12 Best Ways To Farm XP (Early, Mid, And Endgame)



In the pixelated realm of Minecraft, pursuing XP is crucial for upgrading your arsenal of tools, weapons, and armor via enchantments. This valuable resource also empowers you to mend items adorned with the Mending enchantment, further amplifying its importance. Delve into the best ways to get xp in Minecraft comprehensive guide, brimming with diverse tactics and techniques to bolster your XP farming efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mob farms in Minecraft provide a consistent XP source through controlled spawning and killing of mobs and are the best way to get xp in Minecraft early game.
  2. Optimize XP gains by setting up an enchanting station, obtaining Lapis Lazuli, prioritizing beneficial enchantments, and using Mending.
  3. Furnace-based XP farms offer efficient and passive XP gains by automating smelting processes.
  4. Maximize fishing-related XP gains by crafting and enchanting a fishing rod, practicing manual fishing, building an AFK fishing farm, and cooking fish.
  5. Trading with villagers provides a steady source of XP and valuable resources.
  6. Optimize your XP gains by finding or creating a village, establishing workstations, securing the village, and trading with villagers.
  7. Raiding dungeons and temples offers exciting XP gains and valuable loot.
  8. Prepare for adventure, locate structures, conquer spawners, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, collect loot, and utilize Ender Chests.
  9. Breeding animals provides a sustainable method for gaining XP and resources.
  10. Build enclosures, collect breeding materials, initiate breeding, manage populations, and harvest resources.
  11. To maximize XP gains from mining, focus on high-XP ores.
  12. One of the best ways to get xp in Minecraft includes Experience Potions, or Bottles o’ Enchanting.

Why Is XP Farming Important In Minecraft?

minecraft best ways to get xp in
XP Farming

XP farming is important in Minecraft for several reasons:

  1. Enchanting: XP is required for enchanting tools, weapons, and armor, significantly enhancing their performance.
    • Better enchantments increase efficiency, durability, and combat abilities, making your gameplay more enjoyable and effective.
  2. Repairing: With the Mending enchantment, XP can repair damaged tools, weapons, and armor, extending their lifespan and saving resources.
  3. Anvils: XP is necessary for using anvils to combine, repair, or rename items. This allows you to create custom gear with multiple enchantments, increasing your character’s power and versatility.
  4. Gameplay progression: Accumulating XP levels reflects your progress and showcases your experience and dedication.
    • Higher levels indicate that you have spent time engaging in various activities, such as mining, farming, and combat.
  5. Unlocking trades: Trading with villagers is an excellent way to obtain valuable items, and some trades require specific XP levels.
    • By farming XP, you can unlock more advanced trades, providing access to better resources and equipment.
  6. Efficient resource use: By optimizing XP gain through farming, you can make the most of the resources you collect.
    • Ensure you have a consistent supply of XP for enchanting and repairing items without relying on random or limited sources.
  7. Improved multiplayer experience: In multiplayer servers, efficient XP farming can help the community progress faster, as players can collaborate and share resources.
    • This contributes to a more enjoyable and successful gameplay experience for all.

Therefore, XP farming is important in Minecraft because it enables you to enhance your gear, efficiently use resources, progress faster, and create a more rewarding and enjoyable gameplay experience, individually and as part of a multiplayer community.

1. Building Effective Mob Farms

minecraft best ways to get xp in
Mob Farm 

Mob farms are among the best way to get xp in Minecraft early game. By creating a controlled environment where mobs spawn and are killed automatically, you can collect a steady stream of XP without actively engaging in combat. Here are some tips and ideas for building effective mob farms:

  1. Choose the right design: Numerous mob farm designs are available, each with advantages and disadvantages.
    • Some popular designs include room spawners, tower spawners, and Enderman farms. Research different designs and select the one that best suits your needs, resources, and available space.
  2. Location matters: To maximize efficiency, build your mob farm in an area with high spawn rates. For example, a dark room spawner will be more effective if built in a low-light environment, while an Enderman farm should be constructed in The End.
    • Additionally, make sure you are far enough away from your mob farm so that mobs can spawn but close enough to ensure the spawning area stays loaded.
  3. Use appropriate killing methods: Depending on the type of mob farm, you’ll need to select an appropriate killing method. Examples include fall damage, suffocation, lava, or drowning.
    • You can also use mob grinders, such as cactus or magma blocks, to damage and kill mobs. For Enderman farms, using an Endermite as bait is particularly effective.
  4. Optimize mob spawn rates: Increase the efficiency of your mob farm by removing competing spawn locations in the surrounding area.
    • Light up caves and surface areas to reduce the number of available spawn points for hostile mobs. This will force mobs to spawn in your farm, boosting XP gains.
  5. Implement efficient collection systems: To collect your XP and dropped items, create an efficient collection system beneath your mob farm.
    • This may include hoppers, hopper minecarts, water currents, or even item elevators. Link these systems to a storage area for easy access to your loot.
  6. Enhance with Redstone: Automate your mob farm using Redstone components like pistons, dispensers, and observers. This will improve the efficiency of your farm and reduce manual intervention.
  7. Consider Multiplayer: If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, you can collaborate with other players to build larger, more efficient mob farms. This will allow you to share resources and increase the overall XP output.

By following these tips and choosing the right design, you can build an effective mob farm, which is the best way to get xp in Minecraft early game.

2. Enchanting And Mending

minecraft best ways to get xp in

Enchanting and Mending are crucial components that can significantly optimize your XP gains and overall gameplay experience. Here’s how to make the most of these mechanics:

  1. Set up an enchanting station: To start enchanting, create an Enchanting Table by combining four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one book. Place the table in an area with ample space and surround it with bookshelves to access higher-level enchantments.
    • Remember that a maximum of 15 bookshelves is needed to achieve the highest level (Level 30) enchantments.
  2. Obtain Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is required for enchanting, so make sure to mine and collect this valuable resource. The more Lapis Lazuli you have, the more enchantments you can perform.
  3. Prioritize enchantments: Some enchantments, like sword enchantments, are more beneficial. Prioritize enchantments like Fortune (for mining), Looting (for combat), and Efficiency (for faster resource gathering), as they can help increase your XP gains from various activities.
  4. Use the Mending enchantment: Mending is a unique enchantment that repairs your magical items using XP orbs collected from various sources.
    • To obtain the Mending enchantment, trade with Librarian villagers, fish for enchanted books, or explore dungeons and temples for treasure. Once you have a Mending enchanted book, use an Anvil to apply it to your desired tools, weapons, or armor.
  5. Balance XP usage: When using Mending-enchanted gear, remember that some of the XP you collect will be used to repair the items.
    • If you need to accumulate XP for other purposes, such as enchanting new items or repairing non-Mending gear, switch to non-Mending items temporarily to conserve your XP.
  6. Organize enchanted gear: Keep track of your magical items by storing them in labeled chests or using item frames. This will help you quickly identify and access the appropriate tools and armor.
  7. Combine enchantments: Use an Anvil to combine similar enchanted items or books to increase the enchantment level and improve their effects.
    • This can help you create more powerful gear to optimize your XP gains further.

By mastering enchanting and Mending mechanics, you can significantly improve your gear, increasing your efficiency and XP gains across various activities. This will enable you to level up faster and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

3. Utilizing Furnace-Based XP Farms 

minecraft best ways to get xp in

Furnace-based XP farms are efficient and include among the best ways to get xp in Minecraft. These farms use furnaces for smelting large quantities of items, and by collecting the smelted output, players can accumulate XP over time. Here’s how to set up and optimize your furnace-based XP farm:

