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10 Villains Only Wonder Woman Can Defeat

Wonder Woman is one of DC Comics’ most iconic heroines due to her quest to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. She has fought against mythological beasts, alien overlords, Nazis, gods, and human master criminals, often emerging victorious where others have failed.

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During her 80-year career, Wonder Woman has saved the planet and her team by creatively using her demigod powers and divinely created weapons. She has consistently shown that she will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent, giving her the necessary edge in specific situations.

10/10 Maxwell Lord can only be stopped by Wonder Woman

Maxwell Lord is a human criminal mastermind and leader of the villainous organization, Checkmate. Lord possesses telepathic abilities that he has used to bring powerful superheroes under his suggestive control.

In Wonder Woman Volume 2 #219 Starring Greg Rucka, Mark Propst, Dexter Vines, David Lopez, Rags Morales and Nelson DeCastro, Lord battles the Justice League by bringing Superman under their influence. Wonder Woman was ultimately the only person who was able to stop him, using her lasso of truth and her lack of aversion to killing.

9/10 Defeating Medusa required a sacrifice only Wonder Woman could make.

Wonder Woman holds the severed head of Medusa

Medusa is one of the lesser-seen villains in the DC Comics Universe. Yet she is the most terrifying and relentless adversary imaginable. Unique in her villainy, Medusa attacks those closest to Wonder Woman, forcing Diana to make important decisions under desperate measures.

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In Wonder Woman Volume 2 #210 by Greg Rucka, Richard and Tanya Horie, Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder, Medusa challenges Wonder Woman to a fight to the death at Yankee Stadium after she murders Diana’s eight-year-old friend by turning him to stone. The gorgon tells Wonder Woman that she will turn those who see her to stone through a live broadcast if she refuses to fight. Wonder Woman fights Medusa blindfolded until her mask is ripped off of her. In that split second, Wonder Woman gouges her eyes out before decapitating her enemy with a single blow.

8/10 Only Wonder Woman can stop the poisonous spread of Doctor Poison

Doctor Poison masked and looking vengeful

Doctor Poison is not physically imposing, however he is one of the most powerful adversaries in the DC Comics Universe. This underrated villain first appeared in Sensation Comics Volume One #2 by William Moulton Marston, Sheldon Mayer, and Harry G. Peter, but was later fully featured in Wonder Woman Volume Two #151.

Doctor Poison is a former Nazi scientist who delights in killing innocent people. Due to the way she operates Doctor Poison, Wonder Woman often needs to be in several different places to defeat her. While fast travel is easier for Flash or Superman, only Wonder Woman has supernatural immunity that protects her from Doctor Poison’s poisonous skin.

7/10 Circe is an immortal witch with vast abilities that only Wonder Woman can match.

An image of Circe, smiling a menacing smile as she activates her powers in DC Comics.

Circe, like her counterpart in Greek mythology, is one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Comics Universe. She is an ancient witch over five thousand years old who made a blood pact with Hecate, the mother of all magic in the multiverse.

In addition to immortality, Circe can slow down time, control the mind, teleport, create magical shields, and control the dead. Despite the Justice League having fought her on multiple occasions, the only person capable of truly defeating her is Wonder Woman. This is because, at the time of her pact, Hecate placed a part of her power inside her and Diana, making them two mortal enemies and the only ones who can stop each other.

6/10 The White Wizard challenges Wonder Woman on multiple levelsThe white mage reeling in anger after being showered with arrows

The White Wizard was once a hero who occasionally worked with Wonder Woman on various occasions. However, as he grew older, his magical abilities decreased. He successfully trapped Wonder Woman in space for several months, allowing him to devise a plan to increase her mystical powers. In Wonder Woman Volume Two #100 by William Messner-Loebs, Patricia Mulvihill, and Mike Deodato Jr., The White Wizard sold his soul to increase his power.

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The exchange transformed the White Wizard from a man to a demonic looking figure. Wonder Woman escaped from her space prison with the help of her fellow Amazon, Artemis, and donned Atlas’s gauntlets that gave her wielder tenfold strength. Diana’s access to divinely created weaponry came in handy, as she ultimately became the instrument of the White Wizard’s demise when Wonder Woman beat him to a burning pulp.

5/10 Genocide is an organic bioweapon and the strength of Rival Wonder Woman

Genocide strikes a pose in a new headline

First appearance in DC Universe #0 by Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti, Genocide was created by the villainous Cheetah, using soil from places on earth where genocides have taken place. She created the Genocide as a biological weapon capable of killing members of the Justice League.

Genocide was invulnerable to most physical attacks and matched Wonder Woman in strength and durability. The creature nearly defeated Wonder Woman by surgically grafting her Lasso of Truth onto her body. However, Diana narrowly escaped and stopped the powerful assassin.

4/10 Grail’s demigod status means only Wonder Woman can defeat her.

An image of comic art depicting the Grail from DC Comics

Grail is a demigod similar to Wonder Woman. She is the daughter of the New God, Darkseid, and Amazon Myrina. Grail helps increase Darkseid’s power by killing Zeus and his other demigod children and then absorbing his powers. She is a brutal combatant with incredible strength and speed.

In a meeting with the Justice League, Grail bested Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern using a combination of melee combat, energy manipulation, and teleportation. Wonder Woman finally restrained her, ending the fight. However, Grail escaped using the Boom Tube. Since the two shared similar DNA, Wonder Woman was only one of the only members of the League who could truly go toe to toe with Grail.

3/10 Wonder Woman is more familiar with Cheetah’s strengths

Cheetah slashes Wonder Woman with Godkiller sword

Veronica Cale might be Wonder Woman’s archenemy, but the Cheetah is her biggest rival. Her ruthless strength, her speed, and her savage fighting ability often give her an advantage over Wonder Woman, who simply doesn’t want to hurt her former friend.

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Cheetah was once a human archaeologist and scientist who was transformed by an African deity when she bartered for powerful abilities and immortality. She matched Flash in speed and even defeated him on several occasions. Cheetah also bested Superman using her magical and poisonous claws. Wonder Woman normally had to work outside of the box to defeat the Cheetah.

2/10 Decadence can only be defeated using Wonder Woman’s unique power

Pin Up Decay By George Perez

Decay first appeared as a Wonder Woman villain in the pages of Wonder Woman Volume Two #4 by Len Wein, George Perez, Bruce D. Patterson, and Tatjana Wood. In the issue, Ares teams up with Medusa and her daughter Decay to wreak havoc in Boston.

Decadence feeds on death and anger by rapidly aging those around it. She accomplishes this feat by siphoning off the life force of others. Wonder Woman defeated Decay by countering her siphon abilities, using her own unique ability to kinetically harness the planet’s life force.

1/10 Wonder Woman has an advantage when fighting the man upside down

The Upside-Down Man licks his lips in DC Comics

The Upside-Down Man was one of the first magical beings to come into existence at the same time as Hecate. He is made of Dark Magic while Hecate is made of light. The two are separated by a veil that was created to keep them both on opposite sides of the multiverse.

In addition to being the progenitor of dark magic in the DC Comics Universe, The Upside-Down Man has a host of abilities that make him a formidable and terrifying foe. Wonder Woman’s magical ability granted to her by Hecate grants her the protection and strength needed to fight the evil being.

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