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10 Worst Endings That Ruined Otherwise Great Shows

In the history of television, countless great shows have suffered a bad conclusion. Some final scenes feel rushed, while others have poor writing and character choices. In many cases, shows are forced to end when they are not renewed for another season, also leading to unfinished plotlines and unanswered questions.

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When this happens, a once-beloved series can easily fall from grace and lose its place among the best on television. Fans are unlikely to return to a show when all the buildup leads to nothing, and potential new fans are turned away due to bad reviews. No matter the circumstances, they all lead to dissatisfied fans and unsatisfying storylines.

10/10 The final scenes of Criminal Minds were mundane

There was no mystery show more successful than Criminal minds. The series centers on some of the FBI’s top profilers as they work together to solve crimes, save lives, and take down murderers. Criminal minds contains many disturbing cases and dramatic stories, which prompted fans to keep coming back.

Criminal minds it was wildly successful, but some fans viewed the series finale as a lackluster sendoff. At the end of the series, the BAU team has one last conversation and says goodbye. The scene is sweet and fun to watch, but its mundanity makes it feel like a season finale, rather than the finale of the entire series. Hopefully the next revival, criminal minds: evolution will not suffer the same fate.

9/10 Merlin is never really accepted

Merlin and Prince Arthur sitting in a tree on Merlin.

In the BBC series Merlin, the main character is a young wizard who works as a squire for Prince Arthur. The series is a retelling of The Knights of the Round Table, but with the unique twist that magic is a forbidden practice. Merlin divides his time between helping Arthur and learning magic in secret, often saving his kingdom from danger.

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at the end of Merlin, Merlin reveals his magical abilities to Arthur, and it doesn’t go well. Although Arthur has always been wary of magic, he becomes close friends with Merlin. Fans hoped that Arthur could ignore his prejudices and bring a new era to Camelot, but that never happens. Instead, Arthur dies and Merlin seems to live only the centuries after him.

8/10 Constantine leaves fans with more questions than answers

John Constantine activates a fire spell in Constantine 2014

constantine aired on NBC in 2014 for a single season. The series follows John Constantine, a warlock and demonologist, as he tries to thwart the growing darkness. The series contains many supernatural and horror elements and was a darker show compared to the other superhero series on TV at the time.

By the season finale, it is revealed that Constantine’s guardian angel, Manny, might be pulling the strings. His trusted friend becomes an enemy in constantine‘s final scenes, and with only one season left, fans never find out what happens to it. As a result, fans were left with more questions than answers.

7/10 Voltron leaves the characters where they started

An image of Voltron: Legendary Defender's Paladins assembled in their ship's command center

Voltron: Legendary Defender is a modern take on the classic ’80s cartoon, and the revamped characters became fan favorites. After eight seasons of hilarious adventures, fans were left disappointed by the epilogue that gave the finale.

voltron reunites the Paladins of Voltron during a reunion dinner. They reminisce about their adventures and lost friends and talk about their plans for the future. Later that night, Voltron’s lions leave without their Paladins, no longer allowing the show’s main characters to continue defending the universe as they once did.

6/10 Full House’s ending is too dramatic for a sitcom

The family sitting in their living room talking - Full House

One of the most popular sitcoms of the ’90s was Full house. The series has a strong family focus and revolves around Danny Tanner as he and his family adjust to the recent loss of his wife. Most of the scenes revolve around growing up and building a family.

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Full house takes a dramatic turn in its final season when the youngest daughter, Michelle, falls off a horse. In the series finale, it is revealed that she has amnesia and cannot remember her family. This is a very dramatic turn for Full house drink. It’s also largely unnecessary, as he regains his memory at the end of the episode.

5/10 Legends Of Tomorrow turns its heroes into criminals

The main cast of Legends of Tomorrow

The Arrowverse series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow takes the unlikeliest of heroes and turns them into guardians of the timeline. The Legends spend their time traveling through space and time to preserve history from a plethora of threats. legends of tomorrow was well received for its comedy, interesting mix of characters, and the fearless way the series has fun with its story.

The Legends’ adventures come to an abrupt end when they are arrested for changing a fixed point in time. The series ends with this development, leaving fans with a cliffhanger and not knowing the exact future of their favorite characters. Seems like an unfair way to leave Legends, since the heroes were treated like criminals.

4/10 Lost’s ending confused many of its fans

An image of the cast of Lost.

There are many series about people trapped in a new environment, but few are as successful as Lost. After Flight 815 crashes, the surviving passengers must survive on an island fraught with danger. Lost is filled with high stakes, mystery, and drama, keeping fans coming back for six seasons.

In the final episode, fans get a glimpse of what the characters’ lives would be like if their flight never crashed. These “side flash” scenes are revealed to be an afterlife that the survivors created for themselves. It led many fans to believe that they had been dead the whole time. This ending caused a lot of confusion and outrage, but it was not to be. Yet, lost The conclusion is seen as one of the worst.

3/10 wizards break friendships

The main cast of The Magicians

A mature version of the world of magic can be found in the magicians The series follows Quentin Coldwater as he enters the world of magic and attends Brakebills University. Throughout the series, he and his friends encounter gods, monsters, and magical worlds. The fantasy, fun, and terror come to an end as the series finale divides its characters.

Along the the magicians, the main cast grows up to be a found family, but due to doomsday circumstances, many of them end up separated. Some end up on Earth, and others are placed in a reborn Fillory, unable to return to the lives they left behind.

2/10 How I Met Your Mother had the most disappointing ending

The main characters of How I Met Your Mother in a bar

how i met your mother is a popular sitcom that focuses on Ted, who tells his children the story of how he met their mother. The episodes are full of hilarious situations as Ted searches for romance with the help of his friends. Along the how i met your motherOver the nine seasons, the story builds up to reveal who The Mother is.

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However, the reveal ends up being a huge disappointment, as Ted’s wife is revealed to be Tracey McConnell. She had few appearances in how i met your motherbut in the end, it is revealed that he passed away from a terminal illness months before Ted began telling the story.

1/10 Supernatural Gives Its Main Character A Premature End

Sam and Dean Winchester reunite in Heaven in the Supernatural series finale

CW series Supernatural follows Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who hunt down the supernatural and protect the innocent from otherworldly threats. The series amassed a large following, but fans were sorely disappointed with how the series finale treated the main characters.

In the last episode of SupernaturalAfter surviving a final battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell, Dean loses his life while cleaning up a vampire nest. His death is sudden, and it’s more of an accident than anything else. He’s not great, and it doesn’t do his character justice. Sam instead receives a montage of life from him until he passes old age and reunites with his brother in heaven.

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