12 Best Horizon Forbidden West Weapons



Horizon Forbidden West allows players to choose from a wide range of weapons, such as Bows, Spears, Blastslings, and much more. Each one is different from the others, and some are extremely powerful. Today, to help you select the right weapons for your journey, we are going to write down a Horizon Forbidden West best weapons guide.

Key Highlights

  • In Horizon Forbidden West, players choose from a variety of different weapons, including  Bows, Spears, Blastslings, and much more. The following are the best weapons!

  1. Hunter Bow is the first bow that the player will use; It can deal a good amount of damage and quickly kill enemies. 
  2. Frost Blasting can perform Freeze Attacks, which is something that will help you take down early-game opponents. 
  3. Prototype Spike Thrower comes equipped with explosives that quickly detonate after hitting the target, dealing a tremendous amount of damage. You can trust this weapon to take out any machine. 
  4. Wings of the Ten uses adhesive rounds, which can immobilize your target and make them unable to move. 
  5. Death-seeker’s Shadow destroys the enemy’s armor whilst delivering electric damage. Furthermore, it has a quick draw time, which improves the rate of fire. 
  6. The Skykiller uses spikes, including Classic, Flaming, and Explosive, which deal a lot of damage. 
  7. The Sun Scrouge comes with five upgradable Coil Slots. It has a quick draw time and will help in taking out fast targets. It can also pierce through tough armor. It can also use elemental arrows fire, ice, and poison
  8. Carja’s Bane specializes in taking down close-range targets. It can pierce through armor and deal fire damage. 
  9. Tinker’s Pride has three types of explosive wires which you can set up on the ground, which will explode if an enemy hits the wire. 
  10. Forgefall is a Legendary Sharp Shoot bow that can help you destroy enemies in seconds. It also offers a great range, so you can deal significant damage from afar. 
  11. Ancestor’s Return is a Legendary Shredder Gauntlet that launches a disk that deals a good amount of damage. Then you must catch it as it returns to Aloy, and when you throw the disk again, it will do more damage. 
  12. The Blast Forge comes equipped with three different types of armor-piercing bolts, which makes it an absolute powerhouse.

Best Weapons & Comparison Table

Check out the stats of Horizon Forbidden West’s best weapons below:

Weapon Type Base Damage Buildup Effect
Hunter Bow Hunter Bow 60.0 – Impact Damage
– Fire
Frost Blastsling Blastsling 14.0 30.0 – Front
Prototype Spike Thrower Spike Thrower 20.0 – Impact Damage
– Explosive Damage
Wings of the Ten Blastsling 127.0 211.0 – Explosive Damage
– Adhesive
Death-Seeker’s Shadow Hunter Bow 32.0 175.0 – Impact Damage
– Shock
– Tear
The Skykiller Spike Thrower 151.0 108.0 – Explosive Damage
– Impact Damage
– Fire
The Sun Scrouge Hunter Bow 38.0 238.0 – Fire
– Frost
– Acid
Carja’s Bane Warrior Bow 14.0 42.0 – Impact Damage
– Tear
– Fire
Tinker’s Pride Tripcaster 211.0 – Impact Damage
– Explosive Damage
Forgefall Sharpshot Bow 25.0 232.0 – Impact Damage
– Plasma
– Tear
Ancestor’s Return Shredder Gauntlet 59.0 65.0 – Impact Damage
– Tear
– Acid
– Shock
The Blast Forge Boltblaster 37.0 – Impact Damage
– Explosive Damage

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons Detailed

I’m going to mention a total of twelve weapons that I found to be useful in the game. Keep in mind that this is just my personal preference, and you might find some other weapons better than these. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the list of best melee and bow weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

Hunter Bow

Damage Handling Draw Time Reload Speed Max Range Ammo per Pack
60 80 0.57s 0.625s 70m 10

The first weapon I would like to mention in our Horizon Forbidden West best weapons list is the Hunter Bow. This will be the first weapon or bow that you’ll use as you start the game with it. However, even though it is one of the first weapons of the game, it can still do wonders. 

