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10 Ways Namor is Just Like Erik Killmonger

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the final film in Phase Four of the MCU, revisiting the reclusive nation of Wakanda as the kingdom tries to protect its future without T’Challa to guide it. Wakanda has never been so vulnerable without a Black Panther to guide it. Then a new threat arises, the aquatic warrior Namor.

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in 2018 Black Panther, Wakanda was pushed to the limit when a scarred Erik Killmonger arrived to question the kingdom’s policies and challenge T’Challa. Killmonger may be gone, but in many ways Namor is like Killmonger 2.0, showing many parallels to that fallen warrior. Once again, the fate of Wakanda hangs in the balance, and Namor has many of the same weapons and tricks that Killmonger once had.

10/10 Namor and Killmonger have an aptitude for leadership

Some of the MCU’s best villains are also leaders. Thanos commanded the fearsome Black Order and Xu Wenwu had an entire army at his disposal. Erik Killmonger was an effective war leader in Black Pantherand he was also comfortable on the Wakandan throne when he usurped T’Challa.

Namor is also a warrior king, and he is an even more powerful leader than Killmonger. Namor has led his people in the Talokan for some centuries and rules that submarine without opposition. Anyone who challenges Namor will soon face his entire army in battle.

9/10 Namor and Killmonger led armies in battle in Wakanda

Erik Killmonger from Black Panther.

Erik Killmonger and Namor put their respective kingdoms’ armies to good use in each Black Panther movie. These villains pulled out all the stops when they waged war on Wakanda, probably being the only two people in history to actually lead an army in the isolated nation successfully.

Killmonger sent his large and well-equipped army into battle on the Wakandan plains, resulting in a climactic final battle as brother fought brother. So, in wakandan foreverNamor led his troops into Wakanda and stormed it before fighting the final battle elsewhere on neutral ground.

8/10 Namor and Killmonger wish to protect their people.

Namor coming out of the water in Black Panther 2

Namor and Killmonger made war on Wakanda, but not just for conquest. They were less interested in conquering Wakanda and more interested in proving a point about the need to defend their own people from outside threats.

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The Wakandan civil war that Killmonger unleashed was about protecting Wakandans and the African diaspora around the world. Meanwhile, Namor fought against Wakanda to force his people to join him in the war against pillaging nations around the world. Killmonger and Namor hoped it wouldn’t come to war, but it did.

7/10 Namor and Killmonger fought to avenge a father

Killmonger dies looking at Wakanda in Black Panther

For some MCU heroes or villains, the fight is personal. The heroic Shang-Chi fought to help keep the spirit of his mother at peace, and Tony Stark was enraged when he saw Bucky Barnes murder his parents in 1991. Erik Killmonger and Namor also fought on behalf of one of his parents.

Killmonger’s father, T’Chaka’s brother, and T’Challa’s uncle had all died wrongfully, and Killmonger couldn’t accept it. For his part, Namor fought for the memory of his mother, who represented Namor’s connection to the Mesoamerican land and civilization that the Spanish conquistadors destroyed and plundered.

6/10 Namor and Killmonger are sympathetic

Namor seems a bit confused in Black Panther 2

In the end, Namor and Killmonger are villains, and their methods and actions are too extreme to make them misunderstood heroes or righteous crusaders. Then again, the best villains in the MCU, including Thanos himself, are at least a little sympathetic, in terms of their goals.

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Deep down, Killmonger really wanted to protect the African diaspora, and his goal was to preserve lives rather than take them. Namor was also right to fear and resent the outside world, since he destroyed the civilization of his ancestors. He also fought hard for all of Talokan’s civilians, all of whom were innocent.

5/10 Namor and Killmonger could have been heroes

Namor, backlit, at the MCU

Some MCU villains were bad guys from the start, like the irredeemable Red Skull, a Nazi collaborator, and the Asgardian warrior Hela. However, Namor and Erik Killmonger could have been heroes, or at least third party neutrals, had they played their cards right.

Killmonger could have joined his fellow Wakandans and fought alongside them to protect the nation while peacefully championing activism. Namor could have stayed home in Talokan and simply continued his defensive policies without waging unprovoked war against modern nations.

4/10 Namor and Killmonger are both charismatic

Killmonger acting as Black Panther in the MCU

Any movie villain can yell threats and act tough, but that’s a cheap and predictable way for a villain to make his goals and presence known. Compelling MCU villains like Erik Killmonger and Namor have charisma and charm on their side, which means they can win people over with soft words.

RELATED: 10 Best Things About Namor In Wakanda ForeverKillmonger used force to win over the Wakandans, but he also used his strong rhetoric to convince many of them to join his cause. Namor, in wakandan forever, it was even more magnetic. When he talked to Ranomda and Shuri, he knew how to threaten with sweet words and appeal to his listeners’ emotions and draw the audience in with him.

3/10 Namor and Killmonger almost kill Black Panther

Killmonger in his black and gold armor in Black Panther

Black Panther is the last defender of Wakanda, powered by heart-shaped grass and a nearly indestructible suit of black vibranium. It takes a truly powerful warrior to even threaten Black Panther, but Erik Killmonger and Namor nearly killed their respective Black Panthers.

That shows just how powerful these villains are, and it helps that they had their own vibranium weapons to even the odds. Killmonger pushed T’Challa to the limit with his own Black Panther garb, and Namor nearly killed Shuri, the new Black Panther, with his vibranium spear in battle.

2/10 Namor and Killmonger have animal costumes

Namor with his headdress on in Black Panther 2

Villains’ costume designs vary widely in the MCU, from Ivan Vanko’s whip-wielding metal suit to Loki’s green and gold outfit, but few of those outfits have a specific theme. Erik Killmonger and Namor both have animal-themed costumes that mean a lot in their respective cultures.

The Black Panther is the icon of Wakanda, and in Black Panther, Killmonger got his own Black Panther suit to rival T’Challa’s. Namor’s costume consists of an ornate and durable feathered serpent headdress, which serves as both a crown and combat helmet. His headdress was both intimidating and beautiful in the film, and designated leadership in Talokan culture.

1/10 Killmonger and Namor encouraged Wakanda to rethink its policies

Black Panther and Erik Killmonger talking in Wakanda

Aside from its advanced technology and vibranium, Wakanda is largely defined by its isolationist policies. All Wakandan battles are defensive in nature, including those of both Black Panther movies, but Namor and Killmonger hoped to change that.

Namor and Killmonger tried to use force, words and empathy to convince Wakandans to change their ways, and it almost always worked. Killmonger wanted Wakanda to take an active role in protecting the global African diaspora, and Namor hoped Wakanda would open its borders and help him destroy all colonizing nations.

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