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15 Batman Versions Ranked From Weakest To Overpowered

Batman is exclusive amongst superheroes in that he fights villains of all energy ranges from purse-snatchers to Darkseid. Even although he has no superpowers of his personal, Batman normally comes out victorious. His success comes all the way down to his sensible thoughts, extremely skilled physique, unwavering dedication and huge sources. On many events, Batman was greater than only a man in a bat costume due to the DC Comics multiverse, and common comedian e book occasions.

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In some tales, Batman’s energy got here from a swimsuit or know-how he created. In others, there was a completely totally different actuality the place circumstances modified to present him powers. Batman has wielded Lantern rings of varied colours, worn battle armor to struggle gods, and possessed godlike powers himself.

Updated on September 25, 2022 by Cole Kennedy: Thanks to alternate realities, potential futures, and enhanced know-how, comedian creators have crafted many highly effective variations of Batman. Every few years, an Elseworlds comedian or invention creates a brand new Dark Knight possessing new powers. Iconic variations seen in The Dark Knight Returns or obscure variations seen in Red Rain showcase numerous strengths and weaknesses that stand out from the a whole bunch of Batman variations present in comedian books and past.

15 Golden Age Batman

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (1939) By Bill Finger & Bob Kane

The unique Batman was a feared creature of the evening, not like something seen in comedian books. While Superman represented justice, Batman represented vengeance. The unique Batman from the Golden Age, along with his easy costume design and purple gloves, is fearsome however pretty weak in comparison with later iterations.

The Golden Age Batman debuted with little know-how, devices, or sources. As know-how in the actual world superior, and as comedian creators expanded Batman’s mythology, the Dark Knight gained a bigger arsenal and solely grew in energy with every subsequent comedian e book period.

14 Dark Knight Returns Batman

First Appearance: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (1986) By Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Lynn Varley

In The Dark Knight Returns, Batman was 55 years outdated, far darker and extra brutal than he had been portrayed in a long time. He refused to make use of a gun however used his fists, batarangs and toes to beat criminals to inside an inch of their lives. Frank Miller’s Dark Knight used an array of weapons like a Batmobile that was constructed like a tank.

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He took on a robust gang chief and outdated enemies Two-Face and the Joker. He even found out a technique to beat Superman, due to sonic weapons, kryptonite and the assistance of a nuclear explosion. The Dark Knight Returns Batman was robust, resourceful, and prepared to do no matter it took to free Gotham City.

13 Batman Beyond

First Appearance: Batman Beyond (1999)

In Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne retired and turned over the cape and cowl to teenager Terry McGinnis. As Batman, McGinnis fought new villains like Inque, Spellbinder, and Blight whereas additionally battling new variations of Bane and Mr. Freeze.

Terry wore a high-tech swimsuit that permit him fly, perform surveillance by sticking magnetically to ceilings, disappear, and take heed to conversations with enhanced listening to. He additionally has offensive capabilities like the flexibility to fireside batarangs, smoke and gasoline pellets. Much of Batman’s commonplace devices had been constructed into the Batman Beyond swimsuit, making a smooth new design that’s nonetheless thought of top-of-the-line Batsuits up to now.

12 Kingdom Come Batman

First Appearance: Kingdom Come #1 (1996) By Mark Waid & Alex Ross

Mark Waid and Alex Ross created Kingdom Come, set in an alternate future the place a battle between heroes and villains threatened the world. The Batman in Kingdom Come needed to graft an exoskeleton onto his physique to fight years of bodily abuse from crimefighting, however the exoskeleton made him bodily stronger and let him fly, permitting him to guard himself after his id was uncovered.

Batman constructed and maintained a military of robots known as Bat-Knights to turn out to be the underground ruler of Gotham City. When Lex Luthor created the Mankind Liberation Front to oppose the Justice League’s tyrannical rule, Lex manufactured extra Bat-Knights to struggle rogue heroes. With his robots and exoskeleton, Batman was a power to be reckoned with.