The Hunter Bow can deal a good amount of damage with each hit, and it can help you quickly kill the enemies you’ll face during the early stages of the game. It has a single Coil Slot that you can use to upgrade this weapon.

Overall, the Hunter Bow is a decent weapon that can help you in the early stages and later on, that is, if you have made the right upgrades. You’ll also be able to use Acid Arrows with the weapon, something through which you’ll be able to deal even more damage to the enemies. 

How To Get The Hunter Bow

You don’t need to do anything to get this weapon, as you’ll start the game with the Hunter Bow. 

Frost Blastsling

Frost Damage Buildup Effect
14 30 Frost

Next up, we have Frost Blastsling. Almost all of you will use this weapon as this will be one of the first few weapons that you’ll acquire in the game. 

Being an early weapon, the Frost Blastsling can deal a good amount of damage with each hit. It can perform Freeze Attacks, something through which you can take down the enemies you’ll face early in the game quickly. When an enemy gets affected by the Freeze status, their movement becomes slow, thanks to which you get the opportunity to strike them even harder without worrying about a counter-attack.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons
Frost Blastsling – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

The only downside about this weapon is that its ammo, Frost Bombs, is somewhat expensive to craft. However, you won’t need to worry about crafting many of them as only a few can help you against powerful enemies.

Overall, the Frost Blastsling is an excellent weapon for the early stages. Its high damage output and the capability of freezing its targets make it an excellent addition to the arsenal. However, make sure to switch to a better weapon as soon as you get the chance. While the Forst Blastsling will prove to be helpful during the early quests, it will struggle later on.

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How To Get The Frost Blastsling

You will need to progress through the “Reach for the Stars’ story quest to get your hands on this weapon. This is the first story quest of the game, and Varl will hand over this weapon to you during the mission. You’ll face a powerful opponent called the Slitherfang during the mission, and you’ll be able to test the Frost Blastsling during the fight. 

Prototype Spike Thrower 

Damage Explosive Damage Effect
20 70
  • Impact Damage
  • Explosive Damage

Next up, we have the Prototype Spike Thrower. This is easily one of the best weapons available because of how powerful it is. It is the kind of weapon that can help you against regular and powerful enemies.

The best part about the Prototype Spike Thrower is that you can get it during the game’s early stages. It comes equipped with explosives that detonate a few seconds after hitting the target. The explosion deals a tremendous amount of damage, and if there are other enemies nearby your target, they will receive the damage as well. 

Best Horizon Forbidden West Weapons
Prototype Spike Thrower – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

For an early weapon, this weapon can do wonders. You can use it to take down machines quickly and easily. Even when you progress through the story and encounter giant enemies such as the Shell Snapper, you can trust this weapon to help you take it down. By using only a few of them, you can annihilate even the toughest opponents. 

Overall, the Prototype Spik Thrower is a fantastic weapon. It might feel slow at first because it takes some time to draw it fully. However, considering it can pierce through strong armor and can explode a few seconds after sticking to the target, there isn’t any reason for you not to try it. 

How To Get The Prototype Spike Thrower

To get this weapon, you will need to complete an Errand in Chainscrape. The Errand will become available after you complete “To the Brink” main quest and the merchants open up their shops again in Chainscrape. 

Wings of the Ten

Explosive Damage Type Effects
127 Ranged Weapon

Another Blastslings that I would like to mention is the Wings of the Ten. While the Frost Blastsling is amazing and all, the Wings of the Ten is somewhat better than it. What makes it one of the best weapons to use is its ability to immobilize its targets.

The Wings of the Ten can use adhesive rounds. This can help you immobilize your target and prevent them from moving. And when the target is unable to move around, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to strike them with more attacks and take them down instantly. 

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons
Wings of the Ten – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

It won’t matter if you’re fighting against a Burrower or even a Slitherfang; you’ll be able to slow them down with the Wings of the Ten. However, you will need to be quick after you immobilize them. Otherwise, you’ll only waste your time. 

