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Core points of Gamers

10 Underrated Indie Simulator Games

Simulator games are popular, especially among indie video game developers and fans. However, it can sometimes seem like the same line of games always attracts the attention of the community, despite the wide spectrum of games available within the category.

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As game development becomes more and more accessible as a hobby and career, there is a simultaneous increase in unique and quality games that end up going under the radar. Although they may not get as much attention as other sims in the industry, there are plenty of hidden gems in various sub-genres just waiting for players to find and enjoy.

10/10 Mini highways are simple, but satisfying

mini highways presents a simple concept: build streets for a city. Players can choose from any map in mini highways‘ Vast collection of templates, but the core game is as intuitive as the connecting lines. The whimsical art style, primary colors, and adorable sound effects create an environment that is sure to please players and their inner children alike.

Those gamers who appreciate the minimalism of simple lines and the intricacies of complex systems will quickly find this game at the top of their favorites list.

9/10 Bear And Breakfast is a combination of beloved elements

Screenshot showing Bear and Breakfast key art.

Located in a picturesque forest village, bear and breakfast combines building the community of stardew valley with the satisfaction of building a house The Sims. The bear indicated in the title travels throughout the forest and surrounding areas gathering materials and allies.

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The Bear is wholeheartedly determined to build the most welcoming Bed and Breakfast the world has ever seen. The ability to adjust the aesthetic layout of each room combined with a robust ingredient gathering system ensures personal satisfaction for players who find joy in the simple life.

8/10 Kynseed is the story of a changing and evolving world.

The player fishing in Kynseed

kyn seed brings a unique element to the life-sim RPG genre: a true sense of continuity. While fan favorites allow players to build relationships and start a family, they may feel trapped in a world that never really changes. kyn seed creates an environment that evolves over time, encouraging players to balance their immediate goals with the needs of the future.

As time passes, the player’s perspective advances the family line of the protagonists through one generation after another, building a community that becomes a legacy.

7/10 City Bus Manager is an entertaining version of the mundane

A screenshot of City Bus Manager

For urban enthusiasts and experts, a city map is not a jumbled series of lines and colors, but an opportunity. Urban Bus Manager it presents players with those exact opportunities. Its management-focused gameplay provides a way for those who enjoy the ins and outs of creating, maintaining, and expanding a daily system to hone their craft.

Urban Bus Manager allows players to choose from any city in the world, allowing them to upgrade any neighborhood via public transportation, be it a famous metropolis or their hometown.

6/10 Calico is magical and adorable

Calico (game changer)

Calico explores what would happen if a small town cat cafe asked the local witch to revitalize their business. Everything is in the hands of the player, from the furniture to the baked goods to the adorable animals that the cafe will be known for.

Players decide what they want to prioritize as they guide their character through the skies on a broomstick or through the kitchen adding magic to each delicious treat. Calico It features an anime-inspired art style with a vivid pastel color palette.

5/10 Bee Simulator is an invitation to a new perspective

The title card for Bee Simulator

Players can witness the world from a new perspective in bee simulator. Players take on the role of a simple and surprisingly cute bee as they collect pollen, fend off wasp attacks, and generally buzz around as they explore the huge world around them.

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The single player story mode invites the player to take on the task of saving his hive from human interference. In accordance with the social nature of bees, bee simulator it also offers a multiplayer mode, so no pollinator will have to fly alone.

4/10 Spacelines From The Far Out is an aesthetic interstellar journey

A ship design in Spacelines from the Far Out

Inspired by the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the 1960s, Space lines from the far away is a cooperative management title about space airlines. This game gives players the chance to face the dangers and rewards of intergalactic travel, complete with dynamic procedurally generated routes, obstacles, and visits from the dreaded Health Inspector.

Players must manage the maintenance of their spaceship while tending to the needs of their alien passengers, whose goodwill is essential to their success. They can then spend their resources on upgrading and expanding the ship to be the envy of all those who gaze up to the stars.

3/10 Roboplant is an environmental future

A station in Roboplant

Although it is currently still in Steam Early Access, roboplant it has all the makings of a cult classic in the making. Set in a timeline where humanity has spread between the stars, roboplant features a world populated solely by a team of dedicated robots tasked with growing a prosperous farm.

With extensive resource and personnel management mechanics, this game combines the typical cozy energy of the game with the environmental tensions of the survival genre. As Beebop’s charming robotic team 179 builds their farm, they must navigate the challenges and obstacles of an unknown alien world.

2/10 Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator is the digital equivalent of a complex hobby

Brewmaster's Kitchen: Beer Brewing Simulator

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator offers players a glimpse into the simple yet exciting process that, once experienced in the game world, could turn into a new interest in reality. Players take on the role of a brewmaster and experiment with hops, spices, and other elements to create their own unique beer.

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Pale ales, dark ales, IPAs and more await those with the fortitude to pursue and hone their craft through time and dedication. Players can participate in brewmasterThe curated story mode or experiment without limits in its creative mode.

1/10 Travelers Rest is the other side of adventure

Setting up a Travelers Rest Inn

In travelers rest, players will be drawn into a land filled with treasures, dungeons, and exciting adventures. However, that is not what awaits them. Instead, travelers rest challenges the player to turn an abandoned and dilapidated inn into the only place an adventurer could find some peace.

Players will spend their time growing food, brewing beer, and building new spaces to add to the inn. They will be visited by heroic adventurers who can tell their allies and friends about the inn, increasing its success.

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