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20 Facts You Never Knew About My Hero Academia’s Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo is one of My Hero Academia‘s most famous faces, though his overall popularity ranking is challenged by protagonist Izuku Midoriya and fan-favorite Shoto Todoroki. Viewers are familiar with his aggressive personality and daunting strength, but there’s more to Kacchan than meets the eye.

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Belligerent characters are typically considered one-dimensional or predictable, so My Hero Academia fans that take Bakugo at face value might not be aware of how compelling he truly is. However, Bakugo is a complex, multifaceted character who underwent significant growth. There are certain things about him that even My Hero Academia‘s most dedicated audience may not be aware of.

Updated on November 22nd, 2022 by Sarah Martin: Bakugo is one of My Hero Academia’s most beloved characters, despite his abrasive personality. Always clocking in at the top of every popularity poll, fans love Bakugo’s gruff approach to heroism and appreciate his character growth. Since the beginning of the series, Bakugo turned from a prideful jerk who tormented those weaker than him into an admirable hero who can admit his flaws and own up to them when he screws up. This list was last updated in 2021, so we’ve added a few more interesting facts about Bakugo that fans may not be aware of.

20/20 Bakugo Is A Taurus

Born on April 20th, Bakugo is a Taurus. He’s as stubborn as they come, so the sign perfectly fits him. Taurus’ always charge headfirst toward whatever they set their mind to and never let anybody stand in their way. Stubbornly pursuing their aspirations even if it’s not the most beneficial in the long run, stopping the Taurean bull in its tracks is an impossible feat.

Tauruses are also hard workers who believe the uphill battle is the most fulfilling part of their journey- and this certainly rings true for Bakugo. He believes he’s the best but needs a challenging opponent to defeat them and prove it to the world.

19/20 Bakugo’s Actually A Clean Freak

Bakugo gives Deku advice about his moves

Contrary to his unhinged and fiery attitude, Bakugo always prefers keeping things organized and clean. He’s a stickler for hygiene and always tells others off if they messed something up, like missing a single spot while dusting.

Bakugo’s room was the only one fans didn’t get a proper glimpse at when the students first moved into the dorms. However, fans did see that his decor choices were surprisingly minimalistic in contrast to his edgy hero attire and the colorful insults he always slings at others.

18/20 Bakugo Learned How To Work Alongside Deku

Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia, Heroes Rising.

At the beginning of My Hero Academia, it would have been unfathomable to witness Bakugo and Deku working together as allies. Though they still bicker constantly, season six’s Paranormal Liberation War proved that the duo always has each other’s backs and can work together well.

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With Deku’s entire roster of quirks from One For All and Bakugo’s explosive tactical brilliance, they make a great team and every villain in their path should be afraid of their combined might. Plus, the one-liners between them make for some pretty memorable scenes.

17/20 Bakugo Hates Being Roped Into Someone Else’s Drama

Bakugo Riding A Car from My Hero Academia

When Todoroki invited Deku and Bakugo over to his house for dinner, everything went smoothly until the tension between Endeavor and the rest of his family reached a boiling point. It turned into an awkward moment where Natsu put his father on the spot in front of everybody while they were trying to eat dinner.

Everybody knows that the Todoroki family’s history is pretty horrific and tragic, but dinner wasn’t necessarily the best time to bring it up, especially when there were guests present. Bakugo was quick to call this out and said, “If you’re gonna invite people over, don’t talk about personal issues!”

16/20 Bakugo Is One Of The Top Students In His Class

Bakugo looking over his shoulder in My Hero Academia.

Most people would just assume that Bakugo is the average thug who couldn’t care less about his grades, but that’s not true. After all, he can’t become a professional hero without performing well in school. He’s ranked third, behind Todoroki and Yaoyorozu. Kirishima even ran to him for tutoring, even though Bakugo beat him on the head with a newspaper the entire time.

Realizing that he wasn’t the number one student in his class led to even more character growth. Bakugo grew up believing he was better than everyone else and realizing that there were others who may be smarter than him or better at certain things really bothered him. It made him want to work harder and prove himself to the world.

15/20 He’s A Member Of Endeavor’s Hero Agency

Todoroki and Bakugo in My Hero Academia.

Season five of My Hero Academia spends its first half focused on the exciting tests of strength within the Joint Training Competition between the students of Class 1A and 1B. The second half of the season pushes the heroes back into their respective work-study programs.

