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10 Underrated Pokémon That Deserved Regional Variants In Scarlet And Violet

The universal success of Pokemon it has grown more intense with each new title in the series and anticipation and expectations are at an all-time high for the next crop of Generation IX content. Pokemon has splintered in many directions, but the next mainline game in the series is Switch’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The new adventure takes place in the Paldea region, which is inspired by the geography, architecture and nature of Spain and Portugal.

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each new Pokemon The game introduces new creatures to the Pokédex, but there’s also a chance that older Pokémon will get a second chance through unique regional variants. A few variants of Paldean have already been confirmed to be on the way, which already has fans hoping for other forgotten Pokemon to show up in the region.

10/10 Tangela is an anomaly Pokémon that’s ready for reinvention

Tangela is a cryptic anomaly that arose from the original 151 Pokémon of the Kanto region. The Grass-type Pokémon’s face is obscured by its trademark vines, but the fact that this Pokémon wears shoes is another strange element. It wasn’t until Generation IV that Tangela’s evolutionary line was expanded with Tangrowth, but the attractive Pokemon has been dormant ever since.

There’s a lot of potential in taking a Pokemon from Tangela’s design in a whole new direction. Instead of your classic vines, a Paldean Tangela might sport a completely different type of foliage.

9/10 Clefairy’s innocent origins could take on a darker tone

Pokemon Stadium 2 Clefairy Says Minigame

Pokemon It didn’t formally introduce Fairy-type Pokémon until Generation VI, but it should come as no surprise that Clefairy is one of the few original Pokémon to transition to this new designation. Clefairy enters Pokémon with a single evolved form, Clefable, but gradually gains a pre-evolved transformation, Cleffa.

Clefairy is a major player in the early generations of Pokemon, and was even supposed to be the original mascot of the series instead of Pikachu. It’s fascinating to consider what a Paldean Clefairy would look like. Maybe it’s going in the opposite direction, becoming a Dark-Type Pokemon instead of a Fairy-Type Pokemon with a connection to the moon.

8/10 Tauros is a bullish Pokémon that has never received its comeuppance

Ash's multiple Taurus stampeding into a pack in the Pokemon anime

Tauros is a flashy, Normal-type standalone Pokemon from the first generation that never feels like it’s given a proper chance. Even the great Pokemon anime showcase is an episode that was cut from the original rotation of the English dub. Tauros doesn’t stray too far from its real-life bull source material, making it a fitting Pokemon for a Paldean variant.

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A new version of Tauros could draw specifically from the Spanish flora and fauna with a more regional specific version of this Pokémon. The original Tauros is aggressive and hot-headed, but his Paldean counterpart may be of a more gentle nature.

7/10 Machop is a physically fit Pokémon that would thrive in Paldea

Machop is the Pokémon GO Community Day pick for January 2021

Some worthy Pokémon warriors have emerged from the various fighting-type creatures in the series. Many Fighting-type Pokémon are true fighters, fighters, or athletes in the Pokemon world. Machop is the first form of what eventually becomes Machamp. His entire evolutionary line has a look inspired by Western bodybuilders.

Paldea’s Spanish influences could result in a Machop that is equally athletic but through entirely different means. So many more interesting Fighting-type Pokémon have appeared that one of the first in the series deserves some attention.

6/10 Gastly is a terrifying ghost who could unleash new horrors

A wild Gastly is found in Pokémon

Ghost-type Pokémon continue to represent some of the most terrifying creatures in the franchise, and it’s not uncommon for their Pokédex entries to be pure fuel for nightmares. In Generation I, there were only three Ghost Pokémon, all of which came from a single evolutionary line: Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar.

PokemonGhost-Types have gotten more creative and creepier over time. It would be a fun burst of nostalgia if Paldea brought Gastly back, but with a totally different evolutionary path than the Kanto equivalent of her. Paldean Gastly’s final evolution could even be the result of a Pokemon trade, just like in the original games.

5/10 Lickitung is an unusual Pokémon that deserves another chance.

An Eager Lickitung Extends Its Tongue In The Pokemon Anime

Lickitung is a strange Pokemon that quickly made its mark due to its silly name and even sillier design. The lizard-like Pokémon has an extremely prominent prehensile tongue which is its main means of defense. Lickitung takes on an evolved form, Lickilicky in Generation IV, but the Pokémon has been otherwise ignored.

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Pokemon has never done enough with this creature, so the Paldea region might finally be the time to experiment with this oddity. Lickitung’s original design could go in many directions, even taking an opposite approach where the new Pokemon has a tiny tongue.

4/10 Ekans is a simple snake Pokémon that could benefit from Paldea’s terrain.

A happy Ekans is coiled in the Pokemon anime

Ekans is a snake Pokémon that has a bad reputation due to its association with Team Rocket in the anime series. Ekans is mostly seen as a cute reptile that gradually becomes a more significant threat. each new Pokemon The game features dozens of throwaway Pokemon in its introductory areas, many of which are completely forgotten.

Instead of adding to this inflated mess, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could bring Ekans back, albeit with a new regional variant. There’s so much variety in snakes that giving this classic Pokémon a spin wouldn’t be too difficult.

3/10 Psyduck is a fan favorite who is set for a Paldean return with

A wild Psyduck is found in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Psyduck is a standard Water-type Pokemon and its evolved form, Golduck, is significantly stronger. However, Psyduck has gained a cult following among Pokemon fans due to their sympathy for his overwhelming heartache.

Psyduck also has an important role in Misty’s party at the Pokemon anime, which helped establish this Pokémon’s adorable personality. Psyduck’s design isn’t overly complicated, which means there’s plenty of room for creative flourishes in a Paldean variant. A new Psyduck could take a page out of the Galarian Farfetch’d book.

2/10 Lapras Is A Forgotten Pokémon Mount That Doesn’t Need To Be Landlocked

A Lapras uses pure cold in battle in Pokémon

Lapras is an Ice and Water-type Pokémon from Kanto that has become a surprisingly popular figure in the original games and early in the anime series because it allows for very sturdy transportation through water. Lapras comes in a different color and has also taken on an intimidating Gigantamax form, but it still feels like it underestimates this important Pokemon.

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Paldea has so many differences from Kanto that it would be exciting to see how its climate changes to Lapras. Paldean Lapras could still function as valuable shipping, but perhaps more like different types of aquatic life.

1/10 Jynx is a sorry Gen I design, but she could redeem herself

A trio of Jynx looks confused in the Pokemon anime

Most Pokemon designs are looked at fondly. However, there are some creatures that have stirred up controversy over the years, receiving revised appearances and even temporary disappearances. Jynx is one of the original 151 Pokemon, but the way the creature was clearly the product of racial caricatures upset many fans.

It feels likePokemon it just gave up Jynx’s utility, but a variant of Paldean that introduced a totally different design could be the perfect way to trade in the Pokemon. Paldean Jynx could even replace the original.

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