40 Minutes Of Immortals Of Aveum Gameplay Leaked Online



Story Highlights

  • Over 40 minutes of Immortals of Aveum gameplay has been released by a YouTuber from Summer Games Fest.
  • The footage showcases chapter 8 and chapter 3 of the FPS title and gives us an in-depth look at the upcoming game.
  • The YouTuber gave a less-than-glowing review to this footage, saying a lot is “left to be desired” after playing it.

YouTuber Gamer’s Little Playground has released over 40 minutes of new Immortals of Aveum gameplay, giving us an in-depth look at the FPS title. Recorded at the Summer Games Fest Play Days, the footage showcases the frantic first-person gameplay of the upcoming Electronic Arts title. And, during the short time in which the YouTuber got to experience the game, it didn’t impress him too much.

Gamer’s Little Playground reveals in the video’s description that the Immortals of Aveum demo started directly from the third chapter in the game. The streamer played for an hour and cut out some embarrassing moments like his deaths from the final video. In addition, he also got to start the FPS title’s chapter 8 during this period, but only played it for about 10 minutes during the second half of the video, as you can see below.

The YouTuber also left his overall review on Immortals of Aveum in the description, and after seeing the gameplay you would agree with most of it. Gamer’s Little Playground goes on to say that the story and the world feel very generic and there is a lot “left to be desired.” He does mention that he started in chapter 3 so lack of context could be a reason for what he feels about the game’s story.

Furthermore, the YouTuber reveals that even though Immortals of Aveum looks beautiful in person, the particle effects are too much. It’s not that they look ugly, but the aesthetic just makes combat seem very frenetic as per Gamer’s Little Playground. There is a lot going on around you and that just makes the gameplay “unenjoyable” according to the YouTuber.

Furthermore, so many particle effects moving around the screen make it very difficult to observe your effect on different enemies. Comments under the YouTuber video also agreed with the super messy war environment impeding the gameplay experience. Gamer’s Little Playground did add that the controls in Immortals of Aveum were very smooth and responsive, but they did feel “floaty” at times.

According to the creator, the attacks just felt weightless and he hopes the developers tinker with this aspect before releasing the game. Finally, he ends his review by saying that playing this early demo of the game has made him “less excited” than he previously was after seeing other previews. However, the YouTuber is still looking forward to trying the complete version of Immortals of Aveum when it launches.

Developed by Ascendant Studios, the upcoming first-person shooter game will be distributed by EA. The publisher first announced Immortals of Aveum at The Game Awards last year with a team of Call of Duty and Dead Space devs working on it at Ascendant. It is going to be the new studio’s first major title and is built in Unreal Engine 5 with direction from former Dead Space creative director Bret Robbins.

Hence, a lot of talented people are behind the magic shooter title, which will follow Jak, a battlemage tasked to save a planet on the verge of destruction. With a 25-hour campaign to support this storyline, Immortals of Aveum launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC on July 20, 2023.

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