Overall, the Wings of the Ten is a great weapon that can be useful in multiple situations. Acquiring it is a complex and time taking task, but you won’t be able to get your hands on powerful weapons without going through some trouble. 

How To Get The Wings of the Ten

To get this weapon, you will need to collect 12 Black Box voice recorders that are scattered all across the map. However, make sure that you complete the Seeds of the Past and Sea of Sands story missions before looking for these boxes, as they will reward you with the Vine Cutter and Diving Mask. Both of these items are needed for getting the boxes. These missions will become available after you have completed more than half of the game’s story so that you won’t be getting the Wings of the Ten before that. 

The 12 Black Boxes in Horizon Forbidden West can be found at different wrecks in the following locations:

  • Whitewatch Peaks
  • No Man’s Land
  • Jagged Deep
  • Salt Bite
  • Memorial Grave
  • Bleeding Mark
  • Stillsands
  • Promontory
  • Raintrance
  • Stand of the Sentinels
  • Isle of Spires
  • Bonewhite Tear

You can also follow the locations we have marked in the image below to get them quickly.

Black Box Locations
Black Box Locations

Death-Seeker’s Shadow

Damage Type Tear Effects
52 Ranged Weapon 175

Another best Horizon Forbidden West weapon on our list is the Death-Seeker’s Shadow. This is the first Horizon Forbidden West legendary weapon on our list, and it’s extremely powerful. No matter what you’re fighting against, this bow can help you take down your target quickly and easily.

The Death-Seeker’s Shadow hunter bow specializes in destroying the enemy’s armor. Furthermore, it is also capable of dealing electric damage to its target. The thing which I love about this weapon is its quick draw time, something that can help you shoot arrows at your target faster. Even if you’re targeting fast enemies, this legendary bow will not disappoint you.

HFW Best Weapons
Death-Seeker’s Shadow – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

Overall, the Death-Seeker’s Shadow is a fantastic bow that can do wonders if used by the right hands. Its high damage output makes it one of the best bows in Horizon Forbidden West. The weapon also comes with five Coil Slots, thanks to which you can upgrade this weapon and make it even more powerful. Even though you might get this weapon later in the game, it will help you annihilate every type of enemy, no matter how strong they are. 

How To Get The Death-Seeker’s Shadow Bow

Getting this weapon isn’t an easy task as you will need to go through some trouble to acquire it. First, you will need to earn access to the Arena. Afterward, you will be allowed to compete in the Arena and Hunting grounds, through which you’ll be able to acquire medals. After gathering a total of 80 medals, head over to the Merchant who has his shop set up at the Arena’s entrance and purchase this weapon from him. 

The Skykiller

Damage Explosive Damage Draw Time Reload Speed Max Range
43 151 0.6s 0.39s 80-100m

The Skykiller is yet another weapon on our Horizon Forbidden West melee weapons list that can deal significantly more damage with each hit. Like the Prototype, this one is also a Spike Thrower, only that it is a little better than it.

While The Skykiller uses classic spikes, it also allows its user to use Explosive and Flaming spikes. They deal a good amount of damage and are meant for different situations. For instance, if you want to destroy the shell or armor of an enemy, then it will be best to use Explosive Spikes against them. The explosion will also deal damage to all nearby enemies. But if you’re against a regular enemy or one without armor, then you can go ahead and burn them to the ground.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons
The Skykiller – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

Overall, The Skykiller is easily one of the best Spike Throwers in the entire game. You can further upgrade it by using its five Coil Slots. It also has perks that increase its reload speed and grant it a 15% ariel damage.

How To Get The Skykiller

To get this Spike Thrower, you will need to complete a side quest called “The Way Home.” Unfortunately, this side quest will become available after you complete the GEMINI story mission, which is one of the final story missions of the game. This means that you won’t be able to get The Skykiller until you reach the game’s final stages.

