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10 Ways Hawks Is A Better Symbol Of Peace Than All Might

in the world of my hero academia, All Might is considered the greatest hero. When he was a young teenager, he came up with the idea of ​​a Symbol of Peace, a hero that others could see and know that all would be well. For many years, All Might remained that symbol for Japan and the rest of the world.

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However, no one is perfect and All Might has his flaws. Once All Might lost his Quirk, a power void was left behind him. There are very few people who can truly fill the void he left behind. However, one person, hero number 2: Hawks, has the ability to be an even better symbol of peace than All Might.

10/10 Hawks also saves everyone with a smile

Hawks’ smile may not be as wide or cheerful as that of the former Number 1 Hero, but he still gives off a happy and reassuring energy when rescuing civilians. When people are in danger, they will surely see the current Number 2 hero on their way with a smile on his face.

Hawks’ smile is cocky and a bit relaxed, but no less reassuring. He doesn’t let the public see him despondent or desperate, always presenting himself as someone capable and unflappable. Although not the same as All Might’s, Hawks’ smile puts people at ease.

9/10 Hawks has seen the worst of society


Thanks to both his upbringing and his mission with the League of Villains, Hawks is intimately familiar with the bad sides of society. He has seen how villains are corrupted and how they, in turn, corrupt others.

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Hawks has an understanding of villains that All Might never had, due to his position and privilege. All Might has never worked with villains and has never been around villains. Hawks has been close to the villains and, in turn, can provide them with empathy when needed. Because Hawks has seen the worst of society up close, he is able to provide them with understanding.

8/10 Hawks is incredibly fast and efficient

Hawks using his quirk in My Hero Academia.

There’s a reason Hawks is referred to as the fastest hero. Hawks is not only a fast flyer, but also quick to react and act. He is able to quickly assess the problem and come up with a quick solution.

Hawks’ Quirk, Fierce Wings, also allows for a larger area of ​​efficiency. His detachable feathers allow for freedom of movement not possible with Power Quirks like All Might’s or Endeavor’s. With his feathers, he can save multiple civilians at once without breaking a sweat.

7/10 Hawks’ goal is similar to All Might’s

Hawks giving a speech in My Hero Academia.

Hawks’ goal of giving the heroes too much free time sounds selfish on the surface. Hawks envisions a world where he and other heroes can take it easy and move on, without being weighed down by constant threats.

Actually, Hawks’ goal is quite altruistic. Hawks wishes for a world where crime is low and heroes are less needed. It’s a world where the streets of Japan are safer and life is easier for everyone, not just the heroes. Hawks wishes for a world at peace, just like All Might himself.

6/10 Hawks has unwavering convictions

Hawks lending a hand in My Hero Academia.

Despite all the pain he’s been through, Hawks never wavers in his convictions. Hawks clings to his optimism for a brighter future where the heroes have too much time on their hands. His fighting spirit is necessary to be a symbol that people admire.

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Losing his wings wasn’t enough to bring him down. Even after losing something so integral to himself, Hawks remains steadfast in his views. He clings to hope even in the darkest of times and is able to take on even the deadliest villains due to his unwavering spirit.

5/10 Hawks wants to change Hero Society for the better

Hawks talking in My Hero Academia.

As a symbol of peace, All Might worked to make Japan safer and greatly reduced crime and villainy. However, his method of making the world safer did not address any of the issues underlying why crime and villainy occurred.

Hawks also wishes to make a change in the world. He sees how All Might’s legacy and impact have failed and he wants to improve on what All Might has already started. Hawks wants more progress to be made in stopping crime and villainy, and he works toward that goal wholeheartedly.

4/10 Hawks is young and full of life

Hawks in My Hero Academia.

Hawks is the youngest hero to reach the top ten in Japan. Through a combination of hard work, popularity, and strength, he was able to rise up the hero ranks incredibly quickly. His youth gives him an advantage in many ways compared to the older Pro Heroes.

Because he is so young, Hawks naturally has more stamina than other professionals. Hawks’ youth also makes him more open to different ideas, unlike his older counterparts. This would make you an enduring Symbol of Peace who is open to change when necessary, with enough energy and stamina to inspire and guide others.

Hawks as a child in My Hero Academia.

Before being taken in by the Hero Commission on Public Safety, Hawks grew up in an abusive home, with a thief for a father and an emotionally distant mother. After being taken in by the HPSC, he became intimately familiar with the inner workings of the hero system.

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Hawks has a special vision of society that All Might could never have because of the way he grew up. Hawks has been at the lowest and highest points of society in his young life. This added perspective allows him to be a better hero to the people he is sworn to protect.

2/10 Hawks has developed a bond with the city he protects.

Falcons from My Hero Academia.

Hawks is often seen interacting with civilians, either signing autographs or giving his fans a cheeky smile and wave. When he shows Endeavour, the audience greets Hawks with kindness and well wishes.

Hawks has managed to develop a relationship with those whom he has chosen to serve and protect. He comes across as open and approachable and takes the time to greet his fans. He’s not cold like Endeavour, or unapproachable like All Might. Hawks presents himself as warm and receptive to the people of Fukuoka and puts their minds at ease.

1/10 Hawks will do whatever it takes to save Japan

Hawks in My Hero Academia.

A Symbol of Peace must stand tall in the face of adversity. They must be a guiding light to those around them, and they must do whatever it takes to protect that light. As the Number 2 Hero, Hawks inspires others with his actions and deeds.

Beyond that, Hawks has vowed to do whatever it takes to save the people from tyranny, even if it means losing everything. Hawks is willing to risk everything for the good of the people, including his reputation. A hero willing to sacrifice everything is fully worthy of being the Symbol of Peace.

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