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10 Villains Only Spider-Man Can Defeat

Spider-Man has faced dangerous villains since he was a teenager. The web-slinger’s combination of powers and intelligence has allowed him to take on enemies other heroes haven’t. Spider-Man’s enemies present a unique intersection of criminals and scientists who are difficult to handle. That Spider-Man has done such a great job against them is a testament to what a good hero he has become over the years.

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Spider-Man’s enemies have developed a personal grudge against him, to the point that they barely fight other people. However, even if they did, there are some that only Spider-Man can defeat thanks to his combination of powers and abilities.

10/10 J. Jonah Jameson’s grudge against Spider-Man meant he cared more when Web-Head got him

J. Jonah Jameson has changed over the years, but he once used the daily bugler like the pulpit of an anti-Spider-Man crusade. JJJ even went so far as to finance villains whose sole purpose was to kill Spider-Man. Jameson hated superheroes in general, but his hatred for Spider-Man was something else, which is why Spider-Man was the only hero to actually beat him.

There’s a reason Jameson’s personality change came after Spider-Man’s constant defeats. JJJ’s hatred of the wall-crawler was ingrained in him. Seeing Spider-Man overcome all attempts to smear him and still be a hero changed JJJ in a way no other hero ever could.

9/10 Alistair Smythe and his Spider-Slayers were too much for anyone else to handle

Alistair Smythe leaps into action in the Spider-Man comics

Alistair Smythe was the son of Spencer Smythe, an old enemy of Spider-Man. Like his father, Alistaire was a robotics genius and created the Spider-Slayers, special robots designed to take on Spider-Man. Alistaire also created a robotic shell for himself, which enhanced his physical abilities and allowed him to fight Spider-Man one on one.

Smythe may not seem like a tough foe to beat to other heroes, but his combination of intellect and physical threat makes him a tough foe to take down. His grudge against Spider-Man keeps Alistair’s focus on Web-Head, so he won’t really fight anyone else, making him Spider-Man’s problem.

8/10 Black Cat’s fixation on Spider-Man meant that only he beat her up

Black Cat smiles in Marvel Comics

Black Cat is more of a hero nowadays, but the former cat burglar wasn’t always so law-abiding. Once Spider-Man started thwarting his crimes, the Black Cat fell for him and basically just committed crimes to get his attention. This meant that only Spider-Man foiled his crimes.

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No doubt other heroes could have done just as well against Black Cat as Spidey did, but they never got the chance. Felicia Hardy’s short time as an outright criminal began her longstanding obsession with Spider-Man. After that, everything she did was to get her attention, making him the only one who could beat her.

7/10 The Jackal presented a threat only Spider-Man could handle.

A clone of the Jackal emerges from a pod in the second Clone Saga.

The Jackal has an infamous place in Spider-Man history. His obsession with Gwen Stacy and his knowledge of cloning led him to start the Clone Saga, create the Spider-clone Ben Reilly, and set in motion a series of events that would change Spidey’s life for years to come. The Jackal returned time and again to torment Spidey, often bringing another Gwen Stacy clone with him.

Like many Spider-Man villains with a scientific background, Jackal experimented on himself so he could fight Spider-Man. Jackal is obsessed with Wall-Crawler, and other heroes would find it impossible to deal with his clone-based antics. Spider-Man’s experience with Jackal gives him an advantage that no one else has.

6/10 Morlun only targets heroes like Spider-Man

Morlun from Marvel Comics standing in front of burning buildings

Spider-Man fights some great villains, with Morlun’s Victorian Gothic aesthetic putting him over the top. Morlun is an energy vampire from a group of beings that travel the multiverse and destroy totemic heroes like Spider-Man. Battles between the two have always been hopeless affairs, with Morlun even winning a few.

Morlun isn’t an unstoppable foe, but he won’t be going to fight Daredevil. His lust for Spider-Man’s totemic spider energy means he will only fight Wall-Crawler. Morlun’s power and cunning would be too much for anyone else, making Spider-Man perfect to fight against.

5/10 Spider-Man has the scientific knowledge necessary to stop the Lizard.

Marvel Animal-Like Villains: The Lizard in Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has some goofy villains, as many of his enemies are scientifically based. The lizard form of Dr. Curt Connors was born out of his efforts to create a serum that would help humans regrow lost limbs. The unfortunate side effect created the Lizard, a wild monster that terrorized New York City. The Lizard’s strength is greater than Spidey’s, and his reptilian skin makes him incredibly durable.

On a purely physical basis, other heroes can beat the Lizard. However, Spider-Man is the only one who knows how to counter Connors’ serum and transform him back into a human. Spidey has used that knowledge several times over the years, saving Lizard Day and helping D. Connors return to his life.

4/10 Spider-Man’s experience with Mysterio gives him an edge that others don’t have.

Mysterio from Marvel Comics with the Superior Six in Superior Spider-Man

Mysterio’s battles with Spider-Man are legendary. Quentin Beck’s mastery of special effects gave him the ability to create illusions that seemed real to everyone, even people with super senses like Daredevil and Wolverine. Mysterio has only gotten better over the years, which is why it’s so impressive that Spider-Man could take him down.

Mysterio has no superpowers beyond his technology, so he can be defeated by anyone who surpasses them. However, the only hero with enough experience to always figure out his tricks is Spider-Man. That’s why Wall Crawler does so well against him.

3/10 Harry Osborn’s tricks can only be surpassed by an intellect like Spider-Man’s

Spider-Man Fights Harry Osborn's Green Goblin

Harry Osborn was once Peter Parker’s best friend. However, after the death of his father, their relationship was strained. Once Harry discovered the truth about the identities of the Green Goblin and Spider-Man, Harry took up the mantle of his father to fight his former friend. He was powerless for most of that tenure, but he still did a lot of damage to Spidey before his death.

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Like his father, Harry was clever and devious. He gave his all to destroy Spider-Man, and any other hero would have been hard-pressed to deal with him. Spider-Man was able to beat him because he understood Harry better than anyone. Other heroes wouldn’t have that advantage, so they wouldn’t beat him.

2/10 Doctor Octopus has beaten the likes of Hulk

Doctor Octopus from Marvel Comics Spider Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One

Doctor Octopus has changed a lot over the years, always changing things up with Spidey. The scientist’s octopus arms are powerful weapons, especially his adamantium set, and he has created many types of technology to further harass Spider-Man. Doc Ock’s arms have allowed him to fight with the toughest of heroes; he even has a win over the Hulk.

Doctor Octopus’ combination of strength and brains makes him a difficult villain for other heroes to face. Spider-Man has been fighting the eight-armed menace since he was a teenager, which is why he knows more about how to beat Doc Ock than anyone. On top of that, Ock will go all out against Spider-Man in a way that he won’t against other heroes, which makes it all the more miraculous for Spider-Man to defeat him.

1/10 Green Goblin has shown how dangerous he is

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in Marvel Comics

Green Goblin is a chameleon foe, taking blows and changing his tactics to suit the moment. He has always hated the wall-crawler and has done more damage to his enemy’s life than any other villain. Norman Osborn demonstrated how truly dangerous he was as leader of the Dark Avengers and HAMMER, making plans that kept the world’s heroes underground and on the defensive.

Green Goblin is both an evil super genius and a physical titan. He can challenge any hero, but the only one who can really beat him is Spider-Man. In fact, he was the one who delivered the final blow against Goblin at the end of his Dark Reign. Spider-Man is the only hero who really knows how to beat the Green Goblin and he has proven it time and time again.

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