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Core points of Gamers

10 Video Games With A Ridiculously High Level Cap

These days, video games love to add RPG elements. It’s a great way to give players a sense of growth as they play. The best way to know how they have grown as much as they can is the level cap. which is when they have acquired all the skills and XP they can for an adventure.

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Some games meticulously balance the level cap, preventing players from becoming stronger than the most dangerous enemies. Japanese RPGs often set the level cap at a standard 99 and call it a day. But some games allow characters to grow to a ridiculous point, allowing them to crush their enemies.

10/10 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s level cap is placed at 250 for final bosses

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotit’s a fantastic way to experience the original Dragon Ball Z story, even if it’s not a great RPG. Most aspects of RPGs simply offer an illusion of choice. Power leveling is extremely difficult in most stories, as new moves are often given right before a major fight.

Grinding is still possible though, and there are some surprise boss fights for people looking for them. However, as difficult as those final bosses are, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot allows players to level up to 250 to dish out the kind of one-sided beating Vegeta normally has to endure.

9/10 Skyrim multiple patches put level cap at 255

Skyrim Best Proudspire Houses

skyrimThe leveling system works a bit differently than most games, with players leveling up their skills through use over time. When the game launched, the level cap was 81, which meant that all abilities were capped at 100. However, a later patch allowed skyrim fans to remove that level cap by allowing abilities to become “Legendary”, where players can reset each ability and level up again.

By making each ability legendary, players can level it up to 255. No opponent in the game comes close to this level, but this gives players a reason to keep wandering their favorite game a little longer.

8/10 Final Fantasy XV raised its final level cap to 120

Noctis, Galdio, Ignis and Prompto exploring the open world in Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy xv it had a lot of issues that Square-Enix needed to improve, but it was made into a better game through DLC. As with most JRPGs, his normal level cap is level 99. Most players will never need to go that high to beat most enemies in the game.

Even the final boss can be defeated with about half that strength, leaving only the super bosses as suitable challenges for players. However, one of the game’s patches raised the level cap to 120. These 30 additional levels bring the protagonist and his crew up to the same level as some of the strongest super bosses in the game, so grind-focused fans have something for which to work.

7/10 Fairy Fencer F adds DLC that changes the level cap to 999

The cover of Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force

Developer Compile Heart isn’t exactly known for its stellar RPGs, but Fairy fencer F he may at least be known for having one of the highest level caps in video games. The main game has the traditional JRPG level cap of 99, and players will likely never need to hit that cap to beat the game.

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But there is DLC available that players can pay to participate in some of the additional content that raises the level cap to a staggering 999. Of course, there are also additional difficulty levels to provide at least some challenge for players who just want to keep going. leveling, too.

6/10 Hyrule Warriors changed their level cap to stop at 255

Koei-Tecmo’s Musou genre has experienced a renaissance working with Nintendo franchises such as Zelda Y fire emblem. They have expanded on the lore of their universes and experimented with RPG mechanics to refresh the genre. With Hyruleian Warriorscharacters can level up to 99 at first, though most enemies won’t require enough effort to make it worth your while.

However, as Koei-Tecmo introduced more content and characters, they continued to update the game’s level cap. Each time they increased the cap by 50 levels before finally reaching a whopping 255. Almost zero enemies will pose a challenge at that point, but that’s part of the fun of a Musou game.

5/10 Trails Of Cold Steel 2 has a level cap of 200

Trails of Cold Steel II Cast with all Class VII

One of the best things about Falcom trails of cold steel RPGs don’t pretend that previous game development didn’t happen. In most sequels, the next game will drop the protagonist to level 1 and come up with excuses as to why he doesn’t have all the cool stuff about him.

With cold steel 2, Falcom keeps the protagonist at the same level and with the same techniques since the sequel takes place just a few weeks later. The level cap on both cold steel 2 Y cold steel 4 it rises from 99 to 200, which maintains one of the game’s themes that there is always room for further growth.

4/10 Star Ocean: The Second Story has a level cap of 255

Cover art of Star Ocean: Second Evolution

star ocean It’s the biggest IP from Tri-Ace, legendary for how it blends sci-fi weaponry and ideas with fantasy worlds. It is also known for having a ridiculously high level cap. As soon as Star Ocean: The Second Storyplayers were able to finish most of the game around level 75-80.

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But players who think that’s the game’s level cap are quickly shown how wrong they are. The final set of bosses is much stronger than most players will get without grinding, which reveals the true level cap of the game: the maximum level for Star Ocean: The Second Story is 255

3/10 Elden Ring has a level cap of 712

Elden Ring multiplayer game

As many souls games, elden ringThe level cap is not based only on leveling up. Instead, as the player continues to level up their stats, their level grows in response. The actual leveling cap occurs when the player has gained all stats up to 99.

This typically means players get above level 100, which is probably a good idea for players who want to beat some late game enemies. But functionally, that means player levels max out at 712. It’s a weird number, but it also means players can play elden ring for hundreds more hours if they want and experience this innovative open world title for longer.

2/10 Disgaea level cap is 9999

Nippon Ichi’s Disgaea The series was a strategy RPG franchise that took off in the 2000s. Disgaea was known primarily for its unique underworld setting and brand of humor, where they were constantly willing to break the fourth wall for humor’s sake. The series offered high customization for each character and had one of the most absurd level caps ever: 9999.

Disgaea does not require this level to win the game; players could if they wanted to experience having the most overpowered character in the story. Basically, players could become the light novel protagonist they always wanted to be.

1/10 Rune Factory 3 has a level cap of 10,000

Rune Factory 3 Special Cover

by natsume rune factory The series started with the expected level cap of most JRPGs stopping at 99, but subsequent games made massive changes to this level cap. rune factory 3 raised the level cap to a staggering 10,000. The main game will never require anything beyond the first 100 levels, meaning the player can probably defeat the boss.

Outside of that, the bonus dungeons require levels well into the 200s, but still nowhere near the 10,000 level cap. Even beyond that, players can continue to increase the strength of individual abilities, bringing the ability up to over 65,000 max, though visibly all abilities will only display 999.

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