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10 Worst Things That Happened To Dick Grayson

One of essentially the most well-known characters in DC Comics, Dick Grayson splashed onto the scene in 1940 when he joined Batman’s aspect as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Over the subsequent 80 years, Dick Grayson would go on to proceed Batman’s campaign, albeit with a significantly extra optimistic, kindhearted, and joyful method, incomes the belief and respect of characters all throughout the DC Universe.

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Despite his undeterred optimism, Dick Grayson has been the sufferer of his personal gallery of traumas and tragedies. His many years of crime-fighting alongside Batman, the Titans, and loads of different DC heroes have made Dick a goal for loads of doom, ache, and distress, and but he has at all times been in a position to rise from the trauma to turn out to be a fair higher hero.

10 As A Child, Dick Grayson Watched His Parents Die

Dick Grayson is thought the world over as the primary Robin to affix Batman’s campaign on the prison underworld. But earlier than that, Dick had a unique legacy connected to him as one of many Flying Graysons, a well-known household of acrobats for Haley’s Circus.

Unfortunately, after Haley’s Circus fell into some dangerous enterprise with mobster Tony Zucco, John and Mary Grayson had been shot and killed in the course of their trapeze act. A ten-year-old Dick watched in horror as his dad and mom had been murdered in chilly blood, making him an orphan.

9 As Nightwing He Was Shot within the Head

One of the latest tragedies to strike Dick Grayson occurred when he was shot within the head by KGBeast, leaving him in a coma. When he awoke, Dick had suffered a considerable amount of amnesia, forgetting every part about his time as Robin and Nightwing, and his relationship with the Bat-Family.

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Choosing to take time away from the Bat-Family, Dick modified his title to “Ric Grayson” and went about his personal life, although he ultimately regained his recollections and donned the mantle of Nightwing once more. But by the point he regained his recollections, one other tragedy had struck Dick Grayson, with the dying of one of many folks closest to him…

8 Alfred Died And Dick Had Amnesia The Whole Time

While Bruce Wayne might have taken Dick Grayson on as his ward, Alfred Pennyworth grew to become Dick Grayson’s first actual good friend after the dying of his dad and mom. The two shared an unbelievable bond, and at all times held one another within the highest regard, which made it much more tragic when Dick Grayson discovered of Alfred’s dying months after it had occurred.

With Alfred being killed by Bane throughout Tom King, Tony Daniel, Mikel Janin, and Clay Mann’s “City of Bane” occasion, Dick Grayson had no reminiscence of Alfred on the time, as he was nonetheless affected by amnesia. Finding out that considered one of his closest companions died months earlier was heartbreaking.

7 Nightwing Was Sexually Assaulted By Tarantula

While Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing run is highly-praised, it’s nonetheless not secure from critique. Fans of the character are nonetheless shocked and appalled by the choice to have the vigilante Tarantula sexually assault Nightwing.

In what would turn out to be one of the notorious moments in Nightwing’s lengthy historical past, Dick was assaulted after breaking down on account of his position within the dying of Blockbuster. Tarantula, seeing Nightwing within the midst of what looks like a panic assault, makes use of the chance to benefit from the previous Boy Wonder. It was a artistic resolution that has been criticized by followers for many years, and author Chuck Dixon has admitted was a regrettable artistic alternative.

6 Nightwing Had His Neck Broken In The Injustice Universe

In the Injustice continuity, the DC Universe is re-imagined in a way more grotesque and grim perspective. In this universe, Superman turns into extra aggressive, ruthless, and authoritarian after the Joker tips the Man of Steel into destroying Metropolis, killing not solely Lois, however their unborn youngster as effectively.

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As Superman grieves the lack of his metropolis and his household, he clashes with Batman on how they need to be retaining innocents secure. This leads to a combat between Batman and Superman’s allies in the course of Arkham Asylum, which leads Dick Grayson to fall on a jagged rock, snapping his neck immediately, killing him.

5 Deathstroke Decimated Titans Academy

Since he was launched in 1980, Slade Wilson – or Deathstroke the Terminator – has been held as considered one of Dick Grayson’s greatest foes, often on account of Slade’s long-term hatred for the Teen Titans. As a end result, the 2 have persistently battled one another throughout many years of tales each the Teen Titans and the Titans teams.

Most not too long ago, Deathstroke has turn out to be a central determine in Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere’s Dark Crisis, with Slade turning into a conduit for the Great Darkness. As a end result, Deathstroke led a large assault on Titans Academy, razing the Titans headquarters to the bottom, and significantly injuring Beast Boy after going toe-to-toe once more with Nightwing.

4 All-Star Batman Put Dick Grayson Through Hell On Earth

Frank Millar and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman & Robin was meant to be an impressed new have a look at Batman and Robin. Instead, it grew to become one of the notorious fashionable re-incarnations of the Dynamic Duo. A grim, aggressive, and vulgar interpretation of Batman, Dick Grayson is indoctrinated into Batman’s struggle on the prison underworld of Gotham City and is proven completely no mercy.

In this universe, Batman is totally brutal, forcing Dick to fend for himself within the Batcave for days on finish, with nothing to eat aside from the rats. Even after manipulating Dick into combating his campaign, Batman is aggressive and abusive, encapsulating simply how sick and twisted the Dark Knight actually is, and how much toll that would have taken on the Boy Wonder.

3 The Crime Syndicate Forced Dick Grayson To Join Spyral

During the New 52 retcon, Dick Grayson discovered himself a goal of the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3. The villains beat and captured him, after which uncovered his secret identification on nationwide tv. With Dick Grayson’s identification as Nightwing revealed, his entire life was totally compromised.

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Unfortunately, Batman took issues into his personal fingers, and with the intention to conceal the key identification of Nightwing – and Batman by extension. Batman compelled Dick to go undercover as an agent for the espionage company Spyral with the intention to expose a conspiracy, and put distance between Dick Grayson and the Bat-Family.

2 He Fell Out with Batman

An extremely formative and character-defining second was when Dick Grayson in the end fell out with Batman through the Bruce Wayne – Murderer? story. The breakup of Batman and the primary Robin was surprising for followers, and it cemented a stark distinction between Batman and any of his future sidekicks that has at all times remained.

For Dick Grayson, his falling-out with Batman result in an enormous shift within the character, as he was compelled to do some critical soul-searching with the intention to be taught what he truly wished, and the way he wished to go on along with his life. While it was a tough time for the character, it might result in Grayson really turning into his personal man.

1 Dick Watched Bludhaven Explode During Infinite Crisis

During the Infinite Crisis occasion of 2005-2006, Nightwing was focused by the Secret Society of Super-Villains, and his adopted dwelling of Bludhaven was caught within the crossfire. The villain referred to as Chemo – a sentient monster of radioactive chemical substances – was dropped on town, devastating Bludhaven.

The harm was so huge that the federal government positioned town in quarantine, and regardless of their makes an attempt to assist clear the harm, metahumans had been banned from getting into. As any disciple of Batman would, Dick Grayson felt extremely liable for the destruction of Bludhaven and struggled with the guilt for a protracted time period.

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