allows the handler and their companion to revive more quickly. 
  • Best Friend: With this Handler’s perk, you can recharge Companion health simply by the use of Relic. 

Handler Archetype Skills

You will have three skills in Handler Archetype for Dog Companion in Remnant 2. However, you can only use one at a time. Moreover, all these skills cannot be upgraded.

  • Guard Dog: When using this skill, Companion will be running behind you, and threatens the enemy as you engage in combat. Also, the damage Handler will receive will reduce by 20% giving a major relief.
  • Support Dog: This skill helps you with healing as all the allies in the 3.5m range with you, can be healed for 0.25% health. 
  • Attack Dog: Similarly to Guard Dog, when this skill is activated, the companion will automatically take part in your combats, dealing 20% damage to the enemies.

2. Hunter

The Hunter Remnant 2 Archetypes.
The best DPS Starting class in Remnant 2 – The Hunter. (Image Credit: eXputer)

The Hunter class in Remnant 2 using its long-ranged damage ability can attack enemies from a large distance. You can precisely focus on attacks and mark enemies using Hunter Archetype.

If you want to unlock Hunter Archetype, you need to craft Sniper War Medal. You are required to get Sniper War Medal at Ward 13 from Brabus for 1500 for crafting Sniper War Medal. 

Hunter Trait

Longshot is the unique Trait of the Hunter Archetype which levels up automatically as you level up the archetype.

Hunter Archetype Perks

You will come across one already available prime perk along with the other four perks in Remnant 2.

  • Dead Eye: With this perk, your archetype can deal 4# increased Ranged damage. Moreover, you will also get an additional 1.5% Weakspot Damage.
  • Urgency: After killing an enemy, firearms receive a 15% increase in reload speed for a duration of 3 seconds.
  • Intuition: When you use a Relic, it adds an extra 5 seconds to the duration of any active Hunter Skill. However, the effectiveness of this effect decreases each time you use it.
  • Return to Sender: As a Hunter, you can benefit from this perk which helps in looting items. When you score a critical hit and kill an enemy, the amount of ammo they drop increases by 25%.

Hunter Archetype Skills

Hunter Archetype will let you use the following skills:

Hunter’s Mark

This skill enhances Hunter’s awareness of their surroundings by creating an Aura that automatically marks all enemies within a 35-meter range. Additionally, the Hunter also receives a 15% boost to their Ranged and Melee damage while this ability is active. The effect lasts for 25 seconds.

Hunter’s Focus 

With this Skill, you can Heighten Hunter’s senses, which will then apply a MARK when you aim at an enemy for 0.01 seconds. If the Hunter continues to aim down sights without shooting for 1 second, they will enter a FOCUSED state.

Hunter’s Shroud 

When a Hunter enters Shroud mode, their presence becomes less noticeable to enemies, making them more difficult to hit while on the move. However, performing an attack or using a Mod or Skill will immediately exit Shroud mode. Exiting Shroud mode will apply a MARK effect to all enemies within a 10-meter radius and grant the Hunter AMBUSH status for a duration of 2 seconds.

3. Challenger

Remnant 2 Challenger Class
Best Tank Class in Remnant 2 – Challenger Archetype (Image Captured by eXputer)

The Challenger build Archetype is well against enemies that get close to them during the fight. This class fully takes advantage of using the best Melee weapons to attack enemies in combat. Unfortunately, one drawback of Challenger is that it is difficult to beat bosses and flying enemies using Melee attacks.

The class possesses excellent survivability that makes it the best tank role Archetype. You can unlock Challenger when you craft Steel Enswell. An Old Metal tool in Remnant 2 is required for crafting Steel Enswell that you can have from Reggie by giving him 1500 scraps.

Challenger Trait

Challenger Archetype has the best trait called Strong Back in Remnant 2.

Challenger Archetype Perks

The challenger class in Remnant 2 comes with four unique perks each catered for playstyles such as Damage, Team support, Utility, and Relic-based perks.

Close Quarters

This ability provides enemies within a radius of 10 meters with a damage boost of 3.5%. The bonus damage gradually decreases as the distance from the target increases beyond 20 meters. The degree of increase scales up as the Challenger Level increases.

Intimidating Presence

Once a Challenger Skill is activated, any enemies within a 10-meter radius will deal 10% less damage for a duration of 15 seconds.


The increase in Stamina Cost for each weight bracket has been reduced by 50%.

Face of  Danger

When utilizing a Relic within a 10-meter radius of an opponent, you will receive 2 Bulwark stacks for a duration of 10 seconds.

Challenger Archetype Skills

Here are three skills that you can use while running with the Challenger class in Remnant 2. Each skill has its own use and you can not equip more than one so choose wisely based on your build. 


This ability creates a powerful tremor that inflicts 150 points of damage and causes additional staggering effects in a forward cone that extends up to 7.5 meters. At close range, it deals damage in all directions. The cooldown for this ability is 50 seconds.


The ability to become nearly unstoppable is gained, along with 3 stacks of Bulwark. This results in a 15% increase in movement and melee speed, as well as a 50% increase in melee damage. The Stagger level is also reduced by 1, and the effects last for 25 seconds.


When activated, this ability boosts your performance in combat by increasing your Fire Rate by 15%, Reload Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 10%. The effects last for 10 seconds.

