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10 Ways Wolverine Can Improve His Tactics

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s fiercest combatants, and he made a name for himself by tearing through everything that stood in his way. As a member of the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and more, Wolverine has always been in the middle of the fray. He is known for being a tank, with a healing factor and an adamantium skeleton that allows him to absorb ridiculous damage and claws that give him the offensive oomph to take down his enemies.

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Wolverine has decades of experience and training, but he also makes many of the same mistakes in battle, over and over again. He needs to change his tactics, which would allow him to not only win more battles, but rely less on his healing factor and Krakoan resurrection.

10/10 Violence does not solve all problems

Wolverine ranks among Marvel’s most violent heroes for good reason. For years, he was good at two things: tracking down enemies and cutting them to pieces. However, over time, that changed. Wolverine was always more than just a clawed berserker, and he was able to prove that more and more as his superhero career progressed.

Wolverine is a smart hero when he has to be, a skill set honed from years as a spy. However, he always resorts to pure violence. Wolverine can do more than go through anything that gets in his way. He can plan and improvise with the best. He doesn’t always have to use violence to solve his problems.

9/10 Wolverine is a better spy than a soldier

Wolverine from Marvel Comics lunging forward with Magneto in the background

Since Krakoa’s establishment, Wolverine has primarily worked with the X-Force. His job has been to sneak into the enemy facility and kill everyone there, protecting Krakoa from threats before they can attack the mutant nation. This is the kind of work he did for years before becoming a superhero, and he’s very good at it.

For a long time, Wolverine was a soldier on the front lines and he’s good at it. However, his time with Krakoa’s X-Force has shown that he is much better suited to sneaking around, attacking from the shadows, and disappearing, without his enemies knowing what hit them.

8/10 Wolverine should carry more weapons

Wolverine slices through a Sabretooth clone with the Murasama Blade in Marvel Comics

Wolverine’s claws are an iconic part of him. The adamantium-coated bone blades are instantly recognizable as Logan’s. They are effective weapons, capable of piercing through anything, even indestructible heroes like the Hulk. Wolverine has shown that his claws are versatile weapons and all he needs to win.

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However, Wolverine’s past shows that he is an expert in many more weapons, from swords to firearms to explosives. Wolverine could definitely afford to bring more weapons and gadgets into battle. They would diversify his abilities and help him more than anyone realizes.

7/10 Wolverine needs to minimize his weaknesses more

Wolverine from Marvel Comics jumping out of a boat with his claws extended

Wolverine has weaknesses, despite appearances to the contrary. Sure, his bones are unbreakable and his healing factor can repair almost anything, but his invincibility is only skin deep. Wolverine’s weaknesses often have more to do with his friends, whom he would do anything for, and his own impulsiveness.

Wolverine needs to learn how to better deal with these weaknesses. They have caused him a lot of pain over the years. The easiest to control would be his impulsiveness, as it has led to his downfall many times. A less impulsive Wolverine would be more dangerous to his enemies.

6/10 Wolverine’s enemies know exactly what to expect from him.

Wolverine fighting Sabretooth on the cover of Wolverine #41 in Marvel Comics

Wolverine’s villains are pretty formidable, which makes a lot of sense. Wolverine is basically unstoppable; His enemies need to be able to deal with someone who can basically take infinite punishment. However, that’s not really as difficult as it sounds. Wolverine’s enemies know exactly what to expect from him, as he always uses the same tools in every confrontation.

For example, they know you’ll try to sneak up on them, they know how your offense works, and they know you’ll jump before you look. Wolverine is apparently all about the element of surprise, but his repertoire never changes. He needs to turn things around to surprise his enemies.

5/10 Wolverine needs to use his powers in different ways

Wolverine being reduced to a skeleton by the Marvel Comics villain, Nuke.

Wolverine’s mutant powers seem simple, but they’re anything but. Wolverine can use them creatively when he needs to, but it doesn’t happen often. Or at least, Logan feels that he can get by without innovating. Wolverine often seems to be in a rut. He does the bare minimum and that has always worked, but that’s not all he can do.

Wolverine has shown that he understands how to use his claws, healing factor, and super senses in new ways, such as Colossus’ famous Fastball Special. However, he almost always stacks damage and jumps on people. He could easily get creative with his abilities, surprising his enemies by knocking down buildings or turning off the lights to fight them in the dark, but he rarely thinks of doing so.

4/10 Wolverine needs to really defend himself

Wolverine and Sabretooth from Marvel Comics fighting

Wolverine has died more often than most readers realize. It’s an awesome tank, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. His bones are basically unbreakable and his healing factor can repair everything else. Keep your head underwater long enough, though, and you’re good to go. However, Wolverine has embraced the “invincibility” of him and rarely fights back.

This is puzzling for multiple reasons. Wolverine is an amazing martial artist and he knows all about blockade. He is also very fast and agile, which should allow him to dodge attacks. His healing factor fixes it, but he’s still in pain, so the fact that he’s so nonchalant about it is strange. He has the ability to defend well and should definitely start doing that. He would shock his opponents and be unaffected by shredded muscles, blood loss, and pain.

3/10 Wolverine should bring back the armored costume

Wolverine from Marvel Comics in his armored suit surrounded by people

Wolverine lost his healing factor after a mission in the Microverse, leading to his eventual death. Before dying, he donned a heavier armored suit. This allowed him to continue fighting in the style he was used to and helped make up for the regeneration he was missing.

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The armored costume was a pretty smart idea, and Wolverine should wear one again. Krakoan biotechnology could certainly make it lighter and more flexible. It would allow him to take more damage without overloading his healing factor and save him a lot of pain.

2/10 Wolverine should get a little help from his friends.

Wolverine and the X-Men standing in front of Krakoa in Marvel Comics

Some Marvel heroes shouldn’t work alone, even if they succeed at it. Wolverine is a known loner and can work very well without any backup. He likes to depend on himself and put all the danger on himself instead of dragging someone else into danger. This has hurt him a lot over the years, and he needs to make a change.

Wolverine has befriended Earth’s greatest heroes. He has saved many of them multiple times, so there is no reason for them not to help him if he asks them to. Many of his battles would have been very different if he had only sought help, and he definitely should in the future.

1/10 Wolverine should fight smarter

Wolverine from Marvel Comics with the sword Muramasa and his claws extended with the X-Men behind him

Marvel is full of smart fighters and Wolverine has proven that he can be one of them. Logan has been fighting for over a century, first as a fighter in the woods, then as a soldier, then as a spy. He is proficient in multiple martial arts and understands battle tactics, especially for small units. Wolverine knows how to fight smart. He just doesn’t for some reason.

Wolverine’s fighting style is pretty simple. He jumps and attacks his enemies until they drop. This is strange for someone who has forgotten more about fighting than most experienced warriors know. He could easily incorporate more of his martial arts mastery into his repertoire, using the power of stronger enemies against them and making him a more dangerous opponent. Wolverine needs to start using his brain before moving his claws.

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