11 Amazo Virus Batman

First Appearance: Justice League Vol. 2 #37 (2015) By Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

In the New 52 Justice League sequence, Lex Luthor created an artificial plague known as the Amazo Virus to suppress metahuman talents, but it surely broke containment. It gave regular individuals superpowers however contaminated those that already had powers, brainwashing them into zombies.

Batman was uncovered to the virus and in Justice League #38 and developed the ability to make use of sound waves to see utilizing echolocation. He might additionally challenge sound in a blast able to flattening his enemies, like Black Canary’s cry. Batman fought the League along with his new talents whereas they had been below the Amazo Virus’s results.

10 Insider Batman

First Appearance: Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batman and Robin #1 (2010) By Fabian Nicieza, Cliff Richards & Ian Hannin

In Final Crisis, by Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones, Doug Mahnke, and Carlos Pacheco, Darkseid’s Omega Sanction hit Batman, sending him again in time. When Bruce Wayne made his manner again to the current, he determined to examine on the Bat Family. In Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batman and Robin #1, Wayne determined to check them with a brand new swimsuit and have become the Insider.

The swimsuit used superior know-how to repeat the powers of some Justice League members. With warmth imaginative and prescient mode, Wayne might shoot lasers, pace power mode let him transfer just like the Flash, a will-powered power beam allowed him to repeat Green Lantern, and an electrical wire might tie individuals up and detect lies like Wonder Woman’s lasso. The swimsuit’s solely restrict was how shortly it ran out of energy.

9 Batman ’66

First Appearance: Batman (1966)

While the Batman from the 1966 TV sequence was not highly effective within the conventional sense, he was cool, calm and all the time in management. Adam West helped make Batman a family title, reaching audiences past simply comedian readers.

What made him so highly effective? The 1966 Batman had every little thing. There was no scenario he hadn’t foreseen and outfitted himself to deal with. When he fought Mr. Freeze, he wore his Bat-thermal underwear. When somebody tried to shoot him, he unfolded his Bat-bulletproof defend. Even when he fought a shark, he had Bat-shark repellent. 66 Batman was all the time ready as the last word boy scout.

8 Vampire Batman

First Appearance: Batman and Dracula: Red Rain (1992) By Doug Moench, Kelley Jones, Malcom Jones III & Les Dorscheid

A trilogy of Elseworlds tales launched with Batman & Dracula: Red Rain. When Dracula got here to Gotham City, one of many vampires contaminated Batman to present him the ability to struggle the undead military. With his enhanced power, pace and the ability of flight, Batman was greater than a match for Dracula however gained at the price of his personal humanity.

While preventing the remaining vampire military led by the Joker, Batman killed his archenemy. Batman was pushed by bloodlust, turning Alfred and Commissioner Gordon into enemies. With his vampire powers at their peak, Batman might have consumed the complete human race.

7 DC One Million Batman

First Appearance: JLA #23 (1998) By Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, John Dell, Pat Garrahy & Heroic Age

In 1998, a crossover occasion known as DC One Million launched superheroes from the distant future. The Batman of the 853rd century lived on the jail planet Pluto, which was taken over by the supervillain Xauron. Xauron slaughtered 1000’s of guards, leaving a baby who took on the id of Batman to struggle injustice.

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The DC One Million Batman wore a complicated swimsuit that was armored and fireproof with evening imaginative and prescient, camouflage and flight functionality. DC One Million Batman was skilled in martial arts from throughout the galaxy whereas his thoughts was much more superior with telepathic powers and the flexibility to make calculations that even overwhelmed Superman.

6 Green Lantern Batman

First Appearance: Batman: In Darkest Knight (1994) By Mike W. Barr, Jerry Bingham & Digital Chameleon

Batman has worn a number of Lantern energy ring, however he first donned one in Batman: In Darkest Knight. In an alternate actuality, as a substitute of a bat crashing by way of his window, a Green Lantern crash-landed on the Wayne household grounds and gave Wayne his ring.