During The Way Home side quest, you will need to return a gyrocompass from the wreckage of a ship. The side quest is a bit long, so make sure you’re prepared for the trouble. 

The Sun Scrouge

Damage Handling Draw Time Reload Speed Max Range Effect
37 80 0.57s 0.17s 60m

The Sun Scrouge is another excellent legendary hunter bow in our Best Horizon Forbidden West weapons list. Just like the Death-Seeker’s Shadow bow, this one also comes with five Coil Slots through which you can upgrade this weapon and make it even more powerful.

The Sun Scrouge also has a quick draw time and can easily help you take down fast-moving targets. Furthermore, you can even use it against enemies with tough armor thanks to its excellent damage output. The bow can use three different types of elemental arrows: fire, ice, and poison. This means that you will always be prepared if you have the Sun Scrouge bow in your arsenal, no matter what the situation.

The Sun Scourge
The Sun Scourge – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

Overall, the Sun Scrouge bow is one of the best weapons to use in Horizon Forbidden West. Although you will get this weapon after going through a lot of trouble, you won’t regret anything after you get to use this low. It also comes with three different perks, including a 2% Instant Brittle Chance, 10% Agility Damage, and 15% Overdraw Damage. 

How To Get The Sun Scourge

To get this weapon, you will need to conquer every Rebel Camp available in the game. There are a total of five Rebel Camps in the game that includes:

  • Easter Lie – Located in Barren Light, north of the Salvage Camp.
  • Breached Rock – Can be found in the Mountains, west of Scalding Spear. 
  • The Hive – Located in the Mountains west of Scalding Spear.
  • Fenrise – Located in the bottom right of the Jungle Biome.
  • Devil’s Grasp – Located southwest of Vegas, at the bottom-left part of the Desert Biome.
Rebel Camps
Rebel Camps

After you successfully clear out these five Rebel Camps, a new side quest will pop up in which you’ll need to take down the sixth and final Rebel Camp and defeat Asera in the process. Upon completing the side quest, you will get rewarded with the Sun Scrouge. 

Carja’s Bane

Damage Tear Handling Reload Speed Max Range Draw Time
35 83 80 0.17s 25m 0.57s

In Horizon Forbidden West, there can be times when you’re being chased by fast enemies. No matter what you do, they always end up getting up-close and personal. This is where the Carja’s Bane comes in. This legendary warrior bow is designed to take down targets in close-ranged situations.

The Carja’s Bane can deal a decent amount of damage with each hit. If an enemy gets close to you, then all you need to do is take out this weapon and shoot them in the head with it. The best part is that it can also pierce through armor, so you can even use it against tough opponents. Furthermore, it can also deal fire damage to its targets, something that can help you eliminate them even more quickly. This also makes it an ideal weapon against Frostclaw as this machine uses freeze attacks. 

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons
Caja’s Bane – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

This warrior bow comes with five Coil Slots and a couple of perks attached to it. The first two are unlocked by default, including 10% Agility Damage and 10% Corroding Enemy Damage. You can unlock the remaining ones by further progressing with the weapon.

Overall, the Carja’s Bane is a pretty great weapon that is ideal to use against the robots who are always on top of you. Although acquiring the weapon is a time-consuming and challenging task, the efforts will be worth it in the end. With the Carja’s Bane in your hand, most fights will feel like a walk in the park.

How To Get The Carja’s Bane

To get your hands on this legendary warrior bow, you will need to complete all four Gauntlet Runs available in the game. For those who don’t know, Gauntlet Runs are racing tournaments in which you’ll need to ride a Charger and become the first one to complete a lap. However, the race isn’t as easy as it sounds, as the races will become more and more complicated as you complete them.

The first Gauntlet Run, Dry Yearn, can be found west of the Plainsong. The second one, called Cliffs of the City, can be found west of the Thronmarsh. As for the third and fourth ones, Bonewhite Tear and The Stillsands, they can be found west of Bulwark and among the ruins of Las Vegas, respectively. 

