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12 Things Everyone Should Know About My Hero Academia’s Dabi

Dabi is one of Kohei Horikoshi’s most popular characters. my hero academia. As one of the main antagonists of the series, he has wreaked havoc in the League of Villains from the very beginning and earned a great reputation as the villain with a mosaic appearance and blue flames. Like all the other villains, Dabi wants to cause the demise of the hero society.

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Recent manga chapters revealed more about Dabi’s true identity and confirmed fan theories about his origins. All dedicated fans of the series should be aware of these revelations about one of the biggest thorns in the heroes’ sides.

Updated November 22, 2022 by Sarah Martin: Dabi is one of the most important villains in My Hero Academia’s Paranormal Liberation War arc. For years, his appearance intrigued fans and made everyone wonder about his backstory. Since this list was released in 2020, we have updated it with more information on Dabi related to the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

12/12 Dabi used to lead the vanguard action team

Before the League merged with the Paranormal Liberation Front, Dabi was responsible for leading the Vanguard Action Squad. It consisted of Dabi, Toga, Twice, Mr. Compress, and Moonfish. Out of all of them, Dabi was the only sensible one, so he became the de facto leader.

The Vanguard Action Squad caused the most chaos during the Forest Training Camp arc. It was then that Dabi demonstrated his ingenuity as both a leader and a villain by coming up with a plan to wreak as much havoc as possible while he kidnapped Bakugo.

11/12 One of Dabi’s aliases is Blueflame.

Dabi in My Hero Academia.

Dabi is pretty infamous in the world of my hero academia. The heroes often refer to Dabi by his alias, “Blueflame”, named after his Quirk. After all, the heroes had no real clue to his true identity for most of the series and didn’t even know the fake name he was going by.

Dabi’s powers have made him one of the strongest people under Shigaraki Tomura, earning him a notorious reputation. Curiously, “Dabi” is another of his aliases, as confirmed in the last chapters of my hero academia.

10/12 Dabi is actually Touya Todoroki

Toya Todoroki (My Hero Academia).

Dabi’s identity has always been a major topic of discussion in the my hero academia Fanaticism Fans had always theorized that Dabi was Todoroki’s long-lost brother, Touya. After all, he has a powerful fire Quirk and the same eye color as Enji. Hawks and the other pro-heroes were unable to gather any more information on Dabi.

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However, during the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi caused chaos in the hero society when he revealed that Enji was his father. He put the abuse he endured into the public consciousness and condemned the hero society for allowing his abuser to become the number one pro-hero. Dabi hid his identity for years and played dead, lurking in the shadows as he plotted his revenge against the heroes.

9/12 dabi gets dizzy

Dabi launches Blue Flames in My Hero Academia

It’s not often that fans see their favorite anime villains have normal issues like they do. Dabi, for example, gets dizzy easily. The League tried to hijack the vehicle that was taking Overhaul to the hospital so they could take the Quirk from him by stealing drugs and seek revenge for what he did to two of its members.

Spinner was in the driver’s seat, but his only driving lessons came from video games. Needless to say, his driving skills are nothing to write home about. Dabi gagged and scolded Spinner for veering off the road so often.

8/12 Dabi’s hair color changed from crimson to white to black

Dabi in My Hero Academia.

Dabi’s hair color has changed quite a few times in the series, especially considering his past. Like Toya Todoroki, it is known that she had crimson hair long ago. Later, her hair turned completely white at some point in her life.

This was likely due to Marie Antoinette Syndrome due to the stress she faced while living in the Todoroki household and enduring Enji’s neglectful behavior. To hide her identity for as long as she wanted, Dabi used to dye her hair black. All things considered, her plan to hide her true identity worked quite well.

7/12 Dabi’s cremation quirk can burn almost anything

Dabi with his flames in My Hero Academia.

Dabi, like most people in my hero academia, was born with a Quirk, which he awakened at a young age. Interestingly, the name of her Quirk has yet to be confirmed. However, unofficially it is known as Cremation.

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This Quirk allows him to produce blue flames from his body that are strong enough to burn almost anything in a matter of seconds. With this power, he is easily among the strongest characters in the League of Villains.

6/12 Dabi flames can reach up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit

Dabi laughing while using his cremation quirk (My Hero Academia)

Dabi’s flames are different than what Enji Todoroki or Shoto Todoroki can produce using their Quirks. While Endeavor’s flames are orange, the ones Dabi produces are blue. Dabi’s flames burn much hotter than normal flames, as indicated by their color. They can reach temperatures of up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, making Dabi scarier than most villains in the series.

Unfortunately for Dabi, his Quirk damages him every time he uses it, resulting in his scarred appearance. After Twice’s death, Dabi admitted that he can’t cry because his tear ducts are burnt. In recent manga chapters, Dabi’s entire cheek is burned, leaving his jaw and teeth exposed.

5/12 Dabi’s new role in the League is that of Lieutenant of the Liberation Front

Dabi from My Hero Academia.

Dabi is undoubtedly an incredibly useful member of the League of Villains, now known as the Paranormal Liberation Front after joining forces with Re-Destro.

As one of the strongest villains, Dabi was assigned the role of a lieutenant for the Liberation Front. He teamed up with Geten, a member of the Meta Liberation Army, as co-commander of the Violet Regiment. Manipulative, cunning, and utterly motivated by revenge, Dabi is the best person villains could have on his side and never makes a fool of himself.

4/12 Dabi is weak in close combat and prefers to fight from a distance.

Dabi and Vlad King fighting in My Hero Academia.

Despite being an extremely powerful villain, Dabi has his weakness and that is hand-to-hand combat. Dabi doesn’t have that much experience fighting his opponents up close, so he specializes in long-range combat.

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This allows him to use the power of his Cremation Quirk to its fullest and even use the environment as a weapon. His long-range combat skills are incredibly high, and he can take on even the strongest Pro-Heroes using them.

3/12 Dabi had potential, but Endeavor deemed him a flop

Push yourself screaming in My Hero Academia.

Born Toya Todoroki, Dabi was Endeavour’s eldest son and thus became someone whose only goal was to surpass All Might. Toya’s Quirk was known to be stronger than Hellflame.

Being able to produce flames that burn hotter than Enji’s, his father instilled in him everything he knew, knowing that Toya had the potential to surpass him one day. However, because he inherited Rei’s weak constitution, he was ultimately considered a failure.

2/12 Dabi “died” in the past after being completely incinerated by the flames

Toya Todoroki and Dabi, My Hero Academia

Dabi is abused by his father, Enji Todoroki, who only saw him as a tool to achieve his goal, which was to surpass All Might one day. After being constantly abused by his father, Dabi, then Toya Todoroki, she would often break down and question his existence.

One day, he went to Sekoto Peak, where his father used to train, and was completely incinerated by flames, or so most people believed. The only part of his body that was found was his jaw.

1/12 Dabi only lives to get revenge on Endeavor

Bakugo is kidnapped by Dabi (My Hero Academia).

Although everyone believed that Toya was dead, he survived and lived with only one goal in mind at that moment: to destroy his father, Endeavour. Toya’s tragic abuse mentally scarred him and forced him to become a villain and take on Dabi’s identity until the day came when he would remove his father.

This accident also left him with physical scars. He wears several patches of gnarled purple skin on his body. Instead of properly training him on how to handle the flames of his Quirk, Endeavor neglected his child, leaving him to his own helplessness.

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