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10 Worst Nintendo Games With The Best First Impressions

Over the course of several decades and six console generations, Nintendo has reliably released numerous hit titles and hardware. However, not all entries can be winning. Although thankfully in short supply, there are many disappointing titles released under the Nintendo name or released as exclusives for one of their consoles.

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Development is a long and arduous process for any company, even one as renowned as Big N. While many of its titles set industry standards, Nintendo certainly remains fallible. These are the games that lull players into thinking they are watching another of the best before disappointing their fans.

10/10 Bogged Down Linearity The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Judged on its own merits, skyward sword It is by no means a bad game. It still has the same level of polish, creative mechanics, and gameplay of other popular Nintendo titles. However, it is a considerable step down compared to previous entries in The legend of Zelda Serie. The sense of mystery and exploration that the franchise is known for was completely absent as the campaign took a much more linear and hand-held direction.

It’s a shame because the majestic live orchestral soundtrack and watercolor art direction do a magnificent job of getting players excited. The sublime presentation made its shortcomings burn even more.

9/10 Nights: Journey Of Dreams succumbed to intrusive mechanics

The Jester dances in front of the full moon in Nights: Journey of Dreams.

Nights: Journey of Dreams is the long-awaited sequel to the Sega Saturn cult classic. It immediately charms players old and new alike with its elaborate opening CG and whimsical score. While the in-game visuals don’t boast the same level of quality, players may be willing to pass it up for the unique flight mechanics and creative boss encounters.

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Unfortunately, it’s not long before NightsUnskippable cutscenes, frustrating controls, and terrible platforming sections take their toll. It definitely has more content than the original title, but these elements only interrupt the main gameplay experience.

8/10 Epic Mickey’s presentation shined while its gameplay was underwhelming

Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shaking hands at Epic Mickey

Union Point epic mickey The titles may not have put the mouse on an equal footing with the burly plumber, but they certainly had their hearts in the right place. The first game provides several loving tributes to the company’s animated history and many moral dilemmas that encourage younger players to think about their actions.

Jim Dooley’s breeding hollyhocks fame provides a wonderful score that provides the perfect balance between fantasy and darkness. On a presentation front, epic mickey It succeeds. Clumsy combat, boring fetch quests, and an infuriating camera, however, led to a title that should have gone back to the drawing board.

7/10 Yoshi’s story needed another draft

Yoshi jumping for joy on Yoshi's Story game box

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island it showed that the old Super Nintendo was still capable of delivering an excellent title that could hold its own against more advanced 32-bit efforts. With the leap to the substantially more powerful N64, expectations for the follow-up to the game were certainly high.

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yoshi’s story it begins with the opening of a suitably cloying pop-up book and an upbeat tune sung by the eponymous dinosaur. Once players take control, they are met with lively, animated pre-rendered environments and sprites. However, the game’s boring design and lack of challenge make it an unworthy sequel. yoshi’s island and a disappointing entry for a console full of superior platformers.

6/10 Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire Impressed With Its Flying Combat

Dash Rendar holds his blaster in Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

A Star Wars title set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back Y return of the jedi for a new console and supervised by Shigeru Miyamoto? In 1996, the prospect was certainly intriguing. shadows of the empire it was heavily touted as one of the must-have games for the N64. The game begins with iconic text tracing and a playable recreation of the Battle of Hoth.

Being able to take control and strap on the AT-AT Walkers was an unforgettable experience. However, the next level is a very clunky third-person on-foot mission. This sets the tone for the rest of the game’s frustrating campaign.

5/10 Disney’s magic mirror enchanted children but bored adults

Mickey laughs at his double in Disney's Magic Mirror

disney magic mirror It was a graphic adventure title developed by Capcom and another disappointing title starring the famous Disney mascot. The company’s history boasts many quality titles based on Disney properties such as duck tales Y silly troop which made this GameCube effort highly anticipated.

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The visuals and sound of the game are totally on point with expressive character models and the vocal talents of Mickey’s then-official actor, Wayne Allwine. Unfortunately, while younger players may find some fun in its rudimentary puzzle-solving mechanics, everyone else will get bored and frustrated. Gamers of all ages are better off checking out adventure game classics from LucasArts.

4/10 Paper Mario: Color Splash stuck with a terrible mechanic

Mario causes rainbow paint mayhem with a hammer in Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U game

Paper Mario: Star Sticker it disappointed fans with its less creative scenarios, uninspired narrative, and unintuitive card battle mechanics. When color splash was announced for the Wii U, there were hopes that it would be more in line with its more beloved predecessors.

Initially, color splashThe more refined paper-cut art style impresses, and the game’s humorous dialogue is a substantial improvement over star sticker dry exposure. Unfortunately, Nintendo couldn’t resist shoeing the much-criticized card system into this title as well. This decision ruined another potentially great Mario RPG Thankfully, theorigami king proved to be more in line with what paper mario the fans wanted.

3/10 Chibi Robo!: Poorly Performing Photo Browser

The mechanical friend is engaged in photography in Chibi Robo Photo Finder

the quirky Robo Chibi! The franchise debuted on the Nintendo GameCube and put players in control of a small robot tasked with cleaning and maintaining a normal house. Despite the positive reviews, the miniature helper was in sleep mode for several years. It wasn’t until the 3DS that the mechanical butler returned to work on Park Patrol!

park patrol was successful enough to warrant a downloadable follow-up known as photo finder. While the game maintains the same visual charm and premise as its predecessors, its camera-focused minigame structure deviated too far from previous entries. The broken camera cap functionality certainly didn’t make the transition any easier.

2/10 WarioWare: Cut off! I was raw and underdeveloped

The cast of WarioWare: Snapped!  pose for a photo

Each of the WarioWare In general, titles can be trusted for their brief but exciting experiences. Each entry in the series took full advantage of its hardware to create some truly creative and wacky mini-games. Twisted incorporated a force feedback cartridge unique to the Gameboy Advance, Touched appropriately used the touch screen of the DS, and smooth movements It worked fine with the Wii’s motion controls.

Unfortunately, minigames that rely on fancy hardware fall apart when said hardware doesn’t work properly. Weather broken! it maintains the series’ signature humor and contrasting art styles, the minigames aren’t polished, and the game doesn’t feature enough content to warrant the price of admission.

1/10 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics did not take gold

The cast holding glowing keys at Mario and Sonic 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The fourth entry in the mario and sonic The series marked its HD debut and made a few changes to bring the formula to life. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics it introduced some new events, such as figure skating, and a new mechanic known as the Action & Answer Tour, which tasked players with flexing their knowledge of the two franchises.

East mario and sonic team up was an audio and visual treat featuring familiar locations and live versions of classic tunes. Unfortunately, many of the events were complete flops hampered by shoddy motion and touch controls.

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