  1. Select a smeltable resource: Choose a resource that is abundant and easy to farm, such as cactus, bamboo, or kelp.
    • These renewable resources can be automated using farms, ensuring a steady supply for your XP farm.
  2. Build an automated farm: Set up an automated farm for your chosen resource to collect materials without manual intervention.
    • For example, create a cactus farm using sand, cacti, and a collection system with hoppers and chests, or build a kelp farm using pistons and water currents.
  3. Construct a furnace array: Build an array of furnaces connected to a hopper input and output system. The input hoppers should be connected to your farm’s output, ensuring a continuous supply of smeltable resources. The output hoppers should lead to a chest or other storage systems to collect the smelted items.
  4. Fuel your furnaces: Furnaces require fuel, so choose a suitable fuel source like coal, charcoal, or even bamboo.
    • Alternatively, consider using a blast furnace or smoker for faster smelting times, although they only work with specific items.
  5. Automate fuel delivery: Set up a system to automatically deliver fuel to your furnaces. This can be achieved using hoppers, minecart hoppers, or other redstone contraptions.
  6. Collect the output and XP: When items are smelted in a furnace, they generate XP stored within the furnace until the output is collected.
    • Periodically collect the smelted items from the furnace output to receive the stored XP.
  7. Expand your farm: To increase your XP gains, expand your furnace-based XP farm by adding more furnaces or automating additional smeltable resources.
    • A larger farm will require more fuel and resources but yield higher XP output.

You can experience continuous growth while minimizing manual labor by utilizing furnace-based XP farms. This efficient system allows you to focus on other aspects while still gaining XP for enchanting, repairing, or leveling up.

4. Exploit Fishing And Fishing Farms

minecraft best ways to get xp in
Fish Farm

Fishing is a relaxing and rewarding activity that can provide steady XP gains while supplying valuable resources like fish, treasure, and junk items. You can maximize your XP gains with minimal effort by exploiting fishing mechanics and building farms. Here’s how:

  1. Craft a fishing rod: To start fishing, you’ll need a fishing rod crafted using three sticks and two pieces of string.
    • Fishing rods can be found in chests, obtained by trading with villagers, or dropped by mobs.
  2. Enchant your fishing rod: Enhance your fishing experience by enchanting your fishing rod with useful enchantments such as Lure (faster fish biting), Luck of the Sea (higher chance of treasure), Mending (repairs rod using XP), and Unbreaking (increases rod durability).
  3. Practice manual fishing: Fishing manually in any body of water can provide a relaxing way to gain XP.
    • Find a suitable spot, cast your line, and wait for the bobber to dip underwater before reeling in your catch. Each successful catch grants a small amount of XP.
  4. Build an AFK fishing farm: Set up an AFK (Away From Keyboard) fishing farm to automate fishing and collect resources without actively playing. These farms automatically cast and reel in your fishing line using Redstone, tripwire hooks, and other components.
    • Note that AFK fishing farms have become less efficient in recent updates but still provide a passive way to gain XP.
  5. Collect your loot and XP: Periodically check your fishing farm to collect your catch and the associated XP. Sort and store your loot in chests or other storage systems for later use.
    • Don’t forget to repair or replace your fishing rod if needed, especially if it doesn’t have the Mending enchantment.
  6. Cook your fish: Cooking the fish you’ve caught in a furnace or smoker will provide additional XP and yield a valuable food source for your survival needs.
  7. Trade with fishermen villagers: Some items you catch, like raw fish or enchanted fishing rods, can be traded with Fishermen villagers for emeralds, which can be further used for trading and gaining more XP.

By exploiting fishing and fishing farms, which are easily among the best ways to get xp in Minecraft, you can enjoy steady XP gains and valuable resources while taking a break from more labor-intensive activities.