4. Alchemist

Alchemist Remnant 2
The Alchemist Class in Remnant 2 (Image Credit: eXputer)

The alchemist class is well for giving you and your teammate buffs and increasing the duration of consumables. This class will allow you to survive longer in combats. The best ability of the Alchemist Archetype is improving your protective capabilities and giving you beneficial effects.

You will need crafting of Philosopher Stone’s Engram to unlock Alchemist. Once you defeat Manticora during Manticora from the Drain quest you will earn Philospher Stone Material that will help you craft stones.

Alchemist Trait

Alchemist Archetype will introduce you will its special Trait named Potency in Remnant 2.

Alchemist Archetype Perks

  • Liquid Courage: You can enjoy a 2.5% boost in all damage, which increases according to your Alchemist Level.
  • Panacea: The curative effects have an application on all allies within a 15-meter radius and provide an additional resistance of 15.
  • Gold to Lead: When Scrap is collected, there’s a 15% possibility that the Alchemist will also receive Ammo as a reward.
  • Experimentalist: When a Relic is used, it grants a random buff to the Alchemist that lasts for 30 seconds. This buff cannot be overridden.

Alchemist Archetype Skills

The Alchemist Archetype can be played as a solo class in Remnant 2 or heavily as a supporting character in the game that is because of these three skills. While you can equip any one of these 3 skills in the game, it is sufficient to say that each caters to a particular playstyle. 

Stone Mist

A vapor cloud is formed for 10 seconds, which has a mysterious quality and applies Stoneskin. The STONESKIN feature reduces incoming damage by 25%, increases Blight Buildup Decay Rate significantly, reduces Stagger by 1, and makes the target immune to Status Effects. This effect lasts for 15 seconds.

Frenzy Dust

This ability generates a cloud of vapor that lasts for 10 seconds, causing the recipient to become frenzied. Being frenzied boosts Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Melee Speed by 20%, as well as Movement Speed by 15%. The effect lasts for 15 seconds.

Elixir of Life

This ability produces a cloud of mysterious vapor that lingers for 10 seconds and bestows LIVING WILL. While LIVING WILL is active, the user regenerates 5 health per second and is safeguarded against fatal damage. Additionally, if the user is downed, this ability can revive them by restoring their health to full. LIVING WILL remains active for 20 seconds.

5. Explorer

Remnant 2 Explorer.
The Explorer Class in Remnant 2 (Image Credit: eXputer)

Explorer class is the final class that leads you to find important items. The main motive of the Explorer class is to get more items and improve loot drops. This class is best for use when you are looking into farms for different items and to improve the movement speed of allies.

You can unlock Explorer by crafting Golden Compass. You can craft Golden Compass with the help of Broken Compass which you will earn by killing Annihilation in Remnant 2 during the main story in Root Earth.

Explorer Trait

Swiftness is the special Trait of Explorer Archetype.

Explorer Archetype Perks

Similar, to all other classes, this class also has some Perks which you can upgrade and can give various boosts to your Explorer Archetype’s abilities.


Each Pickup you collect will boost the Damage you deal by 0.5% for 15 seconds. If you collect more Pickups, the duration of the boost will increase, up to a maximum of 60 seconds. You can collect a maximum of 5 Pickups to reach the maximum boost.

Metal Detector

Boost the probability of Ammo, Currency, and Metal Drop Rate for the entire party by 10%.


The fragments of relics that the explorer has discovered are of a higher quality when dropped.

Self Discovery

Using a Relic will immediately fill up your Scavenger Stacks and prevent any Stack Decay for a total of 15 seconds.

Explorer Archetype Skills

Similar to most class-based skills mentioned above, the Explorer’s Skills are more focused on survivability and helping the team find valuable items that could otherwise be missed. 


This ability boosts the movement speed of all allies by 20% and significantly lowers the stamina cost by 80%. The effect lasts for 30 seconds and has a cooldown of 58.8 seconds.

Gold Digger

Unearth a fountain from the ground and receive a random buff. These fountains remain for 45 seconds while their buffs last for 15 seconds

Fortune Hunter

This ability enhances the Explorer’s perception of treasure, making it possible for all allies to locate special items within a 40-meter range. The effect of this ability lasts for 60 seconds.

What Is The Role of Classes In Remnant 2?

remnant 2 class
Remnant 2 Classes (Imge Credit: eXputer)

In Remnant 2, classes play a pivotal role in shaping gameplay and player strategy. Each class comes equipped with its own set of default perks, skills, and traits which can be unlocked and upgraded to enhance the player’s in-game abilities.

The choice of weapons, armor, amulets, and rings further customizes each class & shapes the experiences of the Remnant 2. From the Handler, which focuses on support and has a loyal dog companion, to the Explorer which emphasizes finding valuable items, the classes dictate combat style, support abilities, and general gameplay approach.

Out of the 11 available classes, players can choose and tailor their gameplay according to their preferences and the challenges they face in the game’s vast universe.

This brings me to the end of Remnant 2 Best Class guide where I have listed the top 5 ones in the game. Before you leave, consider reading Remnant 2 Probability Cord, Terminus Station, Revive Or Kill The Doe, and Nightfall Gun in Remnant 2 guides. 


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