After you complete all four Gauntelt Runs, you will receive the Carja’s Bane as a reward. As you can see for yourself, this is one of the most challenging weapons to get in our Best Horizon Forbidden West melee and bows weapons guide. The process is quite difficult and time-consuming, but you’ll need to go through the trouble if you want something that will make close-combat easier. 

Tinker’s Pride

Damage Mod Slots Reload Speed Max Range Effects
211 3 0.22s 18.5m
  • Impact Damage
  • Explosive Damage

If you’re looking for something that can help you trap your enemies and deal damage to them in the process, then look no further as the Tinker’s Pride is here to help you do the job. Tripcasters are meant to help you easily trap your enemies, and Tinker’s Pride is easily the best Tripcaster in Horizon Forbidden West. 

By using Tinker’s Pride, you can set up wired traps on the ground, which will explode if an enemy hits the wire. The best part is that it comes equipped with three types of explosive wires, meaning that you can use it against multiple types of enemies.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons
Tinker’s Pride – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

The Tinker’s Pride is also the kind of weapon that can quickly destroy the enemy’s armor. Therefore, when paired with other powerful weapons, it can do wonders in combat. It also has five Coil Slots in case you want to make this Tripcaster even more powerful by upgrading it. Thanks to one of its perks, the weapon also damages the target over time. 

How To Get The Tinker’s Pride

The Tinker’s Pride is easily one of the most difficult weapons to get in Horizon Forbidden West. To get it, you will need to complete each hunting ground trail, and that too with perfection. If you fail to get full points in any of the Hunting Grounds, then you won’t be able to gather enough medals to purchase the Tinker’s Pride. 


Damage Tear Draw Time Reload Speed Max Range Cost to buy
179 179 1.15s 0.84s 90m 80 Arena medals

If you’re looking for a bow that can help you destroy your target in seconds, then your search should end after acquiring Forgefall. This is a Legendary Sharshot Bow capable of delivering powerful Plasma attacks to its targets. 

I love Forgefall because it offers a great range, something that will allow you to stay at a safe distance while taking down your target. The only downside about this weapon is that it’s a little slow compared to most of the other weapons present in the game. However, this is kind of expected from a weapon that packs a great punch.

Forgefall – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

The Forgefall bow can also use armor-piercing rounds. When you combine these rounds with the Plasma blast, then even enemies such as the Tremortusk and the Slitherfang will fall down instantly. Thanks to its five Coil Slots, you can make this weapon even more powerful. It also has five perks, with the two unlocked ones granting a 25% Draw Speed and 10% Concentration Damage.

Overall, the Forgefall is easily one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden Dawn. Considering it offers a great range and allows you to deliver powerful attacks to your target, you won’t find a better long-ranged weapon than this one. 

How To Get Forgefall

This is yet another weapon on our Best Horizon Forbidden West weapons list that can be found at the Merchant outside of the Arena. You will need to gather a total of 80 medals in order to purchase this. You can acquire medals by completing Hunting Grounds that can be found all across the map and participating in the Arena. However, keep in mind that competing in the Arena isn’t as easy as it sounds, so make sure you enter it after you have some good weapons in your hands. Otherwise, you’ll be only wasting your time by getting killed over and over again.

Ancestor’s Return

Impact Buildup Draw Time Reload Speed Max Range Source
59 65 0.89s 0.32s 80m Dukkah

Having a weapon in your arsenal that returns to you every time you hit the target is a blessing, especially in a game like Horizon Forbidden West. The Ancestor’s Return, a Legendary Shredder Gauntlet, can launch a disk towards the target, which deals damage and then returns to Aloy.

The disk can deal a decent amount of damage, and you must catch it when it comes back to Aloy. And when you throw the disk again, it will deal more damage this time. Therefore, the amount of damage the disk deals will keep increasing as long as you keep hitting your targets with it and then successfully catch it when it returns to you. 