5. Unlocking XP Through Villagers

minecraft best ways to get xp in

Trading with villagers is a powerful way to gain XP and access valuable resources. You can create a thriving economy while earning experience points by unlocking new trades and leveling up villagers. Here’s how to make the most of trading with villagers for XP gains:

  1. Find a village: Locate a village in your world or transport villagers to your base using boats or minecarts. Alternatively, cure a Zombie Villager to create a new villager.
  2. Establish workstations: Place appropriate workstations (e.g., Lectern for Librarian, Blast Furnace for Armorer, Composter for Farmer) near the villagers to assign them specific professions.
    • Villagers will adopt the profession associated with the workstation, unlocking trade options.
  3. Secure your village: Protect villagers from hostile mobs by building walls, fences, or other barriers around the village.
    • Ensure the area is well-lit to prevent mob spawns and install Iron Golems for additional protection.
  4. Begin trading: Approach a villager and initiate trading by right-clicking on them (Java Edition) or pressing the trade button (Bedrock Edition).
    • Each villager offers different trades depending on their profession and level.
  5. Prioritize high-XP trades: Some trades offer more XP than others. Focus on trades yielding valuable items or resources and higher XP rewards.
    • These include enchantment books from Librarians, diamond tools and armor from Blacksmiths, and large quantities of food from Farmers.
  6. Level up villagers: As you trade with villagers, their experience bars will fill up, allowing them to level up and unlock new trades.
    • Continue trading with the same villager to access better trade deals and gain more XP.
  7. Optimize trading routes: Organize your villagers and their workstations for easy and efficient trading. Create a designated trading area or a marketplace to streamline your trading process.
  8. Breed villagers: Increase the number of villagers available for trading by encouraging breeding. Provide villagers with ample food and enough beds to accommodate the growing population.
  9. Please take advantage of discounts: Occasionally, villagers may offer discounts on their trades due to various factors, such as being cured of their zombie state or resulting from a Hero of the Village effect after successfully defending a village from a raid.
    • Exploit these discounts to maximize your XP gains and resource acquisition.

By harnessing the power of trading with villagers, you can unlock a steady source of XP and acquire valuable items and resources to aid in your adventures.

6. Adventure-Based XP Collection

minecraft best ways to get xp in
Raiding Dungeons

Exploring dungeons and temples is an exciting way to gain XP while discovering valuable loot and unique blocks. These structures are scattered worldwide, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Here’s how to make the most of raiding dungeons and temples for XP collection:

  1. Prepare for the adventure: Ensure you are well-equipped with weapons, armor, food, torches, and other essential supplies before venturing into dangerous locations.
  2. Locate structures: Dungeons and temples can be found in various biomes.
    • Some examples include Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, Ocean Monuments, Woodland Mansions, and Strongholds. Explore your world and keep an eye out for these intriguing structures.
  3. Conquer spawners: Dungeons often contain monster spawners, continuously spawning hostile mobs.
    • Neutralize these spawners by placing torches around them to prevent further spawns. Destroy the spawner or keep it intact for a potential mob farm, and collect the XP dropped by defeated mobs.
  4. Solve puzzles: Some temples, like Jungle Temples and Desert Temples, feature traps and puzzles that must be navigated to access the loot.
    • Carefully disarm traps and solve puzzles to avoid harm and gain access to the treasure.
  5. Defeat bosses: Structures such as Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions contain powerful bosses, like the Elder Guardian and Evoker. Defeating these bosses will grant you substantial XP and unique drops.
  6. Collect valuable loot: Raiding dungeons and temples often rewards you with valuable items like enchanted books, golden apples, and rare blocks. Collect these items for crafting, enchanting, or trading with villagers.
  7. Utilize Ender Chests: Bring an Ender Chest along to store your loot safely while exploring.
    • This will allow you to keep your inventory organized and secure, even in danger.
  8. Overcome the End: One of the most challenging and rewarding adventures is the journey to the End dimension, where you must defeat the Ender Dragon.
    • The Ender Dragon drops a vast amount of XP upon defeat, making it a significant source of XP collection.
  9. Explore the Nether: Venture into the Nether to locate structures like Nether Fortresses and Bastions, which offer unique challenges, loot, and XP opportunities.

You can engage in thrilling adventures by raiding dungeons and temples while collecting XP and valuable resources to enhance your experience.

7. Breeding Animals

minecraft best ways to get xp in

The Breeding animals strategy is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to gain XP while also creating a reliable source of food and resources. Managing and expanding your animal farms can ensure a steady supply of XP and other valuable benefits. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Choose your animals: Select the animals you want to breed, such as cows, pigs, chickens, or sheep.
    • Each animal offers different resources, like meat, wool, or eggs, which can be used for various purposes, including crafting, cooking, and trading.
  2. Build appropriate enclosures: Construct fenced or walled enclosures to house and protect your animals from hostile mobs and environmental hazards.
    • Ensure the enclosures have enough space for the animals to move around comfortably.
  3. Collect breeding materials: Gather the necessary items for each animal type to initiate breeding.
    • For example, cows and sheep require wheat, pigs need carrots, and chickens are bred with seeds.
  4. Initiate breeding: Approach your animals while holding the appropriate breeding material and right-click or use the feeding button to give it to them.
    • When two animals receive the breeding material, they breed and produce offspring, granting you a small amount of XP.
  5. Manage animal populations: Regularly breed your animals to maintain a healthy population and maximize XP gains.
    • However, be mindful of overcrowding, as this can cause lag or other issues in your game.
  6. Harvest resources: Periodically shear sheep for wool, collect eggs from chickens, or milk cows with a bucket.
    • These resources can be used for crafting, cooking, or trading, providing additional XP opportunities.
  7. Cull excess animals: To maintain a manageable population and prevent overcrowding, occasionally cull excess animals for meat and other resources.
    • This not only provides additional XP but also offers a sustainable food source for your survival needs.
  8. Automate the process: To optimize your animal breeding farm further, consider incorporating redstone contraptions, hoppers, and dispensers to automate the collection of resources like eggs, wool, and meat.

By breeding animals and maintaining sustainable animal farms, you can farm XP responsibly while reaping the benefits of valuable resources and food supplies. This approach allows you to enjoy a continuous source of XP and materials to support your adventures.

8. XP Through Mining

minecraft best ways to get xp in

Mining is a fundamental aspect and one of the best ways to get xp in Minecraft that provides valuable resources as well. Knowing which ores offer the most XP and employing efficient mining techniques can maximize your gains. Here’s how to unearth the most rewarding ores for XP:

  1. Prepare for mining: Equip yourself with a durable axe (preferably iron or diamond), torches, food, and any necessary armor or tools for a successful mining expedition.
  2. Locate high-XP ores: Some ores yield more XP than others when mined. Focus on mining ores like coal, Redstone, lapis lazuli, nether Quartz, diamonds, and emeralds, as they offer higher XP rewards.
  3. Utilize Fortune enchantment: Enchant your pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment to increase the drop rate of valuable ores like diamonds, emeralds, Redstone, lapis lazuli, and Nether Quartz.
    • The higher the Fortune level, the greater the chances of receiving multiple drops, thus maximizing your XP gains.
  4. Branch mining technique: Employ an efficient mining technique like branch mining to increase the chances of discovering high-XP ores.
    • By creating a main tunnel with smaller branches extending outwards, you can cover a larger area and expose more ore veins.
  5. Mine at the right levels: Different ores spawn at specific Y-coordinate levels. Mine at the optimal levels for each ore to maximize your chances of finding them:
    • Diamonds: Y-levels 2 to 16
    • Emeralds: Y-levels 4 to 32 (only in Extreme Hills biomes)
    • Redstone: Y-levels 2 to 16
    • Lapis Lazuli: Y-levels 14 to 30
    • Nether Quartz: Found throughout the Nether
  6. Mine in the right biomes: Some ores, like emeralds, are exclusive to specific biomes. Ensure you’re mining in the appropriate biome to increase your chances of finding the desired ores.
  7. Explore caves and ravines: Caves and ravines often expose valuable ore veins on their walls and floors. Exploring these natural formations can lead to discovering high-XP ores with minimal mining effort.
  8. Smelt your ores: Some ores, like iron and gold, don’t drop XP when mined. However, smelting these ores in a furnace will grant you XP upon collecting the smelted ingots.

By focusing on high-XP ores and employing efficient mining techniques, you can unearth the most rewarding ores and maximize your XP gains. This will help you level up faster, enabling you to enchant and repair your gear more effectively.