As Green Lantern, Wayne might convey his ideas to life and used them to vary historical past. He stopped the Red Hood from changing into the Joker and fought crime on Earth so properly that different characters like Superman and Wonder Woman by no means grew to become even grew to become heroes. Readers by no means noticed the restrict to this Batman’s energy, however given his dedication and can, he might turn out to be as highly effective as Hal Jordan.

5 Speeding Bullets Batman

First Appearance: Superman: Speeding Bullets (1993) By J.M. DeMatteis, Eduardo Barreto & Les Dorscheid

Superman is essentially the most highly effective superhero within the DC universe, and Batman is essentially the most devoted. What occurs when the 2 mix? In Superman: Speeding Bullets, Kal-El’s spaceship was discovered by the Waynes as a substitute of the Kents. Raised as Bruce Wayne, his mother and father had been shot, and he grew to become Batman with all of the powers of Superman.

The Speeding Bullets Batman was virtually too highly effective. This model of Batman, with all these powers, grew to become a terror feared for his brutality greater than his theatrics. Thankfully, he fell in love with Lois Lane who tamed his powers and made him extra compassionate.

4 Hellbat Batman

First Appearance: Batman and Robin Vol. 2 #33 (2014) By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mike Gray & John Kalisz

The Justice League made a contingency plan to guard Batman, one of many few non-powered members, in Batman and Robin #33. Designed by Cyborg, the Hellbat armor was solid by Superman within the coronary heart of a solar and Wonder Woman in Olympus, given a shape-changing cape by Green Lantern, and tempered by the Flash and Aquaman below excessive warmth on the depths of the ocean.

With the Hellbat armor, Batman had enhanced pace, power and sturdiness, however the cape might change shapes to let him fly, create tentacles, and make him invisible. Prolonged utilization of the Hellbat swimsuit might kill Batman.

3 White Lantern Batman

First Appearance: Brightest Day #14 (2010) By Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Peter Steigerwald

In the emotional spectrum of the universe, the White Lantern of life is essentially the most highly effective. In Brightest Day, Deadman pressured a White Lantern ring onto Batman. Batman wore the ring briefly earlier than it advised him he wasn’t the rightful inheritor. In that transient second, Batman grew to become one of the highly effective beings within the universe.

The White Lantern is predicated on life and might draw on the powers of all the opposite Corps. The White Lantern can create constructs just like the Green Lantern Corps, retailer the ability of different rings, convey the useless again to life and likewise hook up with and observe rings of another corps members. When Kyle Rayner wore a white energy ring, he was described as “godlike.”

2 Mobius Chair Batman

First Appearance: Justice League Vol. 2 #42 (2015) By Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

In 2015’s “Darkseid War,” the Justice League encountered Metron who was one of many New Gods created for Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, a being who craved data. He was aided by his Mobius Chair, however when Wonder Woman pulled Metron out of the chair, Batman sat on it and turn out to be a New God himself, the god of all data.

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The chair made him all-powerful, in a position to reply any query and know every little thing within the universe. It additionally allowed him to teleport and journey by way of time and house. He used it to cease crimes by observing future timelines, seeing the potential criminals and stopping them earlier than the crime. He additionally tried to cease his mother and father’ murders and terrorized their killer, Joe Chill.

1 Atmahn The Night Judge

First Appearance: Trinity #30 (2008) By Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley, Art Thibert & Pete Pantazis

The Trinity sequence introduced collectively the three hottest members of the DC universe: Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. The Trinity found that they had been the keystones to the ability of the multiverse. Morgaine Le Fey labored with different magic customers to create a brand new actuality the place the Trinity had been changed by villains. Instead, the trio was despatched to an alternate world the place they grew to become gods.

Batman was Atmahn the Night Judge, Wonder Woman was Dinanna Truthqueen, and Superman was Kellel, all worshiped by primitive beings. When he lastly returned in Trinity #39, Batman and the opposite heroes might do something they wished. He was a literal god.

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