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Bakugo’s prior mentor was Best Jeanist, but his disappearance results in Bakugo joining Shoto and Midoriya at Endeavor’s Hero Agency. Endeavor takes some time to open up to Bakugo, but he’s definitely impressed by his commitment and capacity to learn. A sweet understanding blossoms between the two of them the longer that Bakugo remains at Endeavor’s Hero Agency.

14/20 Bakugo Comes Up With An Absolutely Ridiculous Hero Name

(My Hero Academia) Bakugo through a hole in concrete he made using his Armor Piercing Shot

My Hero Academia always emphasizes how every aspect of a hero’s image plays an important role in the public’s perception of them. It’s obviously important to have a powerful Quirk or be a member of a prestigious team, but the series also emphasizes how a hero’s outfit and even their name should not be taken for granted.

Sometimes a hero’s name is the only thing that people know about them and Bakugo doesn’t waste this opportunity with a subtle moniker. Bakugo unveils the hero name, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, which certainly matches his explosive, fiery personality. It’s definitely one of the edgier, but more memorable hero names.

13/20 He Briefly Possesses The One For All Quirk

Bakugo using One For All in My Hero Academia, Heroes Rising.

My Hero Academia spotlights many different heroes, but Izuku Midoriya is often under fire because he’s the successor to All Might’s valuable One For All Quirk. Various villains have targeted Midoriya, both to acquire this ability or to snuff it out and other Pro Heroes have emphasized that it’s not a Quirk that’s given out lightly.

The My Hero Academia movies tell some epic stories and the climax of Heroes Rising involves Bakugo temporarily sharing Midoriya’s One For All Quirk. The two deliver a tandem attack on Nine that ends in his defeat, but it should not be underestimated how important it is that Bakugo can sustain this Quirk.

12/20 He’s One Of The Last 1-A Students To Receive His Provisional License

Bakugo and Kaminari in My Hero Academia during the license exam.

Rules are important to any society, yet My Hero Academia truly values the rankings and procedures that govern society’s heroics. Accordingly, there are some very competent heroes that aren’t allowed to use their skills in the field because they don’t have the proper qualifications.

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While Bakugo is one of the top students in his class, he’s actually one of the last students to actually acquire his Provisional Hero License. It’s actually quite fitting that My Hero Academia’s 100th episode marks both Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki passing their exams and finally properly entering the world as heroes.

11/20 He’s Surprisingly Great With Kids

Bakugo and Yoarashi surrounded by children in My Hero Academia.

Heroes should ideally be role models for children, but just because someone is strong and altruistic doesn’t mean that they’ll be a natural with the youth of tomorrow. Bakugo has a history of bullying and lacking patience, which makes it seem as if he’d have zero tolerance for children.

However, an early trial that both Bakugo and Todoroki face has them square off with a bunch of kids. Bakugo sees himself in these youth, as the less understanding person he used to be. He wants to help these children learn the lessons that he has, but much earlier in life so that they can avoid the same pitfalls. It’s a beautiful demonstration of understanding.

10/20 Bakugo Was Originally Meant To Be Soft-Spoken & Compassionate

Bakugo in My Hero Academia in front of a sunset.

Believe it or not, Bakugo was originally supposed to be a kind and compassionate character who would accidentally come off as offensive or insulting whenever he misspoke. At this point, it’s impossible to imagine the eternally furious Kacchan with a tame personality.

Series creator Kohei Horikoshi decided that a gentle version of the young hero was too boring and opted for making him utterly obnoxious instead. To be fair, the dynamic anger he exudes in every scene keeps the energy at a high throughout the anime.

9/20 Bakugo Has Interesting Hobbies

Iida, Uraraka, and Deku look on in terror at Bakugo in My Hero Academia.

According to his character profile in Volume 1 of the My Hero Academia manga, Bakugo is into two very specific things: mountain climbing and spicy food. Given his explosive Quirk, it’s no surprise that Katsuki’s taste in food is as scorching hot as the blasts he creates with his sweat.

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Mountain climbing might seem like an unexpected hobby for the fiery student, but it correlates with specific aspects of his personality. During the culture festival, Bakugo also revealed that he’s a talented drummer and helped out with Class 1-A’s performance.

8/20 Bakugo Is The Oldest Student In Class 1-A

Kirishima, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Iida, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki running in My Hero Academia promotional art.

All of the students in Class 1-A fall within the same age range, but Bakugo’s April 20 birthday makes him the oldest in his class by a little over a month. Mashirao Ojiro, the second-oldest student, was born on May 28. This means that Katsuki was already 16 years old going into U.A. High School while everyone else was still 15.

Though Mezo Shoji is the tallest character in Class 1-A, he’s ironically the youngest of the bunch. His birthday falls in late February, meaning that one of the most physically intimidating students is also the “baby” of the group.

7/20 Bakugo Can Cook

Kirishima, Bakugo, and Uraraka cooking in My Hero Academia.

Katsuki’s cooking skills are implied rather than blatantly demonstrated, but reading between the lines reveals a hint of Gordon Ramsay lurking within him. This is fitting considering he has the same temper as the Hell’s Kitchen chef. Bakugo has excellent knife skills, a fact that was highlighted in both the My Hero Academia anime and manga while the students made curry.

This doesn’t automatically make him a top chef, but it certainly means that he’s comfortable with chopping ingredients, which has to count for something. Bakugo is also passionate about food. When he visited the Todoroki family for dinner, he asked Fuyumi about how to make the curry and said all the drama happening was ruining its delicious taste.

6/20 Bakugo Will Always Have Excellent Skin

Bakugo and his mother fighting in My Hero Academia.

Mitsuki Bakugo’s Quirk grants her the ability to secrete Glycerin from her skin. Glycerin essentially functions like a moisturizer, which is why her skin is flawless and she appears far younger than her actual age.

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Kacchan’s Explosion Quirk is a combination of his mother’s Glycerin and his father’s Acid Sweat, meaning he’ll likely have perfect skin his whole life. It’s also worth noting that the aspiring hero has more in common with Mitsuki than his father, which includes physical appearance, so he’ll presumably age well.

5/20 Bakugo Is Nothing Like His Father

Bakugo's family in My Hero Academia.

While Mitsuki and Katsuki are aggressive and hotheaded, Masaru Bakugo is relatively calm, composed, and far less violent. He genuinely loves his family despite the drastic difference in personalities. However, he’s not entirely pleased with his son’s vicious temper.

Masaru disapproves of Katsuki’s arrogance but ultimately supports him on his quest to become a pro hero. The family embodies a “like-mother-like-son” dynamic in every sense, including physical. Kacchan clearly resembles his mother and they even have the same hair.

4/20 Bakugo’s Kneepads Actually Serve A Purpose

Bakugo's hero costume from My Hero Academia.

Bakugo’s hero costume is dramatic, but it bears a minor detail that fans hardly notice. The grenade bracers are so distracting that fans almost don’t register the fact that he’s wearing kneepads. Protecting his kneecaps might seem a bit silly, but the pads weren’t included for defensive purposes.

Bakugo’s kneepads were actually designed for offensive strategies, but he hasn’t really made much use of them yet. Then again, he can deal a ridiculous amount of damage with his hands alone, so he technically has no need to incorporate any intricate legwork. As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

3/20 He’s Musically Talented, Particularly On The Drums

Bakugo drumming in My Hero Academia.

While climbing mountains is a challenging hobby, we’re more impressed by the fact that Bakugo can actually play the drums. This scene from the My Hero Academia manga revealed that the hothead is a talented musician and he managed to thrill his classmates with his drum solo.

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His unforeseen musical skills might seem random or nonsensical at first glance, but Bakugo’s aggressive emotions correlate with the intensity that goes into playing a drum set.

Bakugo at the U.A. Sports Festival in My Hero Academia.

Horikoshi has every right to be perplexed by Katsuki’s popularity. After all, he purposely tried to make the teenager unlikable and obnoxious. The series is loaded with every personality imaginable and few could’ve predicted that the most hostile student would become such a fan favorite.

While Horikoshi expected anime viewers/manga readers to hate the ill-tempered character, his ferocity makes his relationship with Izuku Midoriya more compelling. The protagonist is the exact opposite of everything that Kacchan exudes.

1/20 His Rude Personality Is Based On Another Horikoshi Creation

Bakugo smiling in front of exploded debris in My Hero Academia.

Oumagadoki Zoo was written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and fans have noted parallels between that series and My Hero Academia. One of those similarities involves a character named Shishido, whose personality and behavior closely resemble Katsuki Bakugo’s.

Shishido is an arrogant lion that likes to pick fights and insult others, but his attitude changes over the course of the story. It’s no mere coincidence that Shishido made a brief cameo appearance in the My Hero Academia manga.

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