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons
Ancestor’s Return Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

The Ancestor’s Return has the luxury to pierce through armor, and it can even deal poison and electric damage, making it useful against multiple types of enemies. In the beginning, you might somewhat struggle to learn how to use it properly. It’s okay to miss catching it a few times at the start. However, as you’ll play more with it, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Overall, the Ancestor’s Return is a fun weapon to use. You can get creative with it and take down your opponents in a variety of ways. 

How To Get The Ancestor’s Return

To get your hands on this legendary gauntlet, you will need to collect a total of nine ornaments that can be found in Relic Runs. After you acquire all the nin ornaments, you will need to bring them to Stemmur and hand them over to him. In return, he will give you the Ancestor’s Return. The locations of the Relic Runs are mentioned below:

  • No Man’s Land
  • Restless Weald
  • The Daunt
  • Long Coast
  • Isle of SPires
  • Stillsands
  • Dry Yearn
  • Runner’s Wild

You can see the map below to see exactly where these Relic Ruins are. As for the ninth Relic Ruin, it can only be accessed during the “Night of Lights” side mission. 

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The Blast Forge

Damage Draw Time Reload Speed Max Speed
37 0.456s 0.17s 50m

Now, coming down to the best Horizon Forbidden West weapon. Boltblasters in Horizon Forbidden West is meant for times when you face off against an enemy that looks terrifying. And by terrifying, I mean the kind of enemy that makes you want to run away. But when you have The Blast Forge in your arsenal, then your enemy is going to be the one who will think about running away.

This is because The Blast Forge is a massive powerhouse that can absolutely annihilate whatever is in front of it. The thing which makes this Boltblaster so strong is that it comes equipped with three different types of armor-piercing bolts, with one of them being explosive rounds. 

The Blast Forge
The Blast Forge – Horizon Forbidden West Weapon

If you’re facing a Tremortus, a Slitherfang, or even a Shellsnapper, then you’ll be able to destroy their armor and take them down within seconds with The Blast Forge. It also has some perks that increase the weapon’s draw speed, grant it a critical hit chance, and improve the overdraw damage. All of this kind of makes The Blast Forge extremely powerful and deadly in combat.

Overall, The Blast Forge is easily the best weapon in Horizon Forbidden West that you can trust in almost every situation. We won’t suggest that you use it against regular enemies as you’ll only waste your bullets on them since you can take them down with normal weapons as well. You should keep The Blast Forge in your arsenal and take it out only when the enemy poses a serious threat. But little does the target know that it’s going to be the one in danger.

How To Get The Blast Forge

Just like Death-Seeker’s Shadow and The Blast Forge, this weapon can also be purchased through the Arena’s Merchant. Since the requirements of the weapon are high, which are 80 medals, you will need to complete a bunch of Hunting Grounds before you can get this weapon. 

How To Get Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West  

Legendary weapons like the Bolt Blaster and Hunter Bow are acquired over time in Horizon Forbidden West. With five different rarities and ten weapon types in Horizon Forbidden West, finding a weapon early game that will suit your playstyle becomes quite difficult. You can get some of the best weapons that Horizon Forbidden West in the early game has to offer using the following methods. 

  • Using your resources, you can buy some of the best weapons and armor in Horizon Forbidden West. 
  • The game also allows you to get weapons using your Hunter Medals or Arena Medals. 
  • Moreover, you can find free weapons in Horizon Forbidden West by locating and opening Superior Weapon Caches.  
  • You can get best weapons for early game by completing Main Quest and Side Quests in Horizon Forbidden West. Additionally, you can run an Errand or complete activities to unlock rewards as well. 
  • If you’re looking for some of the best and rare weapons to buy, complete the Death’s Door Quest so you can get upgrades from Hunter Merchants in Horizon Forbidden West. 

This marks the end of our Horizon Forbidden West weapons guide. Hopefully, it will help you acquire the right weapons in the game. We will keep the list updated and will add more weapons as soon as we come across the best ones than the listed ones here.

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