9. Experience Potions

minecraft best ways to get xp in
Bottle o’ Enchanting

Brewing Experience Potions, called Bottles o’ Enchanting, can instantly boost XP to help you level up faster. This method is considered one of the best ways to get xp in Minecraft.

Although these potions cannot be crafted in survival mode, they can be obtained through other means, such as trading with villagers. Here’s how to acquire and use Experience Potions for quicker level-ups:

  1. Trade with villagers: Cleric villagers offer Bottles of Enchanting in exchange for emeralds. Level up a Cleric villager by trading with them, and eventually, they will unlock the trade for Experience Potions.
    • Stock up on emeralds by trading with other villagers or mining emerald ore to facilitate the exchange.
  2. Play in Creative mode or use cheats: If you’re playing in Creative mode or have cheats enabled in your world, you can obtain Bottles o’ Enchanting directly from the Creative inventory or by using the “/give” command.
    • For example, use “/give@pminecraft:experience_bottle 64” to give yourself a stack of 64 Experience Potions.
  3. Using Experience Potions: To use a Bottle o’ Enchanting, right-click or use the throw button to toss the bottle into the air.
    • When the bottle breaks, it releases a small amount of XP orbs that you can collect. The XP gained from each bottle is random, ranging from 3 to 11 experience points.
  4. Optimize XP gain: To make the most of your Experience Potions, stand close to where the bottle breaks to ensure that you collect all the XP orbs.
    • You can also throw multiple bottles at once to accumulate a substantial amount of XP quickly.
  5. Consider alternative XP sources: While Experience Potions offer a quick way to gain XP, they may not be the most efficient or sustainable method, especially in survival mode.
    • Consider other XP farming techniques, such as mob farming, mining, breeding animals, or trading with villagers to supplement your gains.

By obtaining and using Experience Potions, you can enjoy a fast and convenient way to level up. However, remember that this method should be used alongside other XP-generating activities to ensure a consistent and sustainable supply of experience points.

10. Nether Adventures

minecraft best ways to get xp in

The Nether is a dangerous dimension that offers unique challenges, resources, and opportunities for substantial XP gains. It is one of the best ways to get xp in Minecraft. You can maximize your XP earnings by mastering survival in the Nether and utilizing its resources. Here’s how to make the most of your Nether adventures:

  1. Prepare for the journey: Before venturing into the Nether, ensure you’re well-equipped with armor, weapons, food, and essential supplies such as torches or blocks for marking your path.
    • A fire resistance potion is highly recommended to protect yourself from fire and lava hazards.
  2. Locate and mine Nether Quartz: Nether Quartz is an abundant resource in the Nether, and mining it yields a significant amount of XP.
    • Gather as much Nether Quartz as possible, and consider using a pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment to increase your quartz and XP output.
  3. Raid Nether Fortresses: Nether Fortresses contain valuable loot, unique resources, and dangerous mobs, such as Wither Skeletons and Blazes.
    • Defeat these mobs for XP and gather their drops, like blaze rods and wither skeleton skulls, which are essential for brewing and summoning the Wither boss.
  4. Battle the Wither boss: Summoning and defeating the Wither boss provides a substantial XP reward and a Nether Star, which can be used to craft a Beacon.
    • To summon the Wither, place three Wither Skeleton skulls on top of a T-shaped formation of soul sand or soul soil blocks.
  5. Explore Bastion Remnants: These massive structures are home to Piglins and Piglin Brutes and contain valuable loot, such as gold, enchanted items, and Netherite scraps.
    • Raid Bastion Remnants carefully, as Piglins will become hostile if you open chests or mine gold blocks in their vicinity.
  6. Barter with Piglins: Piglins are attracted to gold and will barter with you if you offer them gold ingots.
    • Toss a gold nugget at a Piglin to initiate bartering, and they may offer you useful items like fire resistance potions, ender pearls, or even enchanted books in return.
  7. Defeat Ghasts: Ghasts are dangerous flying mobs that shoot explosive fireballs. Defeat them for XP and collect their drops, such as ghast tears, which can be used for brewing regeneration potions.
  8. Conquer Ruined Portals: Locate and repair Ruined Portals found throughout the Nether to access additional Nether or Overworld locations, providing more opportunities for exploration and XP gains.
  9. Mine Ancient Debris: Mining Ancient Debris for Nephrite doesn’t yield XP directly.
    • The powerful Netherite tools and armor you can create will significantly enhance your overall efficiency and survivability, indirectly contributing to your XP gains.

By embracing the challenges and opportunities the Nether presents, you can maximize your XP gains and access valuable resources to strengthen your gameplay. Remember always to stay vigilant and well-prepared to survive the dangerous dimension successfully.

11. End Game XP

minecraft best ways to get xp in

End Cities and Elytra hunting are high-level end-game activities providing unique loot, equipment, and significant XP rewards. They are easily the best ways to get xp in Minecraft. By conquering End Cities and obtaining the coveted Elytra, you can unlock new dimensions of gameplay and maximize your XP gains. Here’s how to make the most of these end-game challenges:

  1. Prepare for the journey: Before embarking on your adventure, ensure you’re well-equipped with strong armor, weapons, plenty of food, Ender Pearls, and building blocks.
    • Feather Falling enchantment on your boots and slow-falling potions can be especially helpful to mitigate fall damage.
  2. Defeat the Ender Dragon: To access End Cities, you first must defeat the Ender Dragon in the End dimension.
    • This challenging boss battle yields massive XP and opens up an End Gateway Portal that transports you to the outer islands.
  3. Locate End Cities: Navigate the outer End islands using Ender Pearls, bridging with blocks, or flying with an Elytra (if you already have one).
    • Keep an eye out for the distinct, tall structures of End Cities, composed of purpur blocks and End stone bricks.
  4. Conquer Shulkers and loot End Cities: End Cities are guarded by Shulkers, unique mobs that shoot homing projectiles causing levitation.
    • Defeat Shulkers for XP and collect Shulker shells, which can be used to craft valuable Shulker boxes. Loot chests within End Cities for valuable items, including enchanted armor, tools, and Ender Chests.
  5. Obtain the Elytra: The primary goal of Elytra hunting is to locate and conquer End Ships, which spawn near some End Cities.
    • End Ships contain an item frame with the coveted Elytra, a set of wings that enable players to glide through the air. Take the Elytra and equip it, enhancing your mobility and making further exploration much easier.
  6. Collect Dragon Heads: End Ships also contain a unique decorative item, the Dragon Head, on the ship. Carefully mine the Dragon Head to add it to your collection.
  7. Mine End City blocks: Gather valuable building materials like purpura blocks, End stone bricks, and End rods from End Cities.
    • These blocks can be used for unique construction projects in the Overworld or as trade items with other players.
  8. Locate and harvest Chorus Fruit: Chorus plants grow abundantly in the End and can be harvested for Chorus Fruit, which can be eaten for a short teleportation effect or smelted into Popped Chorus Fruit to craft purpura blocks.
  9. Return to the Overworld: To safely return to the Overworld, locate an End Gateway Portal or travel back to the central End island and use the End Portal.

Conquering End Cities and hunting for Elytras offers challenging and rewarding end-game experiences, with substantial XP gains and exclusive loot. By mastering these activities, you can unlock new dimensions of gameplay and further enhance your adventures.

12. Multiplayer Strategies

minecraft best ways to get xp in
Mining Expedition

Playing with friends or on a multiplayer server offers unique opportunities for collaborative XP farming. If done right, they are among the best ways to get xp in Minecraft. By working together, players can achieve greater efficiency, optimize resource sharing, and maximize XP gains for the entire group. Here are some strategies for collaborative XP farming in multiplayer:

  1. Divide and conquer: Assign different tasks and roles to each player based on their strengths and preferences.
    • For example, some players might focus on mining, breeding animals, and building mob farms. Players can optimize their efficiency by specializing in specific areas and collectively gain more XP.
  2. Shared mob farms: Construct large, efficient mob farms that simultaneously accommodate multiple players.
    • Players can take turns using the farm or use it simultaneously if it’s designed with multiple AFK spots. Sharing mob farms allows for faster XP accumulation and better resource utilization.
  3. Group mining expeditions: Organize group mining trips to explore caves, ravines, and underground structures together.
    • By working as a team, players can cover more ground, share resources, and provide support during combat encounters, resulting in higher XP gains for everyone involved.
  4. Collaborative trading: Establish a communal trading area where players can exchange resources with each other or with villagers.
    • This encourages resource sharing and allows players to unlock more trades, increasing XP gains from trading activities.
  5. Group boss battles: Team up to defeat bosses like the Ender Dragon, the Wither, or ElderGuardians.
    • Fighting bosses as a group reduces individual risk and increases the chances of success while providing substantial XP rewards for all participating players.
  6. Shared enchanting and brewing stations: Set up communal areas for all players.
    • This encourages cooperation and helps players pool their resources to create more powerful enchantments and potions, indirectly contributing to XP gains.
  7. Cooperative building projects: Work together on large-scale projects, like constructing elaborate mob farms, automated farms, or massive structures.
    • These projects encourage teamwork and provide opportunities for players to earn XP from activities like mining, crafting, and placing blocks.
  8. Share knowledge and expertise: Encourage players to share their knowledge, tips, and tricks.
    • By learning from one another, players can discover new and efficient ways to gain XP, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for everyone involved.

Players can work together to achieve greater efficiency, optimize resource sharing, and maximize XP gains for all by employing collaborative XP farming techniques in multiplayer. These strategies enhance unique gameplay and foster community and teamwork within the server or group of friends.

Best Methods For Multiplying XP Gains

minecraft best ways to get xp in
Automated Spider Farm

You can combine the best ways to get xp in Minecraft into a comprehensive farming system to maximize your XP gains. This allows you to use multiple XP sources and optimize your gameplay efficiency. Here are some best practices for creating your ultimate XP farm:

  1. Combine mob farming with automated farms: Design a mob farm that can be integrated with automated crop, animal, or furnace-based farms.
    • This way, you can collect XP from mob kills while benefiting from passive XP generation from your automated farms.
  2. Assess your needs and resources: Before building, evaluate your current resources, available space, and specific needs.
    • This will help you determine which XP farming methods best suit your situation and provide the most significant benefits.
  3. Integrate trading and enchanting stations: Set up trading areas with villagers, enchanting tables, and anvils near your XP farm.
    • This allows you to easily trade with villagers for XP, enchant your gear, and repair your items using your collected XP.
  4. Connect multiple XP sources: To maximize efficiency, create a central hub to access all your XP sources easily.
    • This can include pathways or transportation systems, such as minecart rails, water streams, or even Elytra launchers.
  5. Optimize farm design for multiplayer: If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, design your XP farm to accommodate multiple players simultaneously.
    • This can include different AFK spots for mob farms, communal trading areas, and shared enchanting and brewing stations.
  6. Scale your farm as needed: Expand and upgrade your XP farm to accommodate your growing needs as you progress in Minecraft.
    • This may involve adding new mob farms, automated farms, or trading areas.
  7. Prioritize sustainability and efficiency: Design your XP farm with sustainability and efficiency in mind.
    • This includes using renewable resources, optimizing mob spawning rates, and minimizing lag using smart redstone circuits and other mechanisms.
  8. Ensure safety and ease of use: Make your XP farm user-friendly and safe to operate.
    • This can involve creating well-lit areas, using secure, reliable transportation systems, and adding safety features.

By combining various XP farming methods and following best practices, you can create an ultimate XP farm. This approach to XP farming will enable you to progress faster.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide to efficient XP farming has provided you with the best ways to get xp in Minecraft to maximize your XP gains and elevate your gameplay. By understanding the various methods available, you can create a powerful and highly efficient